The Importance of Coolers

With temperatures scaling very high particularly during hotter months of the year, the importance of having a cooler cannot be overstated. Besides, you may want to sip a cold drink or enjoy some fresh food on your camping adventure, fishing trip or long distance travel and nothing guarantees you that more than a portable cooler. In other words, due to the indispensable importance of coolers, they are fast becoming must-have appliances.

Having your food fresh and drinks cold may come across as pretty easy at home until you step out for fishing or camping expedition. Whenever you are planning to spend a couple of days away from your home, you’re better off with a cooler if you are to have your drinks cold and drinks fresh.

 The Importance of Coolers

Luckily, there is quite a variety of coolers to choose from such as the Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler that are specifically designed to ensure that you have enough cold drinks and fresh food items. This cooler, in particular, can keep food and drinks frozen for 5 days thus ideal for your outdoor trip.

If you’re holding a smaller family gathering, a backpack style cooler will serve your needs perfectly. Apart from being large enough, they come with insulation to ensure that everything stays cold and chilled. If need to make the drinks even colder, you may consider an ice packing into the cooler. Nonetheless, you need to know how to use dry ice in a cooler to get the desired results.

For larger crowds, coolers on wheels will not only offer enough space for all your drinks and food but are also easy to move around irrespective of the terrain thanks to the pulling handle. However, coolers on wheels have to be filled with ice, thus, remember to have extra ice packs to keep your food fresh and drinks cold.

The Types of Coolers

Backpack Coolers

Backpack coolers are ideal for day to day use. They are compact, easy to carry around, convenient and well designed. Most feature a cooler section at the bottom for drinks as well as a non-insulated bag for dry food items at the top.

Backpack coolers are excellent for theme parks long and short trips as well as a day out with the family.

They are also ideal for hiking backpacks since they can keep drinks cold throughout the hike. You may use them on the beach too. Simply fill the beverages on the bottom and dry snacks in the top section. If you don’t intend to carry a snack, you may as well add change clothes on the top section.

The padded straps make these coolers easy to carry. Be sure not to put loose ice in backpack coolers as this may lead to tears in the insulation thereby making the cooler heavy to carry as the ice melts.

Coolers on Wheels

Coolers on wheels bring to the fore one of the most convenient and versatile ways to have your drinks cold on a picnic, travel and a lot more. They are ideal for busy parents who want to pack a relatively large consignment of drinks and food for their families for an outdoor trip. The wheels on the coolers give them the ultimate portability because they are easy to roll.

Coolers on wheels are also popular among racing crowd particularly due to their convenient size. It’s not uncommon to see racing aficionados with these coolers on a day out because they can collapse them for easy storage.

Because coolers on wheels can be brought onboard a flight, they are also a good choice for travelers. A typical cooler on wheels can carry up to 6 cans of soda or beer, and you may choose to remove the divider to make use of the full compartment for food or more drinks.

Insulated Bag

Insulated bags are the newest craze among shoppers and are rapidly changing the use of bags as we know it. They are a convenient and trendy way to have your drinks cool and food fresh. These bags will help keep your drinks and food cool for hours while looking fashionable at the same time.

Insulated bags are a must-have accessory if you’re going to spend your day at the beach, heading to the grocery store or farmers market. Smaller insulated bags are ideal for packed lunch.

Most insulated bags are made from canvas, hence durable and can also double up as a day bag. Just like backpack coolers do not put dry ice into the bags because doing so reduces their usability and durability.

Outdoor Party Coolers

There is nothing that beats having cool drinks on a party or picnic. Outdoor party coolers come in handy when you want to connect with your family and friends, going out in your favorite camping area or having fun at the beach. They come with padded handles, thus easy to transport, and you can even carry them as a backpack meaning that they can be used on a hiking expedition.

The cooler sections are large enough to accommodate a pre-prepared meal. Most outdoor party coolers feature a built-in wine cooler allowing you to keep your wine cool at the correct temperature. Most units come with accessories such as napkins and cutlery. If you are the type who likes having a good time with your friends while sipping a cold drink, an outdoor party cooler is exactly what you need.

Coolers are here to stay and with the ever increasing need for cold and fresh food, they are more or less a necessity. The beauty of it is that the most of these coolers are small in size and highly portable hence they can be carried to virtually any of your outdoor expeditions.

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