How to Make a Floating Cooler

If you want to relax in a pool or lake for several hours, or you are hosting a pool side party, you should learn how to make a floating cooler. This type of cooler will keep the opening of the cooler above the surface of the water. So you can easily pick up a chilled can of juice, beer, soda, or a bottle of water without stepping out of the water. Here is a simple guide for making your floating beverage cooler.

Get Your Tools and Materials Together

The best cooler to use for making a floating cooler is a lightweight plastic cooler with a flat flip top. You will also need plastic foam sheet (about 3 inches thick), nylon rope, measuring tape, a serrated knife and a pair of scissors. Before buying the 3-inch plastic foam, you should measure the length and width of the cooler and add 12 inches to each length. If your cooler is 20 by 14 inches, your foam should be 32 by 26 inches.

How to Make a Floating Cooler

Lay the foam down on a flat work surface or on the floor. Turn the cooler face down and place it in the center of the foam. Use a piece of chalk or pencil to trace out the edge of your cooler on the foam. Take off the cooler and then use a serrated knife to cut through the foam along the traced line. Then take out the central section to create a whole for the cooler. This foam ring will act as a float for the cooler in the water.

Calculate and Cut the Rope

Use your measuring tape to determine the height of your plastic cooler. Take away 4 inches from this height. For instance, if the cooler has a height of 14 inches, write down 10 inches. Then double this value and add 52 inches and the length of your cooler. This is a good rule of thumb to determine the length of the rope you should use to attach the foam ring to the cooler.

In this example, you should multiply 10 by 2 to give you 20 inches then add 20 and 52. This sums up to 92 inches. You will need to cut two ropes with a length of 92 inches. Similarly, you should add the multiplied height of the cooler which is 20 inches to the length of the cooler. Then add 52 inches to obtain the length of the rope that will be used to attach the foam ring to the cooler. In this case, you will add 20 + 52 + 14 which will give you 86 inches. You also need to cut two ropes of this length.

Create a Sling With the Foam Ring

Next, you should position the longest side of the foam ring on the horizontal plane. From one of the inner corners of the foam, wrap an end of the 86-inch rope round the edge of the 3-inch foam. Then use about eight inches of the end to create a knot and attach the rope firmly to the foam. To form a sling, repeat this procedure on the side parallel to the knot you just made. Similarly, use the second rope with the same length to create a knot one inch from the other corner along the length. Then repeat the process to create a double sling.

Subsequently, knot the other two ropes (of 92 inches length in our example) along the width (the 26-inch part) of the foam. Follow the simple process given above to create two slings. Thus, you have created the support for the floating cooler. Next, place your cooler inside the foam ring. Then adjust the slings created with the four ropes across the base of the cooler. Now, your floating cooler is ready to be tested and used in water. Test it with a few cans and some ice first before you decide to fill it up to the brim.

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