7 Amazing Health Benefits of Ice

In addition to helping you to cool your food, drinks and beverages, ice can also provide many health benefits. It provides instant relief from various types of pain. That is why it is an excellent natural treatment for headaches, body pains, and even toothache. Here is a brief description of 7 amazing health benefits of ice.

1. Reduces Symptoms of High Fever

Ice can be used to reduce the deadly effects of high fever. For instance, if anyone develops symptoms of fever during a camping trip, you can take some cubes of ice from your cooler and wrap them in a towel. Then, place the cubes on the head. Within a few minutes, there will be a drastic reduction in the body temperature and the shivering will subside.

2. Alleviates Toothache

If you have ever had a nagging toothache, you will recall the intense pain and discomfort that came with it. Ice may be used to relieve the toothache. Placing an ice cube on the sensitive part of your teeth and gum can reduce the sensitivity of the nerves. This will provide some deep soothing relief until you go to your dentist.

3. Prevents Loss of Blood

Ice can become a major life saver after a major injury or an accident. It helps to reduce both internal and external bleeding. So if blood is flowing out of a particular part of the body, placing an ice pack on it will help the blood to clot faster and reduce swelling. Thus, the loss of blood will stop until proper treatment is available.

4. Helps in Treatment of Burns

Ice provides instant relief from the effect of burns. It is particularly effective for treating burns that are caused by domestic chores such as cooking and ironing clothes. Ice should be applied immediately to the affected area. It will give an instant soothing sensation and prevent that part of the skin from swelling.

5. Eliminates the Taste of Bitter Medicine

When there’s a need to swallow a bitter pill, you don’t have to stand there and moan about it. Simply grab some ice cubes from your freezer and chew on them for a few minutes. The ice will desensitize your tongue for a few minutes. Then you can take your medicine without experiencing any bitter or unpleasant taste.

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6. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases can produce very severe pain, especially at the joints. If you suffer from arthritis or you need to provide care for someone with this condition, you should rub ice cubes on the affected area to reduce the intense pain. After repeating this for about six to eight times, the pains will subside.

7. Helps in Treatment of Piles

Ice provides an effective natural treatment for swelling and inflammation. Hence, anyone who is suffering from piles can use it to get soothing relief from pain in the anus. To apply ice in the treatment of piles, put some crushed ice cubes in a plastic bag and use a wash cloth to cover it. Then lie on your back and place it at the opening of the anus for about seven to ten minutes.


Ice is an excellent pain reliever that can be applied to virtually every part of the human body. It is fast and effective. Ice is also an important live saver and first aid tool that will prevent excessive bleeding and reduce swelling from burns or injuries. So always keep ice cubes in your freezer and put some in your ice box or cooler when you are going on a trip.

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