8 Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Cleaning up dog hair is a tricky affair for most pet owners. Dogs are known to be man’s best friend a reason as to why many prefer to keep it as a pet, whose fur can be a nuisance in the main house. Dog owners have an option of hiring a cleaning company to help clean up the hair from the carpet, floor and upholstery. However, this can be an expensive affair for many. Good news is that there are some easy to do DIY cleaning tips that work great in getting rid of dog’s fur from your home. Here are some simple great ways that have proved to be effective:

Roll of tape

Packing tape is effective in cleaning up dog hair especially on the curtains, clothes and furniture. Note that it can be rather a cumbersome procedure that is worth trying as it gives awesome results. In order to do a thorough job, wrap the tape round your hand and run it over the suspect area. Repeating the procedure several times within a week helps in achieving best results and making the cleaning process less tiresome.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are great in picking up fur from any given surface. The secret is to dampen the dryer sheet slightly before using it on furniture, carpet, pesky baseboards and around the floor corners. After a few minutes of dampening the dryer sheet, move it over the suspect surface several times to catch loose fur that may be present.

Use of a mop

Owning a hardwood or vinyl floor? Worry no more about nagging canine hair as a simple clean up with an ordinary mop produces some great results. The secret is to dampen the mop then run it gently over the floor to collect loose fur. Remember that wood flooring materials are delicate and any slight exposure to moisture may lead to destruction. Therefore, ensure that the mop is not soaked with water before using for floor protection purposes. A Swiffer serves the same purpose.

Vacuum cleaner

When you have a dog as a pet, it is advisable to invest on a vacuum cleaner for pet hair. The cleaner is effective in sucking up fine particles including the fur from the surface. You do not have to apply any special skills in order to remove the surface hence no need to spend on professional help to clean up the hair mess. Use of a wet vacuum is also highly recommended.

Carpet or floor dampening and sweeping

Simple dampening of the carpet with baking soda and sweeping before using a vacuum cleaner, works wonders in dog hair cleanup. In this case, use little baking soda and allow it to sink into the carpet for a few minutes. Baking soda also serves the purpose of eliminating undesirable dog odor. Then, use a rubber broom to gently sweep over the carpet. Sweeping helps in rolling up dog’s hair present into tiny balls, making it easy for the vacuum cleaner to pick most of the fur. However, care should be taken not to make the carpet wet as this can bring about mold issues.

Window squeegee

Most dog owners find it easy to clean up the fur present on the floor, carpet and furniture. However, many forget that dog hair is also present on the windows around the house. If the cleaning is not done for a period of time, this can be a source of bad allergies in your loved ones. Therefore, use a window squeegee regularly to pick up the fur. In order to get best results in dog hair cleanup, combine the simple tips to pick fur from the floor corners, carpets and upholstered furniture with window cleaning. This helps in eliminating any loose fur that may have been blown from other places and hanging on the windows.

Damp sponge

Use of a damp sponge produces best results in cleaning up dog hair. A sponge is effective in picking up the fine fur present on the furniture and mats placed on the surface. If you do not have the dryer sheets, a sponge serves as a great replacement for most dog owners. It is advisable to dampen the sponge using cleaning agents that are known to remove odor as this leaves your house fresh and free from dog’s fur.

Rubber gloves

Allowing dog hair to accumulate on the furniture, carpets, floor corners and other surfaces around the house may make your cleaning job rather tiresome. To avoid this, make use of rubber gloves a habit. In this case, wear gloves and run your hands over the target areas especially on the upholstered furniture. This works wonders in collecting a huge amount of fine loose dog fur. Repeating this daily gets rid of the fur from the house completely. To achieve the desired results in the process of cleaning up dog hair, dampen the rubber gloves.

Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

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