Are you looking for somebody you can trust?

It’s strange, isn’t it? As the online world gets shadier and shadier by the day, we seem to hear that phrase and phrases like it more and more often. There’s web spam, “subscribe to our terrible newsletter” spam, “fill out this survey” spam, and they’re all racing to drain your time, money, and energy away… all the while screaming “we’re trustworthy!”

Take ten minutes to look for real, unbiased write-ups of the best products reviewed… and you’ll find that it’s almost always comprised of places out to sell you a cut of the product. And that’s just no good. When you’re looking to decide whether or not you want a product or not, you don’t want to sit down and talk to a salesman – odds are that if you wanted that, you could get off the couch and do it in real life!

If the process of finding decent information online has felt like a hassle, then you aren’t alone. I’m like you and for years, I’ve dreaded shopping online. On one hand, it’s a great place to get information – you can learn more about most products with a simple Google search than you can spending an hour with the average disinterested salesman.

But at the same time, there’s no way to know where the information comes from, whether the best products reviewed actually live up to their hype, or how knowledgeable the person at the other end of the computer is. It’s enough to make you really, really paranoid.

The Best Products Reviewed At Last

Here’s a refreshing idea: instead of burying visitors in a never ending avalanche of promotion, why not educate consumers in a fair and unbiased way? And instead of forwarding the opinions of pitchmen, why not offer the best products, reviewed by people who’ve actually used the product. Let’s face it: there are very few “perfect” products out there, and that’s why a good review doesn’t just tell you something like “it’s only flaw is that it might be too good!”

It has to fit your lifestyle. So, this website is aimed to be something like an online concierge – pointing you to the very best deals and products online and having just as high a standard for quality, unbiased, genuine reviews.

Accountability Got a problem? Usually when you’re worried about something you read online, you might as well complain into a black hole. But it seems a bit strange for a website that’s based around product reviews and honest feedback to fade into the mist as soon as a problem rears its head. We’re different. We’re easy to reach, quick to respond, and eager to help.

Transparency But this website is different – we keep you up to date and in the loop on every issue that’s of interest to the site. It’s the same standard banks and news organizations live by… and isn’t the Internet supposed to be a better place than TV?

Integrity What does integrity mean to us? It means that if it isn’t based on a real customer experience, it doesn’t go on the website. That means we might not get as big as some of the other websites out there – and I’m completely fine with that. Like I said earlier, every product isn’t for everybody, and websites can’t be any different.

But look around and decide if this place is for you – The Best Products Reviewed is going to be a major project. I’ve been dreaming it up in my head for a long time, after all. I’ll be working with a small staff to create great, in-depth reviews of all the hottest consumer products – showing you their virtues and flaws so that you can make the best choice for your money.

We’re Not Just Reviews

We’ll also be taking (and asking for) real pictures of products – it’s great to have those pretty Amazon photos that were taken in a studio, but it can also be just as important to see how something looks inside a real house.

Other reviews? We’re always interested in contributions, but we won’t accept “commissioned” reviews – they go against the whole purpose of the site! If you want to tell your story of a product or warn people away, this is your chance.

Finally, we know that price is almost as important a factor as quality when dealing with this economy. That’s why we’ll always be on the lookout for the coolest bargains.

Have a look around, add us to your bookmarks, and if you have any questions (accountability, remember?) let me know.