American Standard T675.500.002 Colony Valve Only Trim Kit, Polished Chrome

American Standard T675.500.002 Colony Valve Only Trim Kit, Polished Chrome
The modern American Standard T675500.002 has a polished chrome finish. This product type is just faucet trim, with a diverter as the faucet control type. It comes with a faucet handle, a dial plate, and a metal lever handle. It has a cast brass valve body and a hot limit safety stop that protects you from accidental scalding.

Its ceramic disc valving ensures that it is drip-free, to enable it to last for a long time. It has a pressure balance shower that protects you from scalding injury or cold shock. It is made from a metal material and has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.

This sophisticated Colony Soft valve trim kit has an unparalleled ability to complement any decor, be it classic, modern, or even something of your particular taste.


This Best Shower Head from American Standard comes with bath/shower accessory and a brass wall escutcheon. Its installation is straightforward. It has a red/blue hot/cold indicator and a heavy duty handle. Its construction is solid, as it is made with brass and the actual lever is metal. This Colony Soft valve trim kit is the perfect solution if you just want to replace the trim and make it look new again. Just make sure that you have hex key set ready.

The few setbacks you may experience while using this Colony Soft valve trim kit include

• Its handle will not stay seated on the supply valve.

• You cannot install it completely, as the set screw does not quite line up with the American Standard supply valve and the Allen key interferes with setting the handle all the way in/on.

• The back plate is plastic, which most people frowned at.

• Be warned that if you live in an area that has mostly hard water, you should be ready to change the cartridge a lot.

The Colony Soft valve trim kit has both blue and red colour buttons to distinguish hot and cold, and it is very functional. It looks and works great for such a low price, having been made with quality materials. It does not leak at all.

The water pressure with it is very fantastic. It fits perfectly as replacement parts for a retiled bathroom.

It is very easy to install as long as you plug the supplied wrench in first to tighten the handle, rather than trying to find the small fitting under the handle once in place on the wall. While the cover is plastic, the trim looks nice.

There are 2 holes drilled in the silver part pictured that you would use to screw into the wall. There are options for other holes that you can use if those 2 do not sit well with your setup, but then you will have multiple holes that will not line up with the hot and cold cover holes. It is imperative that this cover is used to cover up all the holes in it. This trim looks too sleek and way better than all the others in its price range.

It has an adjustable Best Shower Head, arm and flange. It has a less Rough-In valve and requires a Rough-In Valve (2520). The Alternative Rough-In Valve Options you can go for include 2510, 2570, or 2590 (installation options).

Please note that the Rough-In Valve must be added to the Complete Trim. It is durable, versatile, and has good pressure. As you have seen the features, specifications, pros and cons of the Colony Soft valve trim kit, it is up to you to decide whether it is good enough for your replacement purposes. Because it is durable, functional and very affordable, we feel that it is worth giving a try.

Diaphragm system is designed to eliminate x-flow. It thus avoids failure due to mineral deposits – the downside is that it’s only ideal for use in hard water
Long lasting – Quality that remains to be remembered. Real material lasts a lifetime even with water contact. The disc valve cartridge assures a prolonged life of gush-free performance. Permits for easy measures over both the water volume and temperature.
Back-to-Back Efficiency: Both hot and cold could be reversed faster and easier. The adjustable Safety Hot Limit Stop: this restrains the amount of hot water that can mix with the cold water. Reduces the vulnerability of accidental scalding.
Magnificent Plaster Guard: The plaster guard protects the valve during fixation and acts as a placing plate for lean-wall installations. Two-piece Idea allows the valve to be tested before the trim fixation.

Shower installation shall involve a cast brass body valve and shall feature a cartridge disc valve that is ceramic that allows a user to regulate both water volume and temperature. Installation includes pressure balancing cartridge engineered to remove x-flow and avoid failure due to mineral deposits. Shall also involve a hot restriction protective stop.

What is it with the American Standard Brands
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It’s a bit bulky and you may find yourself not using the most settings to save as the setting drips, and may require that you set the heat higher which suggests that you save water thus compromising on electricity cost