AquaCare By HotelSpa Filtered Shower Head 4 Inch Chrome Face 6 Setting Showerhead with 3 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge Inside. (Dual WhiteChrome Finish)

AquaCare By HotelSpa Filtered Shower Head 4 Inch Chrome Face 6 Setting Showerhead with 3 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge Inside. (Dual White/Chrome Finish)
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Brand: Hotel Spa
Some of the features that make the shower head unique is that it is fitted with six shower head full setting, a four-inch Chrome Face, Spiral Flo design, angle adjustable, three-zone click lever, rub-clean Jets (I mean who does not want to be in a high-pressure shower?), Premium Chrome Finish and Disposable 3-Stage Cartridge
Filtration system fitted in the shower head: In the showerhead styles and performance, AquaCare By Hotel Spa Filtered Shower Head Large 4 Inch Chrome Face 6 Setting Showerhead with 3 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge Inside. Enjoy Spa Luxury PLUS Better Shower Water! Is on the very cutting edge PLUS shower water that is purified! This Aquacare shower head is the best in shower system design with the very cutting-edge shower water purification technology. The complete Settings involve Water-Saving Economy, Mist/Massage, Pulsating Massage, Rain/Massage, Stay-Warm Mist and Rain/Mist High-Power Showerhead with three levels Active Carbon Shower Purifier gives an exciting shower Hotel Spa experience. A water restrictor that is easily removable – so you can enjoy the maximum water flow

The three-stage shower purifier cartridge is fitted with the most state of the art combination of three most effective water purification media Calcium Sulphite, KDF and Active Carbon which is known to:

• Help reduce chlorine and its vapor, heavy metals, damaging chemicals, minerals and impurities from your shower water. Showering daily using chlorine-treated water is the number one cause of damaged dry skin, limp hair and flaky scalp and prolonged contact with high quantities of chlorine can also be a cause skin abnormalities, respiratory sickness and even some kind of cancer when you bath, chlorine harmful steam vapor generated by boiling water are taken in by your body through the skin, By drastically reducing chlorine content and other harmful chemical compounds in your shower, you will avoid further contaminants and enhance your health. When you get out of the shower you should get a rug to dry the walls and ceiling as there forms a layer of “dew” on them. It is never experienced with many of the shower heads in the market, tried-weird indeed.

• Reduce exposure to radioactive Radon, Iodine, and Hydrogen Sulphide
• Inhibits the growth of mildew, mold, and algae
• Enhances water’s pH Balance Harmful Chlorine Effects
• Remove pesticides
So, the chemical compound revitalizes your body, purifies your water and lasts at least a year – For effectiveness, for every 6 to 9 months the disposable cartridge should be changed in an average household of 4 people, or better still after 37,000 liters of water is spent. Its polished chrome might not be a huge deal until you install it and see how well it transforms your bathroom.
With this luxurious showerhead is that it is an easy tool-free connection. There is no need to call an expert, aquacade installs within no time just with one hand-tighten installation. It is also compatible with any other standard shower arm. What you would not expect is the means by which wide a swath can go. The splash water will get to the shower entryway and the encompassing dividers and the roof. At that point a little sum comes into contact with your body, it is little to the point that it would require a lot of investment to get your body wet.
AquaCare By Hotel Spa Filtered Shower Head Large 4 Inch Chrome Face 6 Setting Showerhead with 3 Stage Shower Filter Cartridge Inside. Enjoy Spa Luxury PLUS Better Shower Water comes with the best lifetime warranty, Hassle-free AMERICAN LIVE customer service representatives in the States Special Features Easy to Install, with limited lifetime warranty, Containing KDF Media which helps to eliminate up to 99 percent of chlorine and its steam vapor from the shower water (relative to water flow variables and temperature) Adjustable Massaging shower head warranty definition limited lifetime written agreement. Interlink Products International (Inc.), the Company gives a full assurance to the owner of the product that the product is free from any defections in the material or workmanship. If this product fails or is damaged, seize using it and return or ship it to the manufacturer for evaluation and repair if necessary. The Company will repair or replace any of this product’s parts that exhibit defects in workmanship or materials for an above stated period from the date of purchase. This warranty is void if the product has been purchased from an unauthorized distributor. This is the best in the market.
Standard products are manufactured for your scheduled lifestyle. The hardware, parts, and components are engineered to facilitate the utilization of your Aquacare shower head components. About the Aquacare shower head product, great efficient performance and great aesthetics features. Performance and dependability.
Pre-arranged collections, Ingenious features. Aquacare shower head is an arrangement that Works Better daily. From the Manufacturer, the Colony valve trim kit that has stops comprise of a metal handle lever and brass wall escutcheon. Shown in well finished Chrome. There are many things that should be looked into before you purchase a new fixed showerhead such as your budget and brand name. Every product from Aquacare is backed up with the confidence they have in their products which is why they come with a Lifetime Warranty.
People can install it by themselves; saves the cost of a plumber. Well, you have 5 different settings of spray to select the ideal one from. The showerhead comes with a filter to remove impurities from the water. Nozzles don’t clog due to the residue of mold and dirt. The water filter cartridges are long and stay good for months. Provides water evenly to all parts of your body.
The only problem experienced by this showerhead is that it is only good for wall mounts. You can’t use it with a flexible hose.