Atlantis 6 Chrome Rain shower head

The Atlantis 6 Chrome Rain shower sold by Zoe Industries on offers you everything you are looking for in a shower : the option to choose from different water jet sprays, an innovative design, a high-quality product and a shower head that is easy to clean.The versatile Atlantis 6 Chrome rain shower head is constructed in a 8-inch stainless rain shower head with 160 self cleaning spray nozzles in chrome finish. This is the perfect shower for those who don’t like to spend much time cleaning their shower head.The Atlantis 6 Chrome rain shower head set includes also a handheld that can be very useful for shower tasks. The handheld has 3 adjustable spray positions and it comes with a 69 inches deluxe stainless steel hose. You can easily switch from rain head to hand held while showering, thanks to an easy turn solid brass diverter that comes with the shower head.The set also includes a 13 inches solid brass rain arm that requiresa clearance from center of wall inlet to your ceiling height. Like most rain showers, the Atlantis 6 Chrome is also hung directly over our head from the ceiling, therefore it reaches all places equally providing you a sense of tranquility and relaxation simulating a true rainfall outside. Except that here you will get 2.5 gallons per minute. Its 160 jet sprays will gain your heart!

The Atlantis 6 Chrome Rain shower head doesn’t count with thousands of reviews from users on but has 4.5 out of 5 stars ratings from some users. Overall it’s one of the rain shower head models with best value for money available for purchase nowadays.

But what is a rain shower head?

The rain shower heads are very popular with interior designers and decoration fans right now. It’s the fashion shower head of the moment! Besides bringing a contemporary and an original look to your bathroom, the rain shower head has also a very high performance when it comes to showers.

These kind of showers tend to offer more than just one water pressure option. Usually you can easily switch from a strong massage shower to a soft and gentler one. They need to be installed directly overhead to provide a steady stream of water that imitates a rain storm, so it needs to cover your body complete. That’s why, normally, they are larger than a regular shower. Keep in mind to measure the space you have to see if your purchase will fit in.

Together with the right measurements, don’t forget the extra features it can offer such as massages and LED lights. Imagine having a very colorful shower head that not only brings you a vibrant shower time, it also informs you the water temperature through its colors.

With all these features and options, it’s the best time to give your bathroom a nice and simple upgrade. Have a nice shower!