Best Ball Office Chairs

If you feel better or thinking of having a ball chair instead for your office, then you could simply find the best ball office chair here. Of course, many people like and feel good sitting on a ball chair, and so many designs of the ball chairs are available for selection.

However, in this review, our team has selected only the top choices to recommend. We have gone through the review of the ball chairs, the customer feedback, as well as the overall assessment of the quality make of the chairs. And, as a result, we have got these top 5 to present below.

1.LuxFit Ball Chair, Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs for Home and Office

2 Year Warranty! with 2000lbs Static Strength Ball Great Office Desk Chair, and Stability Ball Chair

LuxFit Ball Chair is our first design t recommend. This chair is beautifully designed strong for both home and office use. It is best for work in front of a computer or as an exercise chair for your yoga time. Its size is between 22 and 25 inches. You could somehow adjust the size by the degree of inflation you pump air in.

This LuxFit Ball chair basically could handle up to 300 pounds, and it has been said to be so effective especially for those with spine and back problems. At the same time, the ball is made quite thick while its wheels are large. When both working together, it performs a great service to your sitting.

Finally, it is about the 24-month warranty. You could expect and rely on this ball chair to be your favorite exercise or office chair nicely, and should there be any issue arising, you have a warranty to back.

What Is Great about the Ball Office Chair

Some buyers have reviewed the ball chair 5 stars straight, saying it is the best ball chair they have ever owned. Some others particularly like the backrest of the chair, feeling great when they need to occasionally lean back there. The well-made quality of the chair has also satisfied many.

What Isn’t Great about the Ball Office Chair

One reviewer said they like this chair. The only issue for them is the ball losing air quickly. Another feels the ball chair is not for short people like them.

2.Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide, and Satisfaction Guarantee

This second-best ball office chair is the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair. The chair with a ball has been made as an exercise and yoga ball with a very ergonomic design. If you like to sit on this for your work in front of the computer, it works great that way too.

Actually, this type of ball chair is quite healthy to use and could let you sit long there, feeling better. The recommended user height for this chair is for those between 5 and 5 feet 11. The loading capacity of the ball chair is 300 pounds. And, both the chair and the ball are made strong and thick to serve great and for long.

Meanwhile, the air pump, metal support bar, 4 casters, and the instructions are included in the package. Should you really decide to get this one, there will be everything you need to set this chair up quickly and easily.

What Is Great about the Ball Office Chair

One reviewer said this ball chair is an instant relief to their SI joint pain, and that is why they love the chair so much. Additionally, so many others are very content with the chair, having found it to be so durable and useful.

What Isn’t Great about the Ball Office Chair

A few have had the problem with fitting into the chair. Some said the chair design is smaller and shorter than their expectation and somehow find it unfitting into the chair.

3.Gaiam Balance Disc Wobble Cushion Stability Core Trainer

Home or Office Desk Chair & Kids Alternative Classroom Sensory Wiggle Seat

If you instead want just the feeling of sitting on the ball chair, you could choose to try this wobble cushion seat. It is another piece from Gaiam Balance with a lot of quality make to office. Importantly, it gives you the feeling of sitting on the office ball chair.

It too is good to be used for balance exercises while offering a lot of comforts and cushioning to your sit. It is great too when you place it over your desk chair and sit on it for your long hour working time.  The dimension of the item is the 16-inch diameter. It should fit to most people well.

As for now, three color options are available, which are black, green and gray. You may choose the one you like the most, and it will serve you great with comfort, strength, balance, and a happy sit, finally.

What Is Great about the Ball Office Chair

Out of all the reviews, more than 50 percent have rated the item full 5 stars. They basically feel good about the experience of using the product. In that, a few have highly recommended the product because they could have a good posture by it.

What Isn’t Great about the Ball Office Chair

A few said it comes working nicely as it is supposed to be. However, some come dirty and some have not been inflated well and enough.

4.Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball Chair

Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide, and Satisfaction Guarantee

Still, to come, this is the Giam Classic ball chair. It is classic because it is designed backless. You could have a posture where you need to balance at all times because there is a backrest to help. In case you need such an exercise, then the quality ball and base of this ball chair from the brand could be the right choice for you.

There is actually a guide for your exercise too, and you could boost a lot of energy, having followed the instruction. However, it worth noticing that the recommended height of users that fit the most with this ball chair is between 5 feet and 5 feet 11.

The ball and the chair both could load up to 300 pounds, and the charcoal exercise ball could be easily removed away if you need to. Additionally, there is too the leg extenders but will be sold separately.

What Is Great about the Ball Office Chair

Many have found it a great alternative to an office chair. They could use it at home or at their office in front of the computer. Basically, the overall review of the chair in the customer review section has shown a lot of satisfied buyers and users are having out of the product.

What Isn’t Great about the Ball Office Chair

A couple has got a small ball for kids in their package while some else got their one broken too soon. They thus are upset with this purchasing choice and made less positive reviews to the product.

5.Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball

Flexible School Chair, Active Classroom Desk Seating with Stay-Put Stability Legs, Includes Air Pump

In case the ball chair you are looking for is the kid-size, then you had better check out this Gaiam Kids Stay N Play. This makes itself a perfect seat for kids, especially the ones very active. Besides the high-quality ball, this package contains also stabilizing legs to ensure the ball stay in place.

This ball design works great to promote a healthy habit and mind for kids. And as they grow up, they could have earned the habit and benefits of using this ball chair well. Another benefit of using the chair is having good blood circulation which could influence the focus and concentration very well. It is the benefits of the well-built quality of the chair that has made it very popular so far.

What Is Great about the Ball Office Chair

Many parents have been happy, having bought this for their kids. They feel it is the right classroom solution for the kids. For some, they could review this 5 stars because they generally find it works great for the purpose.

What Isn’t Great about the Ball Office Chair

A couple said they have ordered more than one, and the problem is they do not come the same size and shape after inflating them.