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A beer fridge is a refrigerator where you store your beer bottles and cans. Depending on the types and amount of beverages you drink, you will need to choose a suitable refrigerator to keep your drinks chilled. Certain fridges do not have the capability of acting as a bottle fridge due to space constraints so you have to pay attention to its structure before purchasing it. A beer fridge is a must have for every beer lover. They are convenient and generally compact, making it easy to place and store in your homes. They are great for parties and gatherings as you will always have a fresh cold supply of drinks from your beer fridge for them. We have created a few checkpoints for you below to guide you through the buying process smoothly.

This section is for you guys out there that do not have the time to read each and every of my reviews and posts. Below, you will find a list of the best beer fridge and cooler in the market, compared by their size, capacity and if you need more details, feel free to click on them to read the reviews. Don’t worry though, each and every product below is hand-picked by me and is definitely a worthy purchase! If you are on a tight budget, feel free to compare their prices and find the cheapest beer fridge available!

Danby Beer Fridge Whynter BR Refrigerator EdgeStar 84 Cooler Fridge NewAir 84-Can Beverage Cooler
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What is a beer fridge or refrigerator?

How to choose a one?

  • Capacity. Refrigerators comes in all sorts of capacities. Capacity in this case means the amount of  cans/bottles it can hold within its structure. From small mini fridges to big fridges, the capacity can range from 6 drinks to a whopping 200.
  • Size. The size of a small or mini beer fridge is quite limited due to the compact shelving. This causes problems when you decide to put drinking bottles into your refrigerator. Taller refrigerators will often allow you to place your bottles into the fridge compared to smaller ones where space is a constraint. Also, with bigger sizes, space will be consideration as you might not have enough space to place your fridge at your desired location.
  • Temperature. Different refrigerators offer different temperature ranges for keeping your drinks cooled. For beer connoisseurs, finding a suitable temperature for your refrigerator is optimal. However, for regular drinkers, as long as it is chilled and icy, you can enjoy it at any cold temperature!
  • Looks. Lets face it, many of you want a beer refrigerator that stands out and look elegant, be it in any setting, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or even your own bedroom. Lets find one today! Many refrigerators offer different aesthetics, ranging from glass panels that show your collection to the LED lights that illuminate on the inside to different exterior colors that match the environment.
  • Price. This is one of the most important factors when you are considering to purchase a refrigerators. Cheap beer fridges generally have more buyers because they are more affordable. However, who says cheap refrigerators can’t perform just as well as expensive ones? Look below and find out more!

Beer Fridge Best Picks and Review

These 3 beer fridges are hand picked by me. They offer great functionality and are able to hold both beer bottles and cans. This is a very important factor as beers comes in different sizes. Sometimes I would just pop a bottle and enjoy an ice cold drink. However, some refrigerators have no space for that. In the picks below, these beer fridges are selected carefully. They are all the best rated beer fridge from the best brands in the world. They are incremental in price, however the Danby just provides too much value and would still be the best choice.

  • The Danby Refrigerator. The Best all-rounded. It can store both beer cans and bottles. The all time best-rated beer fridge will be this bad boy right here. Great looks, black body and huge capacity. Definitely cheap and worthy to buy compared to its counterparts. I highly recommend this product!
  • The NewAir 84 Ab850.  The Best Quality. It is able to hold 84 cans or around 25 bottles. It is able to adjust its temperature from cold to very cold. With its excellent build quality and cooling solutions, you are guaranteed that it is built to last and your drinks cold.
  • The Marshall Fridge. The Ultimate Fridge. Do not be fooled by the appearance of this small refrigerator, it may look like a expensive musical equipment but it has all that you need to keep your drinks iced and chilled! Not the cheapest out there, but one of the most elegant products on the market.

Different Types of Beer Fridges

Most of these refrigerators are relatively mini in size, because they are meant to store only beer. However, depending on the amount you want to keep cooled and chilled, there is always a larger beer fridge for you. Most of these fridges have similar functions and what separates each of them is usually the design and capacity. This means that some only cater to cans, whereas some are able to store bottles within their structure. Aesthetically wise, a glass panel on the front would definitely be a plus!

Mini Beer Fridge

A mini beer fridge has many perks. Now we all know that not everyone lives in an environment where they have plenty of space to put stuff. In this short section, we will be going through the best mini beer fridges on the market that offer both quality and reliability. Mini refrigerators are generally much cheaper than larger ones so they are all much more affordable! You can now put your small fridge in your room, beside the sofa or even your bed! Small fridges are ideal as they are personal refrigerators and thus the capacity of these refrigerators do not matter as much, as long as you are able to store enough drinks for your enjoyment. Take a look at the picks below and be amazed!

Beer Bottle Fridge

A beer bottle fridge is the perfect choice for those that prefer to drink their beer from glass bottles instead of cans. The reason being that the taste is much better. Besides the metallic taste that you get from cans, what is better than a nice cold swig of ice cold beer after a long day at work? Even though a bottle may be taller in size, these refrigerators are designed to be compact, so you can place them anywhere in your home. Their shelves allow for customization and even though they are often made for cans, they are highly adjustable and can be made to fit bottles with minimal arranging. You should place them relatively near to where your normally drink and relax so you can skip the trip to the kitchen every time you want to pop a refreshing bottle!

Beer Fridge Glass Door

A beer fridge with a glass door is an extremely popular choice when it comes to a beer refrigerator. The glass panel on the front acts as a window that allows you to see the inside. They are perfect for showing off your prized collection of beer brands. These fridges often come with a LED lighting at the top that can illuminate the contents on the inside. This enhances the overall visual appearance significantly. They are ideal centrepieces that can complement any setting.

Cheap Beer Fridge

A cheap beer fridge would be on the list for many. Like most of us, we like cheap stuff where we can get value for our money. However does a cheap refrigerator mean that it is lousy in quality? Absolutely not. A cheaper fridge simply just means that they are economically priced. They still have excellent quality and functionality. Due to its price, there are certain limitations. You are limited to choices and the designs generally on the average side compared to expensive models. Well, if it works then it works right? I used to own cheaper fridges when I was in college and I must say they are the ideal choice for the cash strapped!

Popular Brands

While there are a wide variety of brands of beer fridges available from different manufacturers that manufacture different products, each product is not made equal and their quality and functionality varies. For a high quality refrigerator that is designed to keep your drinks chilled and cold, there are a few renowned brands to look out for. These brands have made a name for themselves in the industry and are trusted worldwide by their customers.


Danby has been manufacturing appliances in North America since 1992. Their beverage refrigerators are known for their high quality and durability at decent prices. When it comes to the best rated unit, the danby dbc beer fridge is the ultimate winner, after all it is one of the most popular selling beverage fridges in the world. Its quality, capacity and functionality are unparalleled at its price. Products that Danby offers within their range are compact refrigerators and other appliances such as air conditioners.


Founded in 2002, NewAir has since been producing high quality and reliable cooling solutions. They are a little more on the expensive side but it is a luxury purchase. The NewAir AB850 and NewAir AB1200 are examples of such products that has been constantly receiving positive feedback and praise the public. They have set new standards for their line of products due to their excellent performance. If you want a high quality refrigerator, the NewAir brand cannot not be missed.


Edgestar has been producing quality compact appliances for almost a decade now. They focus on creating portable and compact appliance with emphasis on quality. The Edgestar 84 is one such compact appliance that is able to fit in small spaces. The EdgeStar range of products are relatively affordable, and are designed to ease our busy lifestyles by providing comfort and convenience. Both Edgestar and Koldfront are marquee brands for living direct and have proven themselves greatly in the market.

Cooling Solutions

Besides choosing the best beer fridge, there are still plenty of other products that can provide cooling solutions for your drink. I have listed a few important ones below. Do check them out as you may need to use them in the future! We have in depth reviews and guides for these products that will help and guide you with your purchasing journey.

What is a beer cooler?


A beer cooler or chiller is any type of equipment that can be used to chill or cool beer cans and bottles. Not to be mixed with wine coolers where temperature and humidity is an important factor, these coolers just need to be able to cool its contents until its chilly enough and make it enjoyable to drink! There are many different kinds of coolers and they all have different functionalities that cater for different purpose. We have an in-indepth beer cooler guide that covers practically everything that you need to know to make an informed purchase.

What is a Beer Kegerator?

A Beer Kegerator is a drink container. They are designed to contain beer for long periods of time. They are able to provide draft beer and a fresh flow of it at a single tap. They also have cooling systems that acts like a fridge to cool its contents. The reason why people go for kegerators is because we all know that drafted ones tastes much better! Also, buying them in kegs are much more cheaper than buying them in bottles. A worthy investment if you want to drink quality stuff and save costs!

Final Thoughts about our reviews

First off, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope the resources and materials here will help you in your journey of tasting the perfect beer! Head over to each section and read the reviews of the fridge you want to get for a better idea on their specifications and details. Now, to buy a fridge or cooler is a difficult task because there are so many variations to choose from. Thus, I started this blog to help you make an informed choice. I have reviewed various beer cooling solutions on my website. Do feel free to check them out either on the category on the side or using the navigation menu at the top!

I hope all of you will be able to experience and enjoy iced cold beer as much as I do! For more information on drinking, head over to the beer advocate community, where people from all over the world discuss about drinks.