Electric heat pump Hybrid Water Heaters move heat from one place to another with the use of heat, instead of directly generating heat. Thus they can be two to three times more powerful in energy than other conventional water heaters that are electric resistance. To move the heat these hybrid water heaters work just like the refrigerator only in reverse.

The hybrid water heaters are almost a must have in every household of United States. A study report says that each household use approx 64 gallons of water per day and a much higher rate of power consumption are used in heating water. Thus, hybrid water heaters are one of the essential needs as most of them come with more than 50 gallons of water tank capacity ending upto 80 gallons. They use electricity for transferring heat from a place to another.

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Reviews of 5 Best Hybrid Water Heaters:

· GEH50DFEJSR General Electric Hybrid Water Heater:

best hybrid water heater

This water heater from GeoSpring is exclusively designed with a sleek frame and design. Moreover when in use whilst retaining its efficiency and durability it reserves a lot of energy. Though the tank capacity of this heater is quite less, nevertheless it is a good product to get your hands on.

  • The capacity of the water tank is 50 gallons.
  • Compared to other standard water heater with a 50 gallon capacity tank this heater consumes upto 60{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} less energy.
  • This device is very much power friendly.

· Electrolux Electric EE66WP35PS Energy Star Rated Hybrid Heater:

water heater

This Energy star rated Electric heater from Electrolux is a hybrid water heater that uses upto 70{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} less power compared to other standard range electric tank heaters. Water heaters normally consume a lot of power. Thus if you are looking for a better water heater with less power consumption, then this is the one for you.

ü The tank of this star rated water heater is highly durable that comes with a stainless steel interior and exterior body.

ü The tank can hold upto 60 gallons of water that means you will always have adequate water for your usage.

· PHPT-80 AO Smith Electric Residential Heater:

water heater

This residential water heater from AO Smith comes with a capacity of 60 gallons of fully loaded water tank. This product from AO smith is a top quality water heater device.

ü This device has a multiple operating modes that are the “efficiency”, “electric”, and “hybrid” modes. Each of these modes has its own setting for intensity.

ü When serving for its high efficiency mode it also has advanced technology for saving energy and retaining it when serving its purpose.

ü The glass coating makes it durable that protects the steel tank from any corrosion and also maximizes the lifespan of the tank. It serves all your water heating needs in short.

· IR8000 Supergreen Infrared Tankless Electric Heater:

water heater

This supergreen is of latest technology water heater and is also highly sophisticated. But the notable thing about this heater is despite its advanced technique it is very easy and simple to operate.

ü It is designed for both residential and commercial use that has a capacity of 0.5 to 4.4 gallons of water/minute.

ü This device can cater the requirement of a huge quantity of hot water with great ease.

ü This high end water heater comes with heating element from Quartz infrared and is deigned tankless. This serves an advantage of high efficiency durability long with other benefits.

ü Furthermore it is power optimized means it doesn’t consume much power compared to other standard heating devices of its level.

· WEC080C2X045 Westinghouse High Efficiency Heater:

water heater

A product from Westinghouse tech, this high efficiency Westinghouse water heater is an outstanding product.

ü The capacity of its tank is simply great that holds upto 80 gallons of water. This simply ensures that you will never run out of water if you have this device.

ü The outer texture of this device is made of extremely beautiful faux stainless steel that looks simply great.

ü This is one of the unique products as not many products come with both slim nice look yet durable. The inner tank that is of stainless steel provides latest corrosion resistance technique.

So if you are thinking of buying hybrid water heaters check the reviews above of the five super quality heaters before getting your hands one. While buying if you are considering going for the ones with cheaper price then it is recommended to select the ones that comes with latest technology with bit high price. This will serve you well in the long run and reduce your further expenses than going for cheaper ones now and spending way more in future. Go for the ones that consume less energy and save your electricity bill. Those products do cost a little high but are worth it when considering other facts. A quality product not only serves you well but is also easy to use and clean along with installation.