Bathroom is that part of the corner where along with refreshing ourselves our mind also gets refreshed. Bathroom is a particular area in our living space where we refresh ourselves from the all the dirt and dust that we deal with, staying the whole day outside. It not only cleanses our body but also cleanses our mind leaving us in a calm mental situation. So, investing something worthy in the shower area can be much pleasing for us.

Reviews of Best Handheld Shower Head:

Check below about the cool and amazing handheld shower heads for an extra comforting bath. Give your bath area a touch of luxurious comfort and refreshment with these super cool handheld shower heads.

1. Delta 58471-PK Handshower Shower Head:

handheld shower head

They say expertise love using this Delta Handshower shower head. Let’s see then what makes it an expert choice?

    • The shower head of this Handshower gives 2.5 gallons of water flow rate per minute.
    • The latest technology of H2O kinetic energy gives you the sensation of more amount of water.
    • For an easy shaving and lathering the pause button of this Handshower reduces the flow of water to a trickle.
    • It is available in 5 colours.

 The manufacturer of this product is offering a lifelong warranty. Though it is quite expensive but users say it is worth its price and the best shower head to have. The water droplets come out like a warm wet water drops, and though the water flow has heavy force yet the big fat water drops makes it feel gentle on the skin surface.

 This also has a pressure button by which you can control the pressure of the water flow as per your desire. By pressing the silver button on it you can maximise the pressure for forceful water, or slow it down, or off.

 Another important control button is there which controls whether the water flows to the surrounding spray, the handheld spray, or in both the sprays. In order enjoy the pleasure of both the sprays you just have to set the lever towards the back wall.

 This handheld shower head just makes your shower more refreshing and enjoyable. Users say one must buy and surely have it. Some even thought of buy few more and stocking it, in case they can’t get it in the future. Overall it is a very good shower head with multiple controls for using and installation is also easy. It is a worthy investment to make in the shower area.

2. Hotel Spa Ultra-Luxury 30-Setting 3-way Rainfall/Handheld Shower Combo

best handheld shower head

A great shower product to have that can give you the benefit of both handheld and fixed shower head. Below is a quick checklist about its cool features –

  • Both full and combined 30 types water flow patterns.
  • Lever Dial with 3-xone click and rub-clean jets.
  • Multiple settings and SpiralFlo high power precision dial design.
  • Patented anti-swivel with 3-way water diverter nut.
  • Overhead-bracket that is angle adjustable.

 The Hotel Spa Ultra-Luxury shower head is a dual designed shower hand that gives both the facility of handheld and fixed shower. It has 30 different types of water flow options with spiral flow designs. This handheld shower head in 4’’-6’’ width comes with 6 types of settings.

 This handheld shower head has 5’ hose that is made of steel. The hose nuts are made of brass that makes the installation much easier. In limited cases the manufactures also provide a lifetime warrantee for which you have purchase it directly from them or else this offer is void.

 The shower has a “clicking-lever” that makes more effective shower experience. The jets can be operated in 3 modes and the ways of the spiral patterns can also vary in 3 forms. The anti-swivel nut prevents any movement in the shower head to different locations when tightened by a holder.

3. Niagara Earth Message Handheld 1.5 GPM Showerhead

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Here’s some quick look to what makes this handheld shower a cool one-

  • 9 types adjustable jet Turbo massage; from smooth needle spray to forceful spray.
  • Has flow compensator that is non-removable.
  • Tangle-free, swivelling 72 inch hose.
  • Water spray that is non-aerating means less loss of temperature saving maximum energy.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Has thermoplastic body of ABS of high-impact and is corrosion resistant.
  • Gives consistent flow irrespective of water pressure.
  • Requires no tool for installation.

 If you want to have an amazing shower along with saving water then Niagara Earth Massage Handheld shower head is the perfect one. It saves 40{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} of your water whenever you take a shower.

 It is a shower head with low-flow type pressure that has patented technology in pressure that contributes same output of water flow throughout without you having to worry about the pressure. It has a jet with 9 adjustable settings. Water force can be both gentle and forceful when you will to have a therapeutic massage. The non-aerated spray system gives no loss in temperature. It saves you energy and ultimately you save a lot money over the year.

 The ABS thermoplastic body makes the showerhead shock proof. The manufacturer of this product gives you 10 years of guarantee and for safety also provides an extended ANSI code.

4. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Handheld Shower Combo

shower head

Let’s have a quick look what this Hydroluxe Full-Chrome Handheld shower has in store-

  • The unique and amazing part is it has dual shower heads.
  • The hose are about 5 feet long of this Handshower head.
  • It has 5 variant types of shower systems.
  • This comes with 24 distinctive patterns of water flow.
  • It has a 3 way water diverter having lock that is anti-swivel, so that you can use both shower at the same time.
  • Has a 4 inch chrome face.

 The Hydroluxe Full-Chrome combo handheld shower head is among those that will instantly attract you the moment you see it. This one is a great luxurious one that will come across. It is not only great looks-wise but also offers great features. It is a great choice in the category of Handshower head for those who have mobility issue. You can either stay at one place during a shower since the handheld is detachable from the wall, or you can just use it as a hand shower having long hoses. You can experience a lovely shower since it nullifies poor water pressure problem.

 The usage method of this handheld shower is totally upto you. You can either use both the heads during a shower, or just one. The valve lets you divert it as per your choice. It comes with 5 varieties of settings for both the shower heads such as; water saving economy rain, massage, stay warm-mist, power rain, and pause. This dual shower head gives you 24 patterns in water flow. So, imagine how great bathing experience you will have where you get all of these facility in just one shower head.

5. Delta Faucet 75700 7-Setting Handshower

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Delta Faucet Handshower can definitely be the one for you if you are in search for a Handshower that can give you some extra advantages. Here are the advantages of having this Handshower-

  • It comes with 6 foot long hose.
  • Has nozzles made of soft rubber that prevents clogging.
  • It provides 7 different types of spray pattern for a desirable experience.
  • It has great finish of chrome.
  • It is easy to install.

 The Delta Faucet hand shower has a long hose that makes it easier to move around. Moreover the shower head can be detached from its position to give you a better experience. The mounted shower heads makes it reachable to the body parts that are hard to reach. So now you can enjoy great shower. People who have mobility issues can just stand at one place and take a shower, it works that way too. You can also take it into the bath tub and have a bath. With this variety of showering experience now rinse all your body parts and give yourself a refreshing bath.

 The soft rubber nozzles of this Delta Faucet are equipped in such a way that it prevents clogging. The nozzles are easy to clean. You just have wipe off the nozzles to remove any mineral layers. The nozzles allow a random water flow. So enjoy it with great ease.

So, that’s that. Check out the reviews of these luxurious handheld showers, and if you are too lazy to stand for a long time in the bath then these all are your catch. At the beginning or end of the day give yourself a refreshing shower by fixing such super amazing handheld shower heads in your bath area.