Best Radar Detector 2021 – Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The best radar detector will keep you ticket-free not to mention saving you the inconvenience of getting pulled over. And, with the police working harder every year to ensure that motorists abide by the set speed limits, you certainly could make do with a radar detector in your automobile. In fact, this device may as well be your best bet if you want to avoid the infuriating speed traps.

Don’t get it twisted; we are not supporting over speeding, but as they say, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Let’s face it, getting pulled over isn’t fun. But, with a radar detector installed in your car, you can regularly (and accurately) keep an eye on highway patrol’s speed tracking signal. That way, you’ll know if you’re under monitoring, and most importantly you’ll stay within the required speed limits.

And the best part is that you don’t have to spend lots of money for a radar detector. In fact, you can get a standard model for less than one hundred bucks. Nonetheless, it is essential to ensure that the unit you choose has the all the basic features required to keep you “safe” on the road.

We recommend that you read radar detector reviews before purchasing. The idea here is to get a first-hand feel of what to expect with the model. Remember, the radar detector marketplace keeps changing, with leading brands releasing new, innovative models once in a while. The last thing you want in your auto is an outdated model that won’t serve its purpose.

It, therefore begs the question – which is the best radar detector on the market? Well, in all honesty, there’s an assortment of models out there, each with unique features. Even then, any unit worth your money should at the very least offer GPS, come with radar antennas (single or dual) and provide false positive filtering.

It should also feature auto sensitivity adjustment, superior range abilities, and radar detection protection. Latest models are app-compatible, have long range capability and are customizable as per your driving needs.

That said, we now list the best radar detectors 2018 based on the guidelines stipulated above. These models will not only help you avoid getting a ticket but also fit your budgetary allocation.

1. Valentine One Radar Detector

The Valentine One has for the longest time held the informal title as the best radar detector until the launch of the Escort Max 360 (which we will review later on). But, make no mistake about it, that doesn’t mean it is no longer one of the top rated radar detectors on the market. Here’s what makes it one of a kind.

Dual Radar Antennas

Remember when we said that antennas are an important consideration when choosing a detector? Well, the Valentine One comes with dual radar antennas and is one of the few with this feature. In fact, the only other model with two antennas is the Bel STi Driver, but the difference is that both the STi antennas face forward.

The Valentine One’s rear and forward facing-antenna give it the ability to let know about the band and strength of the radar signal with zero margin error. It will also notify you the number of radar units and “boyes” and the direction the signal is coming from. What’s more? This unit provides arguably the best rear detection in comparison to other windshield-mounted models on the market.

Superior Laser Reception

The Valentine One can detect an assortment of radar signals including X, K, and Ka. It also offers wideband Ka and Ku band detection. In fact, this model emerges as the best for these detections in its category. In essence, that translates to a performance you can rely on.

360 Degrees Protection

The Valentine One can detect all types of lasers from every direction. The super-high performance allows you to identify the highway patrol signal way in advance with unrivaled accuracy. One more thing; this radar detector never gets obsolete. You can update its software to match your needs over the years and as technology evolves. In other words, once you get it, you may not need another radar detector for years to come!

2. Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector

The Escort Passport 9500IX is a top-mounted laser/radar detector that uses GPS to track your location. It then applies the info to detect false alarms rapidly, spot red light camera spots and remember speed trap zones. And, just like the Valentine One, you can update its onboard database online. But that’s not all there is to this unit. We take a closer look.

Revolutionary Auto Sensitivity Mode

The Escort Passport 9500IX offers four levels of sensitivity including AutoLoK, AutoNox, Auto, and Highway. The Auto sensitivity ability varies depending on the speed while the Auto mode senses the K-band. The Highway mode offers the best detection, allowing the device to pick up radar band over long-range. The AutoNox disables the X band (that shouldn’t be a cause of concern; after all, law enforcers don’t use it in the United States).

As a laser detector, the Escort Passport 9500IX picks up the Ka, X and K band radars. You may choose to use it together with the Laser Shifter to superior laser protection.

Full-Color OLED Display

The Escort Passport 9500IX features an intuitive screen that enables you to see the essential information as you drive. The screen displays your current speed, the signal strength and any radar detected together with its frequency. The info appears in an easy to read format so you can interpret what’s happening in a split second.

The IX is compatible with the Escort Live app, enabling you to download data regarding speed limits on the current road. That way, you can quickly know when you’re exceeding speed limits.

Easy-to-Use Design

The Escort Passport 9500IX is one of the best radar detectors for a beginner. It has a sleek design and easy-to-reach power buttons at the top the unit. Installation is a breeze too. Those who’ve used it say it takes about 10 minutes to have this radar detector up and running.

3. Whistler XTR-438 Laser Radar Detector High Performance 360 Degree Alerts No Dead Zones

On-budget motorists asked, and Whistler listened. Here comes the XTR-438, a ridiculously affordable model, and arguably the best radar detector under 100 dollars. Make no mistake about it, this gadget may be inexpensive, but it doesn’t fall short of features and functionalities. Mount it on your auto’s windshield and here’s what you get;

360 Maxx Coverage

You don’t have to worry about getting caught off-guard by the highway patrol radar with the Whistler XTR-438. It promises to warn you about any pending laser and radar signals way before you hit a speed trap. In the meantime, the POP mode and the Safety Warning Alerts will keep your detector virtually invisible from even the most sophisticated police detector detectors.

Other than that, the XTR-438 also offers G-2 detection as well as anti-RDD discrete protection.

Adaptability You’ll Love

Even as you seek to stay away from the police radar, you certainly want a detector that’s both easy to use and one that quickly attunes to your driving environment. Well, the XTR-438 is highly customizable. It allows you to change the alert tones and shift between three separate city modes at the touch of a button. Be sure to use the battery saver mode to ensure that you auto doesn’t run out of power when the engine is not running.

Even More Protection

If you thought that the Whistler XTR-438’s POP detection is incredible, you’re in for a big surprise. It also comes with Alert Priority and Alert Periscopes functions, further assuring you of all-around security. That way, you can keep your eyes on the road with no dead zones to bother about. Besides, the total band protection brings to the fore the peace of mind you need to stay focused on the highway.

4. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

The Escort Max 360 is arguably the best radar detector for the money right now. Its notable features include Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and pre-installed databases for red light and speed cameras. You can also connect it to your phone running on Android or iOS (Apple) platforms to access the data reported by other motorists in your area. Forget the lofty cost; this is a unique radar detector that’s worth every buck. Here’s what makes it tick.

Epic Detection

The Escort Max 360 is not on another level for nothing. It boasts front and rear antennas that scan swiftly in every direction. The integrated mechanism harnesses quick focus of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to identify threats faster and accurately than any other model on the market.

Accuracy You Can Depend On

The Max 360 offers five levels of sensitivity, again, more than any other detector on the market. It brings together three driving modes and speed based sensitivity as well as the Cruiser Alert mode. Other than that, this unit seeks to keep you safe beyond the traditional radar and laser threats thanks to the preloaded Defender database containing thousands of speed and red light camera location across the United States.

Straightforward Communication

The Escort Max 360 is all about keeping things easy and uncomplicated. It boasts responsive directional arrows display for quick identification of threats and a high-resolution graphic display that indicates the type, quantity, and strength of the signal. This detector also shows you the speed limit data in real time. And, just like the 9500IX, the Max 360 is compatible with the Escort Live app, thereby increasing its usability and convenience.

To top it off, the Max 360 is web ready, which means that you can update it at the click of a button. It displays data in dual language and comes with a magnetic sticky cup mount to make installation effortless.

5. Cobra XRS9670 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector

Looking for a moderately-priced radar detector with a performance of premium models? Well, the Cobra XRS9670 is a perfect choice. A hot contender for the best radar detector under 200 dollars spot, it is one of the range-topping units on the market. You’ll love the DigiView display that allows you to read all the crucial information at a glance. Other highlights include;

Xtreme Range Super Heterodyne

The Cobra XRS9670 boasts a brand-exclusive, yet super-fast sweep circuitry that offers extra detection range. And as if that’s not enough, this device provides the best possible warning against fast radar including the Ku band radar gun. You may also want to know that this unit can detect the latest POP gun radar when on the super-fast instant-on mode.

Fifteen-Band Detection

The Cobra XRS9670 can identify incredible seven radar, six laser and two safety signals. The radar signals include Ka Superwide, K Band, VG-2, Spectre IV and Spectre 1. The safety signals include Strobe Alert and Safety Alert. You can also count on this gadget to protect you against laser signals such as LTI 20-20, ProLaser and Ultra Lyte. With such ability, the XRS9670 has got you covered in every speed trap within the United States.

IntelliMute Pro

Installing a radar detector is one thing but hiding it from the eye of the highway patrol is entirely different. Well, you don’t have to worry about such issues with the Cobra XRS9670. It uses the innovative IntelliMute Pro technology that renders it undetectable. That way, you can be sure to know about any laser signal from any direction way before the police get hold of you.

Note – with all the plethora of features and ability, the Cobra XRS9670 will serve you best if you’re an experienced motorist or can interpret the data it displays on the screen.

6. Escort RedLine 0100025-1 Radar Detector

If you can’t afford the Max 360, you could as well opt for the RedLine. Okay, this model may not offer the same functionality as the Max 360, but it boasts the auto mode function to eliminate false alarms and dual antenna design for early detection warnings. It will also give you specific alerts as per the radar ahead. The RedLine also offers the following;

Satisfactory Detection

The RedLine boasts Safety Warning System, SuperWide Ka, K, and X radar capability. The Digital Signal Processing combines with AutoMode to give you better long-range detection. Even better is the availability of the varactor-tuned receiver that increases this devices ability to detect the longest range possible.

Outstanding Invisibility

The RedLine uses the patented Beltronics’ TotalShield RF Technology to makes sure that it is untraceable. More precisely, the feature makes it virtually impossible for detector detectors to spot this gadget including those using the latest technology such as Spectre and VG-2.

Mute and AutoMute

The Escort RedLine has the brand-exclusive AutoMute function that works by automatically reducing the voice alert loudness after the first notification at you preset volume. In effect, you will stay on top of things without the irritation of constant alerts at full volume. Besides, you can deactivate the AutoMute feature if you don’t mind the noise.

Safety Radar

The RedLine not only notifies you about speed traps but also takes your safety a step further. It comes with the Safety Warning System (SWS) that notifies you of maintenance, highway construction, weather related hazards, roadway hazard zones and slow moving vehicles. It may catch your attention to know that the SWS system has up to 60 pre-installed messages. And, the best part is that you can set this device so that the messages appear on the display screen.

7. Whistler CR90 High Performance Laser Radar Detector

The Whistler CR90 deserves mentioned in the best radar detector 2018 list thanks to its well-thought-out functionality. It is a mid-range model with selectable band, integrated GPS. Its performance is top-notch too. We’re talking about the ability to detect radar from all sides of your automobile in the order of their priority. Here are some of its most striking functions.

Total Band Protection

The brains behind Whistler CR90 had your safety in mind when they designed this unit. Just like the other detectors from the brand, this one boasts the ability to detect K, X and SuperWide Ka as well as Laser protection. In simpler terms, this device covers all the four bands used for speed measurement.

The CR90 also offers 360-degrees Maxx coverage, which means that it can detect radar from the front, rear and sides. It also comes with three city modes and can switch from one mode to the other automatically.

Alert Priority

Of course, the best radar detector shouldn’t offer false alarms. While this is a standard for all the models on this list, the Whistler CR90 is an exception. It displays the important signal first when more than one is detected. You can even set it on the Filter mode to reduce the occurrence of false alerts brought about by radar detectors within the same range.

Digital Display

The Whistler CR90 comes with an iconic color display, complete with numeric signal strength. For more clarity be sure to choose the blue OLED text display. Meanwhile, the Alert Periscope enables you to get visual alerts when the voice signal is unclear, or the volume is low. The CR90 is intellicord compatible allowing you to control functions such as power, auto quiet, and city modes remotely.

8. Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display

The Passport 8500X50 is sleek, compact and comes with a SmartCord for convenience. It features the innovative “V-tuned” receiver, to offer long range detection on all radar including “instant-on” and conventional radar. The 8500X50 can cover up to 50% more range than the Passport 8500, making a brilliant choice if you want to upgrade. Other than that, it features in our best radar detectors collection because of the following functionalities.

Advanced EZ Programming

As you’d expect, the Passport 8500X50 is ready to use right out the box. Nonetheless, you have to fine-tune it to align to your driving needs. Well, on that front, this model scores remarkably well thanks to its responsive EZ programming. This function allows you to set laser bands, brightness level, and audio tones as well as meter types as per your preference. In other words, you can customize this radar detector at the touch of a button.

High-Performance Laser Protection

The Passport 8500X50 promises nothing short of an epic performance thanks to the powerful laser warning with advanced off-axis protection. It is compatible with the ZR4 laser shifter as well if you want to take the security a notch higher. And just so that we’re clear, the 8500X50 can detect POP, all K and Ka bands, as well as SuperWide Ka-band.

Five-Star AutoSensitivity Mode

The one thing that sets the Passport 8500X50 apart from other radar detectors in its class is the ability to pick out threats from other sources lightning-fast. It is one of the few models with the Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) software that castoffs traffic sensors for quiet operation.

Bright, Colorful Display

This unit comes with three levels of brightness control, giving you the best possible view of the essential information. Plus, you can shift between dim and medium clarity levels. There’s even the full dark option for nighttime driving.

9. Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector

The GT-7 is one of the most powerful radar detectors on the market. In fact, its makers say that it seeks to help you “live life in the passing lane.” How so? Well, it comes with a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) microprocessor that works by identifying long-range radar super fast. It can also segregate real and fake signals in split seconds. It doesn’t stop there; this unit has more to offer as we reveal below.

Dazzling Ability

The GT-7 will let you know about thousands of speed cameras and red light location across the US. All you have to do is to connect it to the ticket protection and watch as it informs you about patrol spots and laser traps as per the reports of other motorists. That way, you don’t have to keep checking the rear mirror for fear of getting pulled over.

Fully Loaded

The Beltronics GT-7 has everything you’d want to give you peace of mind while on the road. These include a convenient travel case, a robust mount cup, mute button and an integrated alert lamp. Thus, the setup process and the subsequent detaching shouldn’t be hectic.

Assured Accuracy

The Beltronics GT-7 is so efficient that all you need to listen to while driving is the sound of your car’s engine. There are no false alarms. The exclusive GPS technology intelligently learns your route and gets rid of any false triggers. In the meantime, you can leverage on the three driving modes with modifiable speed-sensitive settings.

You will also love the high-resolution graphic display which indicates the quantity, strength, and type of signal. The clear voice alerts bring forth expediency to an already outstanding radar detector.

10. Cobra ESD7570 9-Band Performance Radar/Laser Detector

It doesn’t getter better the Cobra ESD7570 more so if you’re looking for a cheap radar detector. Its performance is proven, with easily assessable, user-friendly features. The compact design combines with the refined style to give you a device you can depend on while on the road. Besides, this model is FFC compliant, so you can rest assured that it meets the set industry standards. Let’s now analyze the ESD7570 and what it has to offer.

No-Frills Radar Detection

The Cobra ESD7570 may have a simple design, but its ability to keep you off ticket is impressive. It will give you total immunity against Spectre 1 and VG-2 detectors. Typically, this unit undertakes to keep you “invisible” on the road and notify you whenever you’re under surveillance.

Laser Eye Protection

If you had any doubt about the Cobra ESD7570 ability to make sure that you’re undetectable on the roads, then the all round detection of laser signals quells your reservations. Moreover, this unit will warn you about other obstacles such as railroad crossing and approaching emergency vehicles via the safety alert transmitter.

Digital Signal Strength

The Cobra ESD7570 also tells you how close you’re to the target or highway selector. In so doing, it reduces the likelihood of false alarms in densely populated areas. One more thing; this unit can detect all radar frequencies in the United States and Canada. Those who’ve used it say that for the best results, avoid turning on the City Mode. Even then, pay attention to the L and Ka signals if you want to stay out of trouble with highway patrol law enforcers.

Best Radar Detector 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

When scouting for the best radar detectors and ones that will offer value for your money, you need to make a few considerations. You see, the market is awash with a myriad of option so you must know which model works best for you and your needs. Whether you’re after a cheap or high-end radar detector, the following factors must come into play.

Be on the Lookout for the Basic Features and Capability

A standard detector MUST provide ALL of the following if it claims to help keep you off speed traps on the highway.

Voice Alerts – Of course, this is the surest way to know of any monitoring. Thus, make sure that the model you intend to purchase offers beeps and spoken alerts in addition to the readouts.

Radar Detection of All Bands – How else are you going to escape the speed traps if the unit you’re using cannot detect all radar? At the very least ensure that the device can pick out X-, K- and Ka band radar. Most importantly it should identify the particular signal accurately.

Quiet Detection Mode – Choose a detector that has City and auto modes. These two reduce the likelihood of false alerts when driving in densely populated areas. The City mode filters the X-band sensitivity while the Auto mode eliminates false alarms coming from your automobile’s door alarms or blind spot monitors.

Laser Detection – A good radar detector should pick out laser guns, fast. While there’s a probability that by the time the unit detects the tiny laser beam, you’ll already have had a ticket for over speeding, it helps all the same.

Easy to Use – You don’t have to struggle fitting and detaching a radar detector. The unit should display the information in an easy-to-read format so that you can act quickly when it picks out a signal. Most models come with a manual for first-time users.

POP Technology – As stated, the police are doing all they can to make sure that your radar is detectable. They now have a new generation of radar guns using POP technology. The guns work at low frequency which reduces the probability that your radar detector will scan and identify the police signal.

While POP technology may seem unstoppable, the latest radar detectors can block the POP’s effectiveness. However, you have to activate the function on the user menu. Thus, we recommend that you buy a model with POP capability for ultimate invisibility.

Mute and Auto Mute Functions – At times, you need to control the volume of voice alerts. You, therefore, need to select a model with a mute button so that you can set it to the silent mode when the radar gun is still far. State-of-the art detectors can reduce the volume automatically after the first alert, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Apart from the features that a radar detector has to offer, you also need to ask yourself a few questions to help you narrow down your options. Here’s what should be running through your mind.

How Often Do You Drive Past Red Lights and Speed Cameras?

If the answer to this question is QUITE OFTEN, then you need to makes sure that the detector you choose comes with integrated GPS functionality. That way, you will get warned way before you approach a spot with speed cameras or red lights. And, with the statistics indicating that there are about 425 communities with red light cameras and another 142 speed traps, you certainly need a GPS enabled radar detector.

Are You More of a Highway or City Driver?

If you’re driving more on the freeway than you are on the city streets, be sure to choose a highly sensitive detector. Purchase a model that will give you the earliest possible warning about a pending speed trap. The Escort Passport Max 360 would be an excellent option in this case. If you drive within the city on a daily basis, you’re better off with a Smart GPS-equipped model to reduce false alerts from public radar sources such as automatic door openers.

Are You Likely to Encounter Laser Guns?

Well, you need to be very careful with the choice you make here if you drive in an area with laser speed guns. Examine the unit’s functionality and ensure there’s a particular statement that indicates the model’s ability to identify laser signal. Even though most models claim to offer such protection, it is essential to know that the detector can pick out the signal promptly.

Would You Make Do With a Laser Jammer?

A laser jammer could be your best bet to stay undetectable while on the road. However, jammers are expensive and may not be an option if you don’t have the money to spend. Plus, they can become useless pretty fast more so because the speed detection technology is changing.

That’s not to say that laser jammers are not useful. However, they come and go, so unless you’re prepared to keep up with the pace, we don’t recommend that you purchase them.

If you’ve never bought a radar detector before and are at crossroads, you may try conducting simple searches such as Escort or Cobra online. You will then check the features that unit has to offer and decide whether the gadget can work for you. Otherwise, this buyer’s guide is all you need to make an informed choice.

How Do Radar Detectors Really Work?

To answer this question, we must start by understanding how the police use radar to detect speed. For starters, the highway patrol directs a beam across a section of the road that they want to set a trap. The police across the United States uses X, K, Ka, and SuperWide bands. Think of these bands as FM or AM signals. It, therefore, means that band’s frequency and shape is different.

When the radar bands hit your car (or any moving object), it deflects back the source gun, with a particular frequency. Depending on the type of frequency, the radar gun can tell the speed at which you’re driving.

Now, let’s come to a radar detector. The work of this device is to listen to broadcasts of bands and identify police radar signals. In essence, the gadget allows you to know the type of band that is likely in contact with your car and the signal type. It also enables you to tell the distance of the police radar.

In most cases, the detector will identify highway patrol signal at a distance that will allow you to slow down and stay within the speed limits. But, we would like to add that it’s not all the time that the device will detect radar promptly. At times, all you’ll get is a warning that there might be a speed trap ahead.

It is for this reason we insist that you should select a radar detector with the widest detection. We’re talking about a unit that can offer X, Ka, K, and laser protection. Other than that, it should come with different indicators for these bands, complete with separate light and sound for each.

Latest radar detectors come with features such as VG-1 and VG-2 Alert detection. If you live (or drive around) Virginia and Washington D.C, these may come in handy. The models are undetectable by highway patrol detector detectors. Note – it is illegal to use radar detectors in the two states.

The Types of Radar Detectors

A radar detector can either be corded, cordless, or remote mount. We expound on each type.

Corded Radar Detectors

These are also referred to as windshield-mounted detectors, primarily because they cling on your automobile’s window via a suction cup. These are the models to go if you’re looking for versatility. You can use this type on different vehicles.

Corded detectors have long range band capability and are the best option if you drive on the highway regularly. One of the most sought after windshield mounted models is the Escort RedLine. The Beltronics GT-7 is also an excellent choice.

The other reason you’d want to purchase a corded detector is the fact the mounting offers you a better view of the information you need to avoid getting caught at the speed traps. You can adjust the unit’s position to best possible angle. Of course, the cord delivers power to the detector, mostly via the cigarette lighter receptacle.

Cordless Radar Detectors

These are the direct opposite of corded models, regarding the design. They don’t come with cables and are for anyone looking for a portable unit. They derive power from batteries. You may also choose cordless detectors if you’re frequently changing cars, for instance, rental vehicles. They could also be a good choice if you don’t own a car but want to stay ticket free all the same.

The one thing that makes these units attractive is the seamless, straightforward installation. Even then, you need to remember that with these detectors you need to keep the batteries charged. So, be sure to check them once in a while and replace promptly. Most units, however, come with long lasting batteries so you can count on them to last relatively long.

Note – cordless radar detectors are relatively expensive in comparison to their corded counterparts.

Remote-Mount Radar Detectors

These are the detectors to go for if you want to experience the best of both worlds. On one end, you have protection from the police radar and on the other you can do so without attracting unwanted attention. These come with a discreet radar/laser antenna that pops up on the grille. Plus, you can place the display and the control within reach.

If you decide that this type works best for your needs, be sure to choose a high-end model with dual-color LEDs. You can integrate the LED with a flat panel or instrument cluster. With these models, you don’t have to deal with cords, as most will power-up automatically, once you start your engine.

Popular Radar Detector Brands

We now look at the radar detector brands that have won the trust of motorists over the years.

Valentine One

Valentine One, for the longest time, has been the leader in the industry. In fact, the company has produced one of the best radar detectors to have ever graced the market, also going the brand’s name. Valentine One’s customer care and the commitment to invest in latest technology are the two factors that have kept the company at the top.

Its founder, Mike Valentine has a proven track record of engineering technically some of the most advanced radar warning receivers since 1976. The company says it believes in long-term customer satisfaction and is responsible for their products according to the official website. Valentine One’s motto is to give you “savvy, streetwise partner.”


Escort Inc. has its headquarters in the Ohio and has been in the radar business since the 70s. They’re the makers of the Max 360, one of the most advanced detectors on the market. The company undertakes to make you a “smart driver” through its series of innovative products.

According to the official website, the manufacturer has sold more than 10 million detectors, thereby helping drivers avoid the pesky ticket nightmare. Escort customer service desk is commendable too. While you can reach them via telephone, there’s a live chat tab on their site for a swift response to complaints or suggestions. With the company’s range of products, you’re indeed set to become a smart driver!


Cobra is one of the oldest car electronic manufacturers, with products such as the CB radio selling in the early 50s. While their radar detectors are well-thought-out, it is the affordability that makes them popular on the market. If you’re a frugal shopper or don’t have a lot of cash to spend, Cobra could as well be the brand to go for.

The Cobra ESD7570, for instance, is one of the cheapest models on the market. Make no mistake about it though, the company invests in technology, and their radar detectors can identify the all the police radar bands both on the highway and the streets.


The Whistler Group plies its trade in Bentonville, Arkansas. Its mission is to become an international leader in production of state-of-the-art radar/laser detection devices. On that front, the company is doing remarkably well, if the functionality of the Whistler CR90 High-Performance Laser Radar Detector is anything to go by.

Even though Whistler radar detectors are not the cheapest on the market, they’re among of the most advanced. The units are user-friendly too with a sleek design to match. Regarding customer service, you can reach the company via e-mail, or telephone using the numbers provided on their official website.


“At Beltronic, performance rules,” so states the company motto. And yes, there something to this manufacturer based in Cincinnati, Ohio that makes it shine. Established in 1967, the company has set a precedent of making world class radar and laser detectors.

One of the company’s best-selling models is the GT-7. This gadget is also arguably one of the most powerful on the market. Beltronics focuses on keeping their units completely invisible again the most advance police radar detector detectors. Again, their customer service is excellent and at par with its competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Will My Radar Detector Pick Out False Signal?

Well, the truth is, even the best radar detector will give false alerts once in a while. The instances, however, tend to increase as you drive within densely populated areas or city streets. You see, in locations with lots of activity, it is likely that the detector will identify signals from items such as security systems, garage door openers or other detectors.

You can, however, reduce the frequency at while you get the false alarms by choosing a model that offers reliable selectivity and sensitivity. Even better, select a unit that has the City Mode feature to activate the X band signal while you’re driving along the city streets or areas with a sizeable number of microwave emitting devices.

Can the Police Radar Pick Me Out Even When the Patrol Car Is Moving?

Yes. In fact, the police radar in a moving patrol car is more efficient than a stationary radar gun. Most police radars come with dual antenna, one on the front and the other on the back, thus providing rear-front coverage.

The gadgets can also detect same-direction vehicles in front or behind the patrol car. Latest models can also identify the fastest car in a park, making it even harder to over speed between slower vehicles.

You’re most likely going to encounter moving radar by meeting an oncoming highway patrol car, pass it and wait for the police to make a U-turn and pull you over.

I’m I Better off With a Built-in Radar Detector?

Yes, to some extent. First of all, you can be sure that the radar will stay in place, safe from thieves. Unlike other types of detectors, these are discreet and are not easy to spot. In fact, all it takes to steal a windshield-mounted model is to break the glass.

Other than that, it is hard for the police to spot the detector. Okay, radar detectors are not illegal in most states (49 to be precise), but you might get in trouble if an officer sees it in a state where these gadgets are illegal.

My Detector Doesn’t Warn Me About Red Light Cameras, How Come?

Your best bet to identifying red lights camera is by using a high-performance model. If you’re have one, chances are, you’re already getting the alerts without you knowing. Nonetheless, the gadget should be GPS-enabled to give you adequate defense against this type of camera. That way, you can know the exact positioning of the camera.

It is important to note that radar control is now replacing red light cameras. It, therefore, means that you can easily stay off speed traps. However, you need a high-performance model with brilliant K-band sensitivity to pick them out.

Why Won’t My Detector Go Off When I Drive Past a Police Car?

The thing is, the radar detector, as the name suggests, identifies radar, not a police car. And, if you happen to drive past a cop’s vehicle, there’s every chance that the car didn’t have radar. After all, 90 % of police cars don’t carry radar.

Even if it was radar-equipped, most police officers switch off the radar whenever they’re outside the vehicle. There is also a probability that the highway patrol’s radar was on “instant mode.” Other than that, it could be that the officers were using a Vascar or Laser. In other words, there’s a host of reasons your car’s detector didn’t go off when you drove past a cop’s vehicle.

What is Detector’s Sensitivity and how is It Different from Selectivity?

In simple terms, sensitivity refers to the measurement of how efficient a detector is at picking up radar signals. It, therefore, means that the more sensitive the model is, the higher the probability of giving you a prompt and accurate alert.

Selectivity, on the other hand, refers to the detector’s ability to identify police radar while omitting signals from devices such as microwaves or garage doors nearby. Thus, a good radar detector is the one that can strike a balance between the two functions. So, be on the lookout for the two features when scouting for a detector.

What is Spectre?

As stated, the highway patrol is investing in state-of-the art gadgets to tell if you’ve installed a radar detector in your car. Spectre happens to be the latest radar detection (RDD) technology that the police are using in their radar detector detection campaign.

Through Spectre, police can identify motorists using radar detectors, this time with more accuracy. The primary aim is to discourage the usage of these devices by drivers. Not to worry though, you can still get radar detectors that can give you the protection you need against the Spectre technology. However, it means that you have to upgrade to a newer version to enjoy total invincibility.


Let’s face it; even the most careful driver over speeds once in a while. No one is safe from being pulled over by the police. At times, you’re likely to over speed due to circumstances such as when you’re running late for an important meeting. The problem is, however, the highway patrol will be on your case if they happen to nab you driving past the set speed limits.

When you get pulled over by the police for over speeding, you can be sure that you’ll get a ticket and the consequences might be far-reaching than you may possibly think. Did you know that getting a ticket can increase your insurance premiums by up to 53%, for instance? All factors constant, there is every reason to get a radar detector if you are going to avoid the repercussions of a speed ticket.

By now, you may have already figured out that the radar detection playfield is rapidly changing. You, therefore, need to keep up with the pace for you to remain undetectable on the road. It is with this in mind that we sought to list down the best radar detectors to help you choose a model that will help you to escape speed traps and outmatch the current technology by the police.

Our collection brings together a mix of high-end and affordable models to cover ever budget. Most importantly, we have carefully analyzed what each unit has to offer to guarantee your “safety” on the roads and on the city streets, whether you’re a frequent or occasional driver. As always, we will keep updating the list as new, advanced radar detectors, enter the market.