Your bathing experience enhances with a good quality shower head. But there are some regions in all over the country that faces the crisis of adequate water. So, does that mean compromising on your bath which one of the daily habits of our everyday life to keep us fresh and going all day long? No not at all, because today we have reviews of some shower heads that help with low water pressure, which saves you water and money as well.

Reviews of Best 5 Low Water Flow Shower Heads:

Less water usage is crucial especially during summer time to not only minimize your utility but also considering various environmental issues. Only the reviews of the best low water pressure shower heads have been given below, for people who are too busy to choose from the wide lot in the market. These reviews of best five will help them narrow their choice and will bring ease in selecting the best shower head for them.

1. High Sierra High-Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure with Reviews,best shower head

A quick look at its great advantages-

a) Satisfying, strong water spray, chrome polished, solid metal body.

b) Clog-free,

c) Patented water spray holes allows nice robust, full spray having huge water drops,

d) Save over 40{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} energy and water,

e) 100{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} USA made product.

· The 1.5 GPM High Sierra High Efficiency Low flow shower head comes with fabulous quality and body design. The stylish chrome finish and solid metal body adds that extra dimension to your bathing space.

· The built in advanced water saving technology saves upto 40{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} of water and even more, when it comes to saving water. This shower head delivers 1.5 GPM water per use. Considering this you will be surprised to see that this shower head saves upto 1700 gallons of water at the end of the year.

· Not only this shower head delivers 1.5 gallons of water per use but it also takes care of its body coverage. The patented clog free nozzles ensure that water drops cover every part of your body. You can very much enjoy the water flow as if you are taking shower under a stream.

2. Delta Adjustable Water-Amplifying Shower-Head

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure with Reviews,best shower head

Quick check list of its top features-

a) It operates 1.85 and 2.5 GPM, so you get to choose how much water you want to save,

b) Its dense spray pattern seems to give good coverage water spray,

c) Spray face diameter is 3-7/8,

d) Requires rim & arm,

e) Lifetime end defects and restricted components of pledge covers.

· The sleek look and the user friendly design makes Delta adjustable Water-Amplifying 75152 shower head makes it favourite from the lot. The key part of this shower head is it saves upto 36{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} more rate of water than the standard ones in the market. You can still customize the water flow rate further from 1.85 gpm to 2.5 gpm as per your need using the “water-flow” settings.

· You don’t need to worry about the low-speed water flow from covering up your body. Its big four spray holes ensure you get a full coverage perfect bath with water covering your whole body. The 3-7/8 inches diameter wide spray face no doubt covers the entire body.

· To cover all the troubles and damages, the manufacturers of this Delta 752152 Adjustable shower head, offer a handy life-long warranty. Due to its incredible features it is one of the top rated shower heads.

3. Niagara Earth Massage Low-Flow Shower Head

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure with Reviews,best shower head

Some of the top features are highlighted below-

a) The shower head body is high end ABS thermoplastic and is corrosion resistant,

b) 9 adjustable turbo jet message settings

c) Consistent water flow regardless water pressure,

d) Non-aerated, self-cleaning, and maintenance free,

e) 1.25 gpm water flow rate saves you nearly half an hour water and energy.

· The 1.25 gpm Niagara Earth Massage Low Flow shower head comes with a high end ABS thermoplastic finished body, which is totally corrosion resistant and usage validity is for a longer period of time. Amongst the other low flow shower head in the market this shower had uses upto 75{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} less water which is a boon.

· Though it uses the minimum amount of water possible yet the water flow rate is consistent and ensures a good coverage on whole part of the body with utmost bathing satisfaction. Its adjustable 9 spray setting provides variant body massage types. After a tiring hectic day you can enjoy a relaxing bath beneath this shower head.

· The cleaning part of this low-flow shower head is too easy. To make your cleaning hassles free its non-aerated spray has self cleaning technology. This shower head comes with a great designed look with gorgeous chrome finish look.

4. Niagara Earth Massage Hand Held

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure with Reviews,best shower head

Quick check list of its main features-

a) It uses 40{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} less water than the earlier “low flow” shower heads.

b) It contains mounting bracket and 72 inch hose that is tangle-free,

c) Turbo massage with adjustable 9 types jet that simply revolves from a “mild needle” spray,

d) It is made with high impact ABS thermoplastic body, and is corrosion resistant.

· This Niagara hand held Earth Massage low-flow 1.5 gpm shower head uses 40{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} less water than the other low flow shower heads available in the market. You can install this product in a jiffy as things are made easier for you in this purpose. You can mount the tangle-free 72 inches hose with great ease.

· The 9 adjustable turbo jet systems for massaging purpose can be tuned easily by operating the valve. This Niagara shower head produces low water flow with high spray capacity very seamlessly. You will not be able to point the difference.

· This shower head conserves the flow of water saving a big buck at the end of the year. The latest technology that uses the low water flow rate ensures that enjoy shower with consistent water flow rate. The spray has a decent coverage on your body ensuring you a good clean shower. Since it is a hand held shower head you can easily use it your way.

5. American Standard Flowise 3 Function Shower Head

Best Shower Head for Low Water Pressure with Reviews,best shower head

Quick view at its advantages-

a) It delivers the amount of water pressure that you are looking for,

b) It considerably saves your water bill,

c) Price is reasonable as per its features,

d) The different valve settings save water in different counts.

· The shower heads from American Standard focus on efficiency in both the fields of water saving and operation. In their Flowise 1660.717.002 they have made use of Turbine Technology to make your bathing experience more joyous.

· The inside set Turbine adds force to the pressurized water that’s already there within the shower head. This not only helps in energised water but also does saves 40{87ba766c7c7bc1e112f1942540641a8ac957dabf9b1f87a4342f3d6e39341e1a} of water per year. It is no doubt a Water Sense Certified.

· This Flowise American Standard Shower Head is made of metal with a chrome finish texture. Its wall mounted design makes it suitable for fitting in almost all types of bathrooms. The shower head angle can be easily adjustable as per your need. The key feature of this shower head is its 3 function spray setting.

· The maximum water flow rate if this shower head is 2 GPM. But the flow arte can changed that changes with each settings made. The maximum water flow rate, when used the Turbine Spray setting is 1.5 GPM. When using the Full Spray setting the water flow rate is 2.0 GPM, and when the Combine Spray setting is used the max flow of water is also 2.0 gpm.

If you wish to return to the initial setting then the “auto return” feature brings back the original setting with 1.5 gpm water flow rate.

That’s all from the five best low flow shower heads that you might want for your bathing area. Give yourself a great refreshing bath as they may be low flow but ensure a consistent water flow to give you excellent shower experience. They also come with many spray settings so that you can have massage bath too which is a bonus along with low water pressure shower heads.