Best Shower Head Review 2019 The luxurious shower head experience

Showering is an important part of the day, it’s something we do in a regular daily basis, sometimes even more than once a day. Transforming your shower time in an enjoyable relaxing experience requires high quality products with all the different features you deserve. We know that the research for the best model for you is not an easy task, so we will help you choose the best fit and talk about specific model experts highly recommend.The most important things to consider on a product when it comes to shower heads are: the levels of water pressure available, the height in which the shower head can be installed and also its adjustability, the extra features it can offer such as massage and rainfall settings, LED lights or waterfall mode, and at last the product design.

Rainfall showerhead experience. The rainfall shower heads are one of the trendiest showers at the moment, it’s usually installed directly overhead to give you a steady stream of water imitating a rain storm covering your body completely. It reaches all places equally providing you a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

LED lights. LED showers are also becoming a thing nowadays, these showers change colors according to its water temperature. They are usually powered by running water. The power fabricated during a shower is extremely low, so there is no need to worry about safety, the possibility of an electric shock happen is basically nill.

Design. Why not add a contemporary minimalistic look to your bathroom? The rainfall and LED shower heads are usually designed for a very demanding public, there is just something about them that adds an innovative appearance to your bathroom.

The Cascada Rectangle 4 function shower head multi-color LED light
The Cascada 23”x31” Rectangle recessed ceiling-mount 4 Function shower head, with remote control multi-color LED Light, Stainless Steel Polish Finish found on Amazon is specially designed for a luxurious, 5-stars hotel shower experience. With four types of rainfall shower available, LED sensitive color lights and a remote control. Who would have thought we could use remote controls for showers? In this article we will see more what this shower is all about!It is by far one of the most expensive shower heads available on the market. This Cascada shower head includes a remote control and provides a 23”x31” water coverage. Don’t forget to check if you have the space required for this shower since it is an unusual larger shower head. Easy installation, Cascada provides you all installations instructions needed.The Cascada shower head is made with polished stainless steel finish five-layer plating in order to prevent surface scratching. It is constructed in accordance with the quality standards of production exported to European and American markets and it possess the quality certfication by Europe, The United States of America and Canada.