Best Camping Lantern

The classic type of lamps which are used for camping has long been a gas-powered lantern. However, the majority of this type of lantern is mostly too bulky, noisy and hot to touch, even though it puts out a bright light that seems to be able to last forever. This lantern is, indeed, still beneficial to be used, yet fortunately, there have been some advanced in terms of lanterns.

Now, there are a lot of choices for modern lanterns which are bright and light enough even for backpacking that it would be a lot easier for you to not only use but also bring it. One of the most recent advances in terms of lanterns is the rechargeable camping lantern using LED lamp.
This article, then, will give you a comparison on some of the types of lanterns that for those of you who are looking for a lantern to buy at the moment will be able to get the best camping lantern that can be the most suitable one for you.

Electric Lanterns

These days, usually, all of the electric lanterns, either the one using batteries or direct electricity as the power source, use LED lamps. Thus, this type of lanterns has numerous advantages which are offered by the usage of the LED lamps. They are as follows:

– Very good light output
– Long battery life
– Good Durability
– Less noise and exhaust-free
– Safety as the LED lamps do not produce heat

Fuel-Powered Lanterns

As for the lanterns which use fuel as the source of light, these traditional gas-powered lanterns can work on several types of fuel which are liquid-fuel, butane and propane. This type of lanterns, of course, also has its own advantages and the key advantage is that it offers light intensity; it means that this type of lanterns can produce light which is really bright that when you need to light up the entire campsite using a single lantern, this type of lanterns is the one you should choose.

However, the fuel-burning lanterns also have several downsides which are in regards to the ample ventilation, the fact that they produce heat, the noise and the size which can be quite heavy and bulky.

Candle Lanterns

Other than both of the types of lanterns that have been mentioned above, there is one other type of lanterns and it is the candle lantern. If you think that the lanterns that use fuels or gases as their power sources are the most traditional ones, then you need to know that the candle lanterns are actually the ones that are the most traditional. To use the candle lanterns, you can simply use one or more candles to provide you with natural and soft light. Optionally, reflectors can be also used to maximise the relatively minimal glow.

Even though the candle lanterns are the most traditional ones compared to the other types, of course, this type of lanterns still has some advantages; the first is that they produce only soft light and no noise so that they are able to create a perfect atmosphere in the camping site. Other than that, they are also suitable for close-up tasks. However, there are also some minuses such as limited lighting and danger towards flammable materials.