Real Reviews of the Best Carry On Luggage Sets

Seasoned tourists know that your bag is just about the key element of any holiday that you will take. It must keep all of your things, arrange them correctly, be easy to carry, be maneuverable, and above all, you have to be equipped to take it with you onto an airplane. Your ideal travel luggage is up to all of these challenges.

carry on bag with polka dots

carry on bag with polka dots

 What is Carry On Luggage?

Carry on luggage includes the items that you have on your person at all times – through the security checkpoint and onto the plane – you don’t check it in with the airline. Any time you pack your belongings such that they all fit into a small personal item (a purse, tote, backpack) and a larger sized carry on travelling bag, you will not ever need to panic about an airline losing your travel luggage or about missing your flight when the check-in lines are so long. You also won’t have to wait and procrastinate the luggage carousel at your destination – you’ll be able just to walk away from the plane and immediately out from the airport.

You can start to define your choices for best carry on luggage by filtering the available choices by cost, type, and size. Additional elements that you can consider in carry on bags are stuff like how simple it is to clean the external material, the kind of organization or dividers the suitcase has, and if the luggage contains an built-in combination lock or not. The most recent and most useful new feature of carry on bags is spinner wheels that turn 360 degrees and allow fantastic maneuverability and range of motion as you traverse an airport, plane, or hotel and resort.

Your carry on bag is the foundation of packing for any trip. You should buy the best carry on luggage that fits within your means. Consider it as an investment, because you will use it for many years. Experienced travelers can pack everything they really need for a 2-3 day excursion in their carry on suitcase. Packing light and restricting the amount of clothing and shoes and accessories you bring on a getaway can be tough to figure out initially, however it is more than worth it. It costs money to check bags on many airlines today. The more clothing, shoes, accessories and electronics you pack the weightier your bag will be to lift and carry – and check, if you cannot fit your things in a carry on.

How Should I Pick The Ideal Bag?

Don’t be in a big hurry to get the best carry on luggage – make sure you research before you buy to find your ideal suitcase. Use the power of online testimonials to find out what other travelers think about the benefits and drawbacks of particular carry on bags. No matter how much money you have chosen to pay for a suitcase, you will find carry on luggage that’s functional and stylish.

The list below highlights things you should evaluate:

  • Luggage Quality . This one might appear obvious, but make sure the bag is high quality. Pull on the handle and zip and unzip the storage compartments. Scan reviews to determine how well it’s held up for shoppers.
  • Travel Area. Look into the carry on regulations of the airline carriers that you’re going to predominantly be flying. US airline carriers usually permit carry on baggage to be marginally larger and/or heavier as compared to European airlines. Also, US airlines allow you to bring one carry on item and one smaller personal item, while many European airlines only permit one single item.
  • Weight. Don’t squander valuable weight by using an excessively hefty suitcase – pick a light and portable travelling bag that meets your needs.
  • Size. Make sure the bag fits the carry on measurements allowed for most airlines – 14in x 9in x 22in in the US.
  • Capacity. Once you know the suitcase is of an allowable measurement, look to see how much space is within the main compartment. The more, the better!
  • Wheels. If you plan to do a good deal of traveling, you will want to think about purchasing a bag that has spinner wheels. They are incredible!
  • Organization. Consider what amount of pockets, compartments, and organizational elements you’re looking for inside your suitcase, and thoroughly look at suitcase reviews until you discover what you would like.
  • Style. The three primary varieties of carry on suitcase are a roller bag, a backpack, or a duffel bag with wheels. The style of luggage generally determines what sort of travel that suits you – if your bag doesn’t have wheels, you have to be physically fit enough to transport it.

And that finishes our list!

Everything you need to understand to assess your next piece of carry on travel luggage. Obviously top quality and dimensions are the most important characteristics. However, given that you can use your travelling bag for years to come, and because there are so many out there at such different price points, I don’t believe there is any good reason to settle.

Does your current suitcase require an upgrade?

Ways To Assess Bag Reviews

Traveling involves carrying the best bag. Lots Of people, however, have hard time picking the best bag that matches their requirements. Travel baggage with wheels are the most common suitcases these days. A wheeled travel bag provides multiple benefits to business travelers. In contrast to the old styles, the layout of this bag provides greater capabilities. This makes leeway to travel for many days with fresh changes of clothing.

Buying such bags online will make everything smoother for you. Nevertheless, if you are stressed of buying something you won’t like or online shopping is still new to you, you need not worry any longer since there are sufficient product reviews websites where you can find information about online shopping. Studying what other individuals who have bought the same baggage will give you an understanding if it’s good purchase or not. Did they love the bag? Did it fulfill their anticipation? Did the product collapse when being used or was its quality poor? Since the physical product cannot be viewed when shopping online, it is seriously advantageous to try to find out many things before you make a decision to buy one.

When you browse the internet, chances are high that you will find users who have acquired the same product you want to purchase or a similar one. Countless websites take time to look at the baggage reviews for every brand that they have indexed for sales. They do this to allow you view what other users are saying about the product and also its rate.

The availability of plenty of luggage reviews from other subscribers has made online shopping easier and more reliable for those who are interested. You will not have any guesswork about what to buy as regards the brand or model. Besides, the ability of the bag to last longer, its effectiveness, and excellence is reassured by these reviews. It’s the best method of choosing what to buy while shopping online, hence saving you lots of cash and inconvenience.

Try online shopping malls since they will make your online shopping easy. There is no distinction from physical malls because you will find all types of big brand names and big store names. Irrespective of what you want to buy, you can get it here. It is relatively easy to find what you are looking for given that of the supplied list. Nonetheless, it is even faster since you don’t need to go up and down the store but instead do some clicking in a pc.

Products reviews are too available on the online shopping websites. Hence, you can find luggage reviews about the brand you’re contemplating or even about the online store. You can also choose to write a luggage review. You can also be paid back by some websites for writing your own reviews. Users can sign in through their special cash free gift review and promotion pages to receive such offers. You can endeavor to win money by reviewing several products.

Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 Review

Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3Travelpro is one of the leaders in the manufacture of high quality travel cases and some of the best carry on luggage in the world, and the Walkabout Lite 3 22″ Expandable Rollaboard Suiter is no exception to its predecessors. Designed for and used by flight crew all around the world, the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 22″ can endure heavy use without wear.

The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 contains additional outside pockets for quick and accessible external storage, as well as an extendable handle for customized heights as well as replaceable wheels.

The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 is available on amazon for an amazing 67% off the list price!

Here are some of the features of the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3:

  • Manufactured with High Quality Ballistic Nylon
  • Removable suit compartment for easy storage of suits without creasing
  • Expandable for extra storage if required

My need for a lightweight yet strong and reliable carry on case were met by this piece – I would be careful about the size though, as it is always going to be borderline when it’s 22 inches and you might have to check it in, which can be frustrating because many airlines are charging for this nowadays. The inside has plenty of space for almost a week’s worth of clothes, less if I include more non-clothing related stuff such as chargers, computer stuff, deodorant and so on. I was pretty impressed with the amazon price – usually they give a big markup as the norm, but 67% is huge! Under 100 bucks for a professional carry on – yes please!

Here’s what one particular owner said about the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3:

Well when it’s Travelpro you know you’re going to get something decent, unlike the cheap stuff I bought at walmart and quickly had to replace. Luckily the Walkabout Lite 3 22″ was on sale on amazon so I snapped it up. The first time I tried it out at home I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it rolls in any direction. I know it’s a bit odd to say how much I like a suitcase but when you are in the airport and your arm burns because your carry on is so difficult to pull along, or worse yet one of its wheels falls off (as happened with my own walmart piece) you will appreciate what I am saying. It’s an invaluable investment to get a proper brand carry on which will give years of easy travel. I would definitely stick with Travelpro in the future. (-Tim)

Samsonite Xspace

The Samsonite Women’s Xspace 21.5″ Expandable Spinner is as strong as it is attractive, with its strong frame and stain/abrasion resistant material and honeycomb frame which is capable of easily withstanding the rigors of regular travel. The dual-tube handle has been specially crafted from the most rugged of materials in order to ensure safe and stable grip even with heavy loads, and the 360 degree spinning wheels will ensure that you can move swiftly and freely with no strain on your muscles.

This Samsonite carry on luggage piece can fully support business requirements with its in-house suiter system, along with many and varied pockets to facilitate a variety of items. Built-in lock ensures that your valuable possessions remain safe in transit, and the handle is fully padded to ensure a comfortable lift even when the luggage is fully loaded.

The Samsonite Women’s Xspace 21.5″ is available on amazon with a 53% discount off its original price!

Features of the Samsonite Xspace 21.5″ Expandable Spinner:

  • Choice of Attractive Colors – Black, Rose or Red
  • Fabricated from a blend of high quality Polyester and Nylon
  • Four spinning wheels allow change of direction in all directions without placing any strain on your body

I like the fact that this suitcase has the best of both worlds – it kind of mixes the innate female desire for things to look good, with practical things like strength, durability, mobility, and so  on. The frame is very strong and I envision it lasting me many years, and the quad-wheel full range of motion is so refreshingly light on my right arm. Definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to the usual high stress of airport travel.


Here’s what one particular owner said about the Samsonite Xspace Spinner:

After my old spinner broke, I was forced to go on the hunt for a new suitcase. I found this Samsonite Women’s Xspace on offer for around 200 dollars and even though that was still more than I would normally pay, the reviews I read really made it sound as if this piece of luggage can last for many years to come. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint – and I was very relieved at the time because we needed it straightaway for a mammoth trip through six planes to Singapore. No problems whatsoever. What I like most about this suitcase apart from the lovely rose color and its strong frame, is the compact size. It was slightly smaller than my previous carry on luggage, but it can carry everything I used to take, but unlike the other case it can actually fit into the overhead bins which is fantastic! An added plus – the four spinning wheels make it an absolute breeze to move about, change directions and so on. (Jane)

London Fog Luggage The London Fog Oxford 21″ is the perfect solution for businessmen who need to get in and out of airports quickly and easily. Not only is it extremely stylish, but it is also practical and durable: The London Fog Oxford 21″ will fit snugly into aeroplane overhead bins with room to spare, and will last countless business trips.

Some of the features which the London Fog Oxford 21″ boasts are padded front and sides to ensure your valuables are adequately protected, convenient push button handles, comprehensive interior lining, shoe and wet bag compartments as well as a strong, secure zip on each compartment. Extra pockets are included in order to accommodate items packed at the last minute.

The London Fog Oxford 21″ is available on amazon for 57% off the original price.

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Here are some of the impressive features of the London Fog Oxford:

  • Made from high quality 1800 Denier Polyester
  • Additional Capacity via 2.5 Inch Expansion
  • Compact, Light and Durable – Ideal for Short Business Trips

I read a certain review which said that this carry on was too big for Ryanair, but personally I haven’t had any problems with the dozens of domestic and international flights I’ve taken since I got this bag. Maybe avoid using it with Ryanair, then, and always look at your airline’s requirements beforehand, of course. That’s one requirement sorted, so the next one is, of course, will it last? I don’t want to buy a new carry on piece every year, I want to buy one and forget about it. I want one for the long term. Well, at the moment I can’t answer that question 100% because I’ve just bought it, but the way the London Fog Oxford is constructed suggests that it is a long term piece. At under 100 bucks from amazon, it’s a no brainer.

Here’s what one particular owner said about the London Fog Oxford:

I travel fairly often for business meetings and I had pretty stringent requirements, since the majority of meetings I have demand that I present myself immaculately. I knew I needed a carry on luggage piece which could hold a pair of suits, shirts and shoes as well as the usual toiletries, underwear, socks and so on, all the while keeping them in perfect condition. I got the London Fog Oxford 21″ Upright from amazon as it was on offer from $220 to just under a hundred bucks. The handle is strong and high quality, fits in overhead bins easily, the piece rolls very easily. I have to say this is probably the best ever roller I’ve ever had, its still going nearly 2 years on. I love it! (“BBerryMan”)

Samsonite Silhouette 11 Review

Samsonite Silhouette 11 The Silhouette 11 22″ is made of top quality materials to make a sturdy framework which can withstand the most intense of usage, and the fast, reliable, smooth rolling wheels allow maximum mobility in even the toughest of travel environments. Stain and wear resistant features include tri-core nylon and Teflon nanotechnology, ensuring that this bag will be your travel companion for a very long time indeed.

The Samsonite Silhouette 11 22″ Spinner is a carry on luggage piece specifically designed for regular use in domestic flights. It can also be used in international flights however it is not guaranteed that it will fit in the overhead space and therefore it is advised that you check with your airline beforehand. However, due to its large capacity and strong, rugged frame properties, the Silhouette 11 22″ can also be used as standard luggage in addition to your primary suitcase(s).

You can now save approximately $300 at amazon. Click here to get your hands on this huge 68% discount at Amazon!

Here are some impressive features of the Samsonite Silhouette 11:

  • Specifically designed to endure consistent, heavy use
  • Revolutionary nylon and teflon nanotechnology to resist abrasion and stains
  • Maxmimum mobility ensured by means of multi directional wheels

This Samsonite Silhouette 11 22 inch bag is all that you could want from a piece of carry on luggage – it is made of some really high quality materials and the frame is extremely strong, which means it can take a LOT of wear. However the downside to this bag is that it is too large to fit in the overhead space in international flights, so I personally either use it as an extra piece of luggage or I use it when I fly domestically (which is quite often). This particular carry on is the best option for businessmen who need 1 piece of luggage to last them the maximum amount of time, but who don’t want to take massive suitcases with them. As long as you are flying domestically, it’s the best choice. If you’re flying internationally, look for another option from a well known brand such as Travelpro.

Here’s what one particular owner had to say about the Silhouette 11:

Before I bought this I was a bit unsure as to whether this carry on would fit in domestic flights as I take these often, but thankfully this bag fits quite well with room to spare. In fact I have seen people put significantly larger carry ons into the overhead compartments and get them in. However, if you’re talking about international flights as opposed to domestic, it’s best to get a 20 inch spinner as a 22 inch will not fit into their overhead compartments. Mainly, though, I use it for domestic business flights and as a general small additional suitcase on internetional flights. I’ve used and abused this case in almost every way imaginable – taxis, cars, rolling on rough streets, and after months of bi-weekly use, the Silhouette 22 inch is doing just fine and looking great. (-”Hydro”)

Travelpro Crew 8The Travelpro Crew 8 Series is one of the world’s most highly regarded solutions for holidaymakers and businessmen alike. There are very few rollaboard suiters more versatile and dependable than the Travelpro Crew 8 22 Inch, which reflects its origin amongst pilots who required the maximum amount of storage in the smallest amount of space possible, with durability a key factor in their design. Thus, the Travelpro 8 Expandable Rollaboard Suiter is crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure that it lasts. The nylon fabric with protective coating ensures that stains, superficial damage and general long term wear do not affect the performance of the bag as a whole.

The handles are unique amongst carry on bags using a double stop I-Beam system, as well as an array of extra features such as additional suit sleeve for those important business meetings or special occasions, security area for important documents, and extra pockets for items which need to be remain easily accessible, such as water bottles.

This bag can be purchased at amazon for savings of a massive $253.01 off the original price!

Some impressive features of the Travelpro Crew 8 include:

  • Ballistic nylon fabric with revolutionary protective coating for maximum durability and wear resistance
  • Expandable capability for extra space if required
  • Removable, water resistant wheels designed for long term heavy use

I really like this suitcase because it’s neither too big nor too small, and holds a surprising amount for the space it takes up. You can easily make midweek (4-5 day) trips with this bag and also has a suit sleeve so that you can keep your suits with you with minimal wrinkles. It’s a pretty darn good bag for under 200 bucks and I’d normally expect to pay 300-400 for it in shops which was the normal price on amazon. I wouldn’t pay that much for it though simply because I know I can get better deals if this one weren’t on offer. But as it stands, you can get it for under $200 and it will last you many years. The handle is extremely sturdy which I guess is why I see a lot of airplane crews using carry ons like this. Just be aware that it might get a bit more wear than a crew’s bags if you check it in as luggage as opposed to carrying it on the plane yourself. The bag is slightly larger than advertised but it’s nitpicking really – I have taken mine on dozens of planes with no problems at all.

Below is what one particular owner said about the Travelpro Crew 8:

First off, before you consider buying a bag online, check out your local stores and make a note of the prices. I did this and I got the bag which had the highest discount from my local store – where it was on sale for around $400. I got mine from amazon at about $140 including postage. I think the price has gone up a bit since then but it’s still over 50% off. Gotta love amazon!

I go all over the world on business and my victorinox carry on pooped out so I went on the lookout for a new bag. The name Travelpro kept appearing in reviews and the price was decent so I bought it. The first thing that struck me was despite its affordable price the bag was made from better quality materials than you would expect. I love the fact that this bag is expandable as it means you can put some extra stuff in it without any struggles.

My favorite aspect of this bag would have to be the handle – it is extremely strong and sturdy, something which you definitely require if you are a regular traveler. My previous bags all had their handle break in the end, but this hasn’t happened with the Travelpro Crew 8.


Alas, the disastrous array of carry on luggage doesn’t end there. We had a few glowing responses after part 1, some asking why we would be so negative, others thanking us for our honesty. First and foremost, I would like to briefly address the point of negativity. Sure, it might be seen as negative and depressing to comment only on the worst items in this small sub-category, but you would be surprised how many people do a simple search, don’t really look at what they are buying and then, when things go wrong, they wish they had taken a bit more time. Because – let’s face it – carry on luggage is not the most exciting thing in life, but it has to be done. Traveling is one of the finer things in life and it’s wonderful to have luggage that ‘glides’ along beside you, as opposed to scraping like nails on a blackboard. And so, without further delay, here are the items which form the second part of The Worst Carry-on Luggage.


Atlantic Luggage Ultra Lite 22 Inch Upright

Atlantic Luggage Ultra LiteThere are positives about this bag, first of all the price, well, if you can get it discounted, amazon for example offers a whopping 57% off to make it under $68 all the way down from $160, a saving of over 92 bucks. The belts and soft material used are decent quality, and another positive is that this carry on piece is very light at around 6.5 lbs. Unfortunately, and perhaps due to the light weight, the connecting snaps which keep the belts together snap very easily which make this bag a disappointment. It’s a shame, because it is quite good otherwise, probably the best worst carry on luggage I’ve reviewed, if that makes any sense whatsoever.



International Traveller Augusta 20″ Exp. Carry-on

Augusta Carry OnAgain, this is a spinner that is pretty decent until you get to one feature that makes it basically redundant. You have a very strong case which can last a long time, but then at the same time you have wheels which can easily break at any time. They may last you a month, they may last you a year – who knows – but when, and I do say when, they eventually do break, you are left with wheels which are unique to this spinner, i.e. they are not replaceable. All of this means that when the wheels go, you have to buy new luggage.




Olympia Tuscany 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Airline Carry-On Upright

Olympia Tuscany SpinnerThis Olympia Tuscany Spinner is, unlike the two above spinners, not an example of an otherwise decent luggage piece lacking in just one specific area. No, this case is in all honesty quite poorly made. The price tag of around $80 retail suggests that it wouldn’t be a high end spinner, but at the very least basic things like material, straps, wheels and so forth, should be of a basic quality that the buying public has come to expect. After all, why would you purchase a spinner just for one trip? Because that’s what the Olympia will probably last you.

The Worst Carry On Luggage Part 1

There’s nothing worse than packing your new carry on for a big trip and finding out that the zip has broken, or it won’t roll in the airport, or it flaps open as you try to put it in the overhead bin, pouring out its contents onto your head. This series of reviews is meant to educate you about some of the less desirable carry on pieces on the market, and what exactly makes them undesirable. When you are spending your hard earned cash, you want the best for your money, true, and by default that means you also definitely do not want the worst!



Heys 4WD 20″

Heys 4WDThis carry on is very light and definitely can withstand the pressures of long range travel, with its polycarbonate composite construction. Or can it? The manufacturer has bombarded us with long words and fancy materials, and an impressive 7 year warranty, but the fact is, the corners break easily, as do the wheels, and I would be very impressed if you could get hold of Heys to uphold their 7 year warranty. Avoid this piece of luggage if you don’t want your luggage to be damaged. So many fundamental aspects of what a carry on luggage piece should be are designed wrong. Honestly, I am a good person, I would like to talk to Heys to let them know their engineering errors, if only I could get hold of them…



Jeep Luggage Forge 20″ Exp. Hybrid Spinner

Jeep Luggage Forge


At first the Forge 20 inch Spinner by Jeep doesn’t seem so bad. It’s got plenty of space, heaps in fact, but unfortunately, it is not up to the rigors of long haul and/or frequent travel. This bag is very much prone to tear and buying it is to be approached with caution, especially when you can get brilliant spinners for a similar price.




Titan Luggage 360º Four Matte 4-Wheel 19″ International Carry On

Titan Luggage Carry OnI love the brand name of this carry-on, it just makes it sound so… powerful… Unfortunately, the actual product does not live up to its lofty brand name, as this carry on is prone to crack on even short flights. For a higher end price tag, this is something that should not be happening regardless of the warranty. Are Titan going to give us a replacement so that it can crack again after two domestic flights?

And so – there you have it – a list of carry on luggage reviews that you should really avoid. I bet you came here thinking you were going to get reviews of the best carry on luggage rather than the worst, but in order to properly research the best, you have to know precisely what to avoid.