How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner that Smells Bad

You vacuum cleaner is supposed to help you to keep your home clean. When it gets smelly, we certainly have a problem! What happens when your machine starts to generate a nasty smell? How do you get rid of the stench?

The thing is, your vacuum cleaner will once in a while become smelly, especially if you’re using it to remove pet hair and dander. However, getting rid of the less appealing odor isn’t that hard. What follows is a checklist of ways you can use to keep your vacuum cleaner smelling fresh even with regular use.

Make Sure that You Change the Bag Often

When your vacuum cleaner starts to smell, chances are, the bag is already full. It, therefore, makes sense empty the bag on a frequent basis. Most of the latest models come with a detachable bag that you can remove with relative ease. Be sure to replace the bag after a while because cleaning it is not one of the easiest tasks. Even better, you can choose a bagless vacuum cleaner.

It is important to note that bagless vacs also smell so you have to empty the canister once in a while. Also, soak the filters in soapy water. Ensure that the filters are completely dry before returning them back to your machine. Note – failure to do so may compromise the vac’s performance.

Be on the Lookout for Clogging and Blockages

Even with a clean, your vacuum’s canister may still emit some odor. If the stent continues, you may have to check whether there are any blockages. For instance, it could be that pet hair has clogged the valves and hence the reason for the smell. If you’re not sure on how to deal with clogging, you may refer to the instructions manual.

A pet hair vacuum, by design, is a delicate machine and you must be careful when tampering with parts to avoid damage.

Clean the Entire Machine, Thoroughly

Yes, replacing the bag and unclogging your vacuum may not guarantee that the smell will reduce. You need to take it a step further if you want to deal with the smell comprehensively. The easiest way to do so is to give the entire machine a thorough clean.

Use baking soda and an abrasive to get rid of tiny dirt particles causing the smell. Make sure that you clean the hose and filters. And, as a thumb rule, wipe down all the components with a clean cloth. Allow them enough time to dry before assembling the vacuum again.

You can also substitute baking soda with cinnamon to clean your machine. Cinnamon has a strong smell that will subdue that of dirt and pet hair.

Make Your Vacuum Smell Fresh

If you follow the above-described procedure to the letter, you will indeed get rid of bad odor. However, you need to install a fresh smell that lasts into your vacuum. One of the ways to do so is to add small pieces of dry orange peel or dry coffee leaves into the bag. If you’re using a bagless model, place orange peels into the filter cavity.

If any of these don’t work for you, you can get toilet paper and sprinkle it with vanilla extract. Cut the towel into small pieces and spread them evenly on the floor. Push your vacuum cleaner over the papers and let it soak them in. Ground potpourri is also an excellent compound to use for a fresher smell. Avoid sprinkling darks spices directly on a pale carpet to prevent

Of course, the stent may reoccur as you use your pet hair vacuum, but these tricks will suppress it for a little longer.

One More Thing…

Your machine may smell hot, and that doesn’t mean you should clean it. As a matter of fact, when your cleaner feels hot, it could very well be a sign of a mechanical or electrical fault. Seek the services of a qualified technician to have it checked.

Never use a faulty vacuum cleaner because doing so exposes you to the risk of an electric shock not to mention the fire hazard. Check the cords every time you use your machine to prevent any accidents.

In Conclusion

As stated, your vacuum cleaner will get smelly, so you’d better be prepared to clean it up. It is important to note that apart from helping get rid of the stench, cleaning is also part of the maintenance routine. In essence, this means that it helps prolong your vacs life. It also keeps performance its peak.

On that note, you don’t have to wait until your vacuum starts to smell for you to clean or change the bag. Make it a routine and address bad smell way before it interferes with the air around your living space.

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