Dream Spa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head Handheld Combo

Dream Spa 9-inches showerhead is a name of a unique and reliable shower. In the world of bath accessories, Dream Spa is a different product which is made for the relaxation of the customers. In this product, you can find out many different features, and after using this amazing product, you will feel relax and comfortable. Dream Spa is a 9-inches rainfall shower. Just because of its size and structure, the customer got a unique design product. There is no any other comparison of this product in the market. Dream Spa is a multi-functional shower product and has many different features. Everyone who is rain lover must try this Dream bath shower.

Main features

Dream Spa 9-inches showerhead is a multi-functional shower product. It has many different and stylish functions in it. It has specially designed for the relaxation and comfort of the customers. Dream Spa 9-inches rainfall shower is not only a shower; it is a combo of two different ways bathing. In this combo, you can enjoy the two modes bathing as per your wish. You can enjoy the head shower or can also enjoy the handheld shower too.

Its size

There are many different rainfall showers are available in the market, but there is no any comparison of dream spa 9-inches rainfall shower. It is based on 9-inches, and it is a very different and unique size. Just because of its large size customer feel relax and it covers the almost whole body in one shower.

Rainfall shower

It is a rain shower and has a beautiful design. Just because of its sleek design it is very different from others. It is not only a shower, but it is also specially designed as a rainfall shower which gives you a relaxing shower, and you enjoy it very much.

Head/ handheld combo

It is not only made as a simple shower; it has been designed as in combo. You can use it as a shower and also can use it as handheld too. It has been specially designed as per the requirement of the customer. On the time of its designing, it has thought that it must be as per the wish of the client. The client must have some extraordinary after having it. Dream Spa 9-inches showerhead is entirely based on the dream spa shower, that customer feels that he is not taking a bath, in reality, he is in his dream. All the features are designed by the great and expert designers. You can use it as per your wish. If you just wanted to use it as a shower only then, you can enjoy its bath, but if you just wanted to use it by your hand, then you can also try for it.

Push button

In this beautiful and unique dream spa shower, you have found one more quality that is its push button. With the help of this button, you can control the flow of your shower. It totally depends on your mood and will, that how do you want to take a bath or spa shower. This push button will help you a lot, which you can adjust the flow and have a peaceful and reliable bath or spa shower at your home. You have no need to go to any spa to have bath shower; you can have this luxurious shower at your home now.

Multi-functional spa shower

Dream Spa is a 9-inches rainfall shower, which covers both the effects of having a relaxing shower. It is a combo of two different functions. In it, you can find a spa shower which includes you a shoulder to shoulder cover bath, and if you wanted to use the handheld shower, you could also use it. In this handheld shower, there is a push button in it by the use of your thumb you can adjust or control the flow of shower. By using this multi-functional spa shower at your home, you can enjoy the shower as you are in your dream and having a spa shower.

Pros and cons

  • It is a stainless steel shower hose which provides you a long time company so that you can enjoy the dream spa shower at your home.

  • The manufacturing of this unique bathing equipment is adamant and reliable so that the customer could not face any disturbance while using this unique spa shower.

  • Dream Spa rainfall shower is a very safe product.

  • You can defiantly enjoy its shower at your home and also suggest to your friends and family members to must use this dream spa shower with the combo.

  • Just due to its unique design, all customers feel safe and happy to have this fantastic product. There is no comparison of it in the market.

  • We just talk about on its additional points, but if we think a lot about this shower it could be more sleek and stylish.

  • It could be more efficient and prominent in its size so that the client could have a more enjoyable bath with this spa shower.

  • It is a little bit expensive than other products available in the market.


In the end, I just suggest to all of you that you must try for this beautiful and unique style multifunctional combo of dream spa shower. It is very slim and sleek in its design, and also has multi-functions in it. It is very easy to use, and there are no any complications to using it. With one push button, you can control the flow of your shower. You could not bear a lot while taking dream spa shower at your home. With its unique style, you would enjoy a lot while taking a shower. You must try it by yourself and recommend to your family members and friends to use Dream Spa 9-inches showerhead. It is not only a shower it is a combo pack with multi-functions. It is now your task to go out and buy this new dream spa shower with dual modes. It has two types of shower, one is based on the head shower, which covers you a shoulder to shoulder and face bath, and the other relies on the handheld shower with push button.