Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG Review

The Flash Furniture office chair we’ll be reviewing today goes in great contrast to many of the office chairs which are currently flooding the online market. For some time now, mesh and leather (whether faux or otherwise) have dominated the market, giving users little in the way of choice when it comes to the material of their chair. And, as it turns out, with lack of material choice comes to lack of price choice. Simply put, it can be easy to find yourself feeling forced into a certain budget when selecting a chair outside of a small variety of models which break away from today’s common trends. If you find that leather and intricate mesh designs seem to be nothing more than an unnecessary mark up in price, this chair may be just the answer. Let’s go in for a closer look and see whether or not this frugal chair is worth your money to begin with.

Quality & Material

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Fabric Executive Swivel Chair with Nylon ArmsAs previously stated, the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG doesn’t live up to what you’d expect in a modern office chair. In fact, on the basis of looks alone, you might think it was left over from a clearance sale that had transpired ten or twenty years ago. It’s not that the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG’s materials are low in quality, it’s that it features no materials which are high in quality. It simply consists of soft, traditional padding. Overall, this leaves it standing as rather average in nature.


There are several factors at play when it comes to a chair’s overall level of durability. First of all, the fact that this chair is pitch black ensures it will be resistant to stains of all sorts. Of course, this is a great thing. It also skips on leather and mesh, which allows it to hold up well against sharp objects, thus lowering the odds of incurring holes or scratches over time. Lastly, you must consider its frame. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up as well in this case. While the chair’s frame isn’t exactly feeble, it is made out of plastic. When it comes to judging a frame’s durability, metal always trumps plastic. As such, I couldn’t help but dock it a point on its otherwise impeccable durability.


If there’s one area where this chair excels even among others which could be had for three or four times its price, it is in the realm of comfort. Because it is made entirely of fabric (rather than leather), you’ll find its level of cushioning to be far above the par of today’s chairs. You also won’t have to worry about your chair getting sticky or cold due to the temperature of the room in which it sits (as is the case with leathers and faux leathers). Lastly, you’ll find the exterior fabric is very soft, ensuring you won’t get any burns or rashes in the event that some of your skin rubs against it. If it’s the comfort you’re after and nothing else, the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG will prove to be an excellent money saver with no apparent downsides.

Design and Finish

Of course, if you’d like a high degree of comfort and a sleek look, this chair may leave you feeling somewhat disappointed. As previously stated, the chair resembles a more retro-style model that you’d expect to find sitting at someone’s household computer ten or twenty years ago. This is the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG’s biggest and most unfortunate downside.


After your initial purchase of the chair, you’ll be covered against manufacturing defects for two years after your purchase. While two years already sounds alright, it gets even better when you consider that fact that you’re paying under eighty dollars for the chair. That translates to over a year of coverage for every forty dollars spent. In products of all types (not just chairs), forty dollars per year of coverage is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum.

Overall Summary

If all you’re after is a high degree of comfort, the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG is likely to give you just what you’re after while skipping on other features, saving you a great deal of money without leaving you feeling as if your chair is missing something. On the other hand, if you’re after a sleek look or an abundance of high-quality materials (such as leather), you’ll have to decide how much you’re willing to give up for the sake of saving a large amount of money on your next office chair purchase. However, no matter where your priorities lie, there’s no denying that the Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG has an excellent cost-to-quality ratio which beats out a large portion of the competition.