Best Folding Bike Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Finding The Best Electric Folding Bike

So many people want to get healthy these days and biking is a great way to accomplish this. Not only are people riding them for pleasure, but some are commuting back and forth to work, and running errands on these lightning fast machines. The best way to get from point A to point B in record time on a bike is by having an electric bike. Because they have a small motor on them, they can allow a person to obtain speeds they normally could never do on a bike.

The good news is these bikes are now foldable. This means if a person does choose to ride their bike to work, they can fold them up and tuck them inside their building with ease. While this may be new technology to some biking enthusiasts, they have been around for a while. With bike lanes on the roads becoming more popular than ever, it’s an option that must be considered. This article will help you on finding the best electric folding bike for your travel needs.

Electric Bikes Verses Regular Bikes

Some people say that an electric bike is really more of a scooter, rather than a bike. However, they are designed quite differently than a scooter and can be ridden on sidewalks and through grass in the park with ease, just like a bike. There is no driver’s license needed to operate the electric bike, like a motorcycle. Those who want to use them to get to work can do so with or without permission from the driving authority.

When looking at the foldable electric bikes, the first thing that will stand out is the weight of the unit. The electric bike is much heavier than a traditional cycle. While they are not motorcycle heavy, they typically weigh about 50 lbs. A bicycle usually weighs around 25 lbs. and the weight is much less because there is no need to have a suspension system. The electric folding bikes have a suspension system, which causes them to weigh more. It is a bit more difficult to maneuver them up stairs or into a car and it can be a bit harder to peddle, but the benefits far outweigh the few idiosyncrasies.

Most people don’t pedal the electric bikes; the petals are just installed to save battery time. They can be used when a person doesn’t want to use their motor, or they are trying to go slower and conserve. Using the pedals and the speed limiter that allows a person to travel 20 mph gets a person to where they need to be quicker, but still classifies it as a bike.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Folding Bike

There are something’s to consider when purchasing a foldable electric bike. Because they are different than a bike, there are some considerations that must be taken into consideration.

1.What the bike will be used for is the first consideration when making this purchase. If the bike will be used on rugged terrain, the tires and makeup will need to be able to handle the rough roads. If the bike is just going to be used for leisure, then one equipped with all the bells and whistles probably isn’t necessary. Make sure the budget matches the needs and the bike is equipped with things that can be utilized.

2.How far will the bike be ridden? If this electric bike is going to be ridden to work each day, it will necessary to prevent having battery anxiety. While the batteries are not made to go cross country, having enough juice to make it to work and back is essential. They have battery options that allow for longer trips. It is not necessary for short trips, but for a daily commute, opt for the bigger battery.

3.What posture is most comfortable for cycling? Using the wrong posture can put undue stress on both the neck, back and even the wrists. There are bikes that are made so the rider leans forward. However, other electric bikes are made for a person to sit in the upright position and be relaxed. Try out both styles and see which one feels the best.

Recommended Electric Folding Bikes

Armed with knowledge, shopping for the right bike can be easy. Some of the best models are those that provide comfort and little features like powered lights. One of the best rated electric bikes for 2014 is the IZIP E3 Metro. This one has cargo features that seem to be great for those who intend on hauling stuff. As a matter of fact, the basket is so large that it can hold an entire stack of pizzas. It also has a rear rack, which is perfect for carrying additional items. The motor is strong at 500 watts and is perfect for those who live in areas where biking is encouraged.

Another great bike to consider is the Cyclamatic electric folding bike. It is compact enough that it can be taken on an airplane or anywhere else. It doesn’t take up much room and it is made with the highest of quality. The bike is for those who prefer to sit upright and don’t like to lean into their ride. It is affordable and rivals other bikes on the market.

Other Recommendations

Shopping for a typical bike is easy, but shopping for an electric bike takes a bit of research. After deciding the most comfortable position, the budget, whether it needs to fold or not, and what the purpose of the purchase is, then it make the journey of actually finding the bike easier.

Folding Bike Reviews

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best folding bike for your needs. The best folding bike for someone might not be the best one for you. This is because some people prefer lightweight folding bike so they can fold it and bring it with them anywhere easily. For some others, size or weight might not be that important but comfort is essential. And for some price or value for money could be the deciding factor in making the decision of which folding bike to purchase. Myself personally weigh several factors and come up with my own best personal choice of folding bike (keep reading till the end to find out which one). But you will find the most useful and informative folding bike reviews on the net here (bold claim I know but prove me wrong :-)).

folding bike reviews 2
folding bike reviews 1

Because there are so many factors to consider, there is no single best folding bike that fits everyone. The good news is, my hard work for months in hunting the best folding bicycle did not go wasted. I have compiled the folding bike ultimate buying guide comparison chart which has helped me in making my decision of which bicycle to buy. And it is available for free to everyone looking for help and guidance to buy a folding bike, right on this very page.

The chart is shown below and it weighs in the top ten most important factors for a folding bike:

  • Wheel size
  • Size when folded
  • Easiness to fold
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Design/Look
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Performance

The last five criteria cannot really be quantified so they are only scored based on scale of 1 to 5 (1= lowest score, 5 = highest). You can however find the review for each single bike on each of these criteria, and they are taken into account when calculating the overall final score.

The overall score is based on calculation of all the factors above. The scores range from:

  • 1 star: Never buy no matter what
  • 1.5 stars: Don’t buy unless you have money to burn
  • 2 stars: Only buy if you are really desperate
  • 2.5 stars: Consider to buy, especially if within your budget and other options are out of your budget
  • 3 stars: Okay. Can be considered but do not expect something extraordinary
  • 3.5 stars: Pretty good. Average folding bike okay for daily use
  • 4 stars: Good. A bit above the other average folding bikes
  • 4.5 stars: Very good. Great bike with more features or benefits above the average folding bike
  • 5 stars: Best of the best. Definitely, buy if budget allows.

If you are someone who travel a lot on bike and want to take your bike everywhere with you – just like myself – then you definitely need a folding bike. A folding bike (or folding bicycle) is a bicycle that can be folded (yes, just like paper) into a smaller and more compact form. To help you start with your folding bike searches, I have compiled this ultimate guide of folding bike reviews on this site to help you find the best folding bike for your needs.

Because folding bikes are smaller than regular bikes in terms of the overall size, they can be carried easily into buildings or offices and stored in your cubicle during the day. It can also be brought into public transportation such as train, or stored in your car trunk. This removes the primary concerns of bicycle owners, which is theft of bicycles left locked yet unattended to during the day.

Best Folding Bike Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

So what are the things to look for in buying folding bikes? Folding bikes come in all shapes and sizes and levels of durability. The following chart provides the comparison between some of the best folding bikes on the market today, based on the most important criteria in choosing a folding bike.

Here are a few most important folding bike buying guide tips:

  • Ensure that you find the size that you want. Size can be important from the standpoint of expected use, ability to carry it around, and maintenance. If you plan to ride a lot of miles, buy accordingly. If you are a small person, don’t buy a large bike that you will have to carry. And if you buy something that is fairly non-standard, when parts wear out, you may be locking yourself into a pretty expensive experience.
  • Look at getting a custom seat if you like the bicycle. Many bicycles are easy to ride but have trouble when it comes to pleasing everyone with their seat. You can always purchase a new seat and use that one.
  • Try and get as many safety features built-in or included with the bicycle. If the bicycle is expensive, you will typically find more in the way of lights and reflectors integrated into its design. Try and maximize your return by a bicycle that includes these features without a runup in price.

Once you have determined just what you are looking for, the next step is to actually go out and look at different brands. Here are some of the top brands and what they are known for:


Dahon bikes have been around for over 30 years. The inventor and owner and top executive currently has around 30 different models on the market and the company has sold over 5 million folding bicycles over the years. For durability and design features, there are many that say Dahon cannot be beat because they plow so much of the money that they receive into new research. Needless to say, they have won many folding bicycle races over the years and make it safe and easy for users to fold and unfold their bicycles on the fly. The only negative is that due to the size constraints that they have, they cannot compete with regular-sized bicycles like mountain bikes or bmx bikes on rough terrain.


Brompton is the second most well-known folding bikes manufacturer after Dahon. They are a bicycle manufacturer company based out of the United Kingdom. Dahon is the market leader in the world taking about two third of the folding bike markets, however Brompton has their own share of true loyal fans. Brompton folding bikes have received numerous awards and are often declared winners of many folding bikes reviews and competitions. Brompton folding bikes are well known for their compact size when folded, and their high quality despite the higher price.


Schwinn bicycle company was named after their founder, a German engineer named Ignaz Schwinn. It is based in Chicago, USA, and is a dominant bicycle manufacturer in the United States. They are now part of Dorel Industries conglomerate who holds the brand of Pacific Cycle. The most popular product of Schwinn is The Sting-Ray, known for its high-rise “ape-hanger” handlebars and the low-rider “banana seats”. The brand is not as popular as Dahon and Brompton but the price is generally cheaper compared to the two brands. Some people have claimed that Schwinn folding bikes have very good value for money.


If you are a folding bike enthusiast, you know how lightweight and yet sturdy Shimano’s mountain bikes and street bicycles can be. You also probably know how well-engineered their derailleur system is. If you are looking for a folding bicycle, Shimano has a model that not only incorporates their famous derailleur, it can be folded up and stored in the trunk of a car easily. With Shimano, almost every part of your bicycle, including the seat, will be over-engineered to the point that you will marvel at some point while you are on the road and realize that you just overcame a glitch that would have brought a lesser bicycle down. The negatives with Shimano are the same as with Dahon, it is hard to get a full mountain bike experience with their folding model. Fortunately for Shimano afficionados, Shimano’s release system for its wheels on regular models means that most of its mountain bikes will fit neatly in the trunk of your car if you remove the wheels.


Columba although is a less popular bicycle brand compared to Dahon and Brompton, has its own loyal consumer base. The most popular model for Columba is the 26″ which is a folding bike with mountain bike style. Columba bikes are known for their sturdy and strong construction. Some people do not really like the common folding bikes that seem too small for them, and choose Columba 26″. When I ride on my friend’s Columba 26″, I feel like riding a non-folding bike because of its sturdiness. Other nice features of Columba includes smooth gears shifting and comfortable seat. And also feels sturdy, Columba 26″ folding bike actually has a lightweight frame. This is definitely another good option of folding bike especially for those who love to travel.

What are the advantages of Folding Bikes? 

Folding bikes are very useful for travellers and for people who simply want to stay fit. Older versions used to be heavy, bulky, difficult to fold, and not user-friendly. But in the early 90s, the designs were improved to make them more convenient to bring, easier to use, and has a high resale value. They are now also allowed to be brought along while riding a commercial planes, ferry, and even trains.

Folding bicycles have a lot of advantages over traditional bikes, and one of them is the size. This means that you can buy one even if you live on the higher floors of a condominium. Besides being lightweight, your folding bike also occupies a small space, so storage will never be a problem. And because you can keep it inside your house, it is also thief proof. Needless to say, you can also save money because you can use it for traveling, as replacement for your car.

How To Find The Best Folding Bike That Meets Your Needs 

You should first know how to choose the perfect folding bicycle for you before going out and buy one. This is because there are several kinds of folding bikes to choose from, not all folding bikes are the same. Buying the wrong one will not only hurt your wallet, but could also hurt you while you are using it. So before buying one, below are useful tips on how you can choose the right folding bike.

Wheel size

The main consideration of choosing a folding bicycle is the wheel size, or the diameter of the wheels. The most common wheel sizes of folding bikes are 16” and 20”. But there are manufacturers that also make 24″ and 26” wheel sizes. The last two sizes are considered to be “regular” bikes. The 16” folding bike is more portable or compact than the 20” version, and is ideal for those who use it regularly as form of transportation. However, the 20” folding bike is for taller riders and is more applicable in travelling longer distances.


Buying a folding bike that has better components means higher level of performance, being more durable and lighter in weight. Brakes, handlebar, and saddle are the most important parts of folding bikes. Those that are made of alloy are strongly recommended. The frame should be geometrically perfect, durable enough, and convenient of the rider. For safety purposes, the important accessories that you should consider checking are helmet, and front and rear blinkers.

Folding capability

You want to buy a folding bicycle because you know you can fold it. If you want one that can be folded in smaller size, choose the 16” folding bikes. But if you will seldom fold it, you can choose the bigger one. A folding bike that can be folded within 30 seconds is considered good. Folded size is also important if you are concern with the space. However, folding capability should not really be a big issue for you if you will always use it. After all, you bought one because you love riding bikes.

Finally, folding bikes vary in design, depending on how it will be used. Will you use it for sports, daily commute, or simply for exercise and spare time? But whatever reason, always check the quality of a folding bike before you buy one. The price also affects the size, features, and riding convenience. While you can easily buy cheap folding bikes, buy the one that was made from high quality materials. Make sure also they have earned positive reviews from real buyers who have bought and use the bikes.