2019 Best Gun Safes Reviews

This gun safe guide was prepared for your safe consumption. To guide you into making the best decision as far as gun safes are concerned. News of kids having unauthorized access to their parents’ firearms continues to hit the headlines. Somehow news like this keeps poking our nose. Now are there too many guns that children now have theirs too? Probably not.  Similarly, there have been cases where intruders got hold of their victims’ firearms then the other became helpless. I trust you do not want to find yourself in any of these sorry states, do you?

A bit of some figure. Every year in the United States, a report has it that over 16000 individuals are being treated in different hospital for unintentional gunshots wounds and injuries.

A 2005 study on adult firearms storage practices in U.S. homes found that over 1.69 million children and youth under the ages of 18 are living in homes with loaded and unlocked firearms. In addition, 73% of children under ages of 10 were reported to be living in homes where the knowledge of the location of their parents’ firearms is privy to them.

The truth is, the fatality of firearms gone wrong is avoidable (or let’s say can be reduced). But of course not without individual’s involvement — someone like you. The importance of gun safes has been stressed umpteen times. Sometimes, even overflogged. And while some gun owners took this very seriously in that they begin a search for the best gun safes almost immediately, some, on the other hand, had just shrugged it off. There always have been a huge difference between the two.

Often times for the sake of the market retailers would lay claim to safe and secure locking system. But a pry bar will effortlessly break through anyway. At some other times likewise, a screwdriver will not disappoint. But this is bad news for you if this is what you relied on as a gun safe. Well, that to me isn’t anything else than a horrible job of a glorified locker. Do you get me?

So if you cared in any way being educated about your firearms, its security, your safety, the safety of those around you, the safety of your valuables, or even your pocket, please read on.

You Ask, Why Do I Need a Gun Safe?

Something associated with the most kid is curiosity. Most unfortunate if these kids are watching too much shooting spree on the screen. At all times having a gun safe is in every way less costly than some gory stories.

On a second thought, you could as well feel you do not have kids around. This means anyone well over the kiddies age could reach for your firearm. Of course, they will do such a thorough damage than a kid would. But I cannot be sure how thoroughly.

And trust me, your firearm not well secured could be some few bucks for someone. Somehow I happen not to be the only person who knows this to be true. It then gets dicey if the gun parcels its way into the custody of someone who could use it against you or your loved ones.

If you’re living in the U.S., and anywhere around California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Rhode Island, you will need a gun safe for legal reasons. In any of these states, not having a gun safe for your firearms is getting you on the wrong side of the law. You could be fined or risk a jail term.

What Gun Safes are Right for You?

You need to put a lot of things into consideration when choosing a gun safe. A lot of factors will inform your decisions. For instance, what is your budget? And how many of the guns do you have? Do you plan on having more guns sometimes soon? You know — some gun safe will hardly accommodate more than one handgun. On the contrary, there are gun safe that racks up to 24 guns and more, inclusive of long guns and short ones. And then again, could it be that you want a gun safe that is lesser in size and one that is less conspicuous? Like the V-line Quick Vault?

What Make Good Gun Safes?

Those gun safes must have been tested and trusted by reputable organizations like ULRSC, UL fireproof classification, and California Department of Justice.

  •  A good gun safe must have a solid locking system.
  • They must have a backup open system.
  • They must naturally protect your guns from natural dangers like humidity, water, and fire.
  •  They must have anchor holes to bolt it down as a safe measure from theft.
  • The welding must be of good quality.
  • The door gap must be of good quality as well.
  • They must have adjustable shelving.

What Gun Safe Lock Mechanism Must You Choose?

You know it is something about the lock, right? Well, it depends on what you want. Some lock mechanisms let you access them right away while others will give a burglar a hard time. It is also worthy of note that there are gun safe lock mechanisms that combine both features.

  • Combination lock is a dial of sequence numbers. The safe can be accessed by making the right pattern. Combination locks were made to be secure but sometimes may fail repeated attempts.
  • Key locks let you get the gun from the safe really quickly. But what happens when you lose those keys or can’t find them when it matters most? The key lock may well be best as a backup.
  • Electronic Keypad Locks like the combination lock will require that you input only some digits for the safe to break open. This safe promises even a faster unlocking time — faster than both the combination and key locks. Only the downside to this lock is that it is powered by a battery. Whatever happens, if there is an issue with the battery? However, some electronic keypad locks come with key locks only as a backup.
  • Biometric lock safes can be quickly accessed with your fingers. This could be the most reliable lock mechanism you will find out there. But as in electronic locks, it is being powered by a power source.

Top 3 Best Gun/Pistol Safe

For those who might not want to read over 1,000 words on the best gun safe for 2016/2017, we decided to create a summary table for you,if you need more info on any of the gun safe within the table just click on the name.

Best Gun Safe Reviews

Here is a list of our Top 10 Gun safes both for your homes, Cars and offices:

Barska AX11224 Biometric Safe

This is a reliable product with a good reputation. The value of the safe screams real security for your firearms. At a great price of course. Barska has been made to be accessible when time is of an essence. Its biometric safe locking system works excellently to ensure that only you or other authorized persons can access the save. Another great side of Barska is that con tains a silent feature that doesn’t unnecessarily sell you out to your intruder. Barska pride ease of use and convenience. It has a spacious interior that can safely hold up to 4 rifles. As well, Barska has four removable barrel holder that will keep your gun in place for more safety and security.

The make of Barska is one which does not have to occupy too much space in your home. It can easily fit into most closets. It is a steel safe so it is much expected that it should be heavy. And not just heavy for nothing — around 66 pounds and with pre-drilled mounting holes. This safe will prevent any theft attempt (or perhaps make it difficult) for any intruder to quickly whisk it away.

GunVault GV1000C-DLX Mini Deluxe Pistol Safe

Different from safes whose button are often difficult to press, this safe instead is excellent to use and easy to program. You can as well reach for this safe when it matters most. It has got the appropriate storage space for your guns. This safe is highly recommended if you want a well-made quality safe. It is a very secure safe with advanced security features. The lock mechanism is very reliable. This is not the type of safe that can be broken into with a screwdriver, paper clip or other hand tools. Its user-friendly feature ensures convenience, security, and portability. GunVault has a motion detector that protects against tampering and a power indicator that ensures there is no sudden power loss. Even in the dark, you can reach for your firearm and quite quickly because it has an internal light. The power cable keeps battery replacement to a minimum. Also, the built-in computer denies access after repeated invalid inputs. Overall GunVault is value for your bucks.

V-line Top Draw Drawer Safe

This safe was originally made to accommodate one handgun although there are few exceptional cases where two guns are parceled inside the safe. But not to worry, V-line still does the job of keeping your guns safe and intact. One of the attractive features of this safe is that it hides away from marauding eyes. It will safely fit into a drawer or underneath your bed, needless to say, it will be readily accessible, isn’t it? Its ease of use makes it the delight of some gun owners. As V-line keeps unwanted hands away, it doubles for your gun security with its pre-drilled holes that can be mounted wherever you deem fit but more likely a drawer. So as you battle your doubt about this gun safe in spite everything you have read about it, think of a gun safe that has been approved by the California Department of Justice. And one more thing… the manufacturer of this gun safe is so sure of their product’s reliability and durability that they challenged you with a one year warranty.

Paragon 7725 Hidden Wall Safe

Paragon is by far another bet of a secure gun safe. It qualifies to make my list of the best gun safe review. A friendly price for such quality product, Paragon 7725 Hidden Wall Safe keeps your gun close. In any way, your guns are safe and you are, too. Paragon its manufacturer understands there could be some unauthorized attempts at the safe that is why it built the safe on the exterior with solid steel and on the interior with tamper-proof hinges such that it gets harder for anyone to break through.

In other to fortify the locking mechanism, Paragon puts the power in your hands. It has a programmable lock that you can adjust whenever necessary. It is, in fact, the simplicity of the programmable lock that excites some gun owners. You have between 3 to 8 digits you can play around with.

Call it an excellent safe and you are not wrong. Paragon can hide away from public view if that is how you want it (and I can’t be more certain that it is what you actually want). Paragon could only be a great choice of a gun safe.

The Gun Box Biometric Gun Safe

It may be required that you keep this gun safe away from public view because it is one product that will cause a lot of stare. Hardly will anyone go pass this product without a second look, as it aesthetic beauty and overall design does not portray it to be a gun safe. But in spite the beautiful design of this product, it is of high quality. It covers in on toughness as well as offering protection against fire.

It could excite you that this gun safe can be accessed in multiple ways. But wait… this is not a sellout. To access the gun safe in those multiple ways, you will first have to bypass a fingerprint scanning test in addition to radio frequency identification (RFID).

The RFID is a technology commonly used as a security measure to grant access only when the correct RFID code has been scanned. Not to worry, all of these processes are really simple and easily programmable such that they put the control of your gun safe in your hands.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

This is a gun safe for a single pistol device. The speed at which Sentry grants you access to your safe is startling. This safe is essentially important in an emergency. So any more reason why Sentry is a favored gun safe?

As a product with only safety and security in mind, Sentry can boast of built-in features that can make life difficult for an unauthorized person.

Sentry is just in the perfect size and capacity to contain your pistol. It can be disguised anywhere around your home so that it does not attract undue attention. And because it has a steel body, breaking it open even when stolen will take a lot of hard work. Sentry is easy to use. It is easy to program. And for one more reason why it is delighted is because it offers key and keypad as a backup.

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Yet another one from BARSKA. But for any reason at all? This product is designed so secured and purpose-oriented that it can be worked into a drawer. Comfortably this gun safe will tolerate two of your guns. It is weighty so it can be safely assumed that it is some kind of theft deterrent. Being another product with a biometric locking mechanism, BARSKA can recognize up to 30 fingerprints. The programming of this gun safe has also been made so easy. I couldn’t help but have it included in my list of the best gun safe review.

A mounting kit comes with BARSKA so you could mount it in any choice place around your home. The safe is sufficiently secured with a steel and a motorized locking mechanism. Aside quality and all of its attractive features, accompanying BARSKA gun safe is a one year warranty.

Gun Vault NV200

Do not let the price give you mixed feelings; Gunvault NV200 is here to let you know that you do not need to keep a large budget until you can keep your gun safe. The 18-gauge steel construction of this gun safe means more rock protection for your gun. This gun safe is ideal for home and travel. This is a gun safe with a key lock mechanism and it does the job of securing your gun excellently well.

Winchester R19 Ranger Deluxe

24 guns will fit comfortably inside this gun safe. Oh, quite a lot of space you say? Yes, that is Winchester gun safe for you. On top of its high quality and advanced features, the security of your weapons is also of utmost priority.

Big Capacity Bighorn 6039 ELX/MLX

The name alone gives it out. The gun safe accommodates up to 33 weapons at a time. Additionally, it is few of the gun safes you can get at such a budget price. Some of its advanced features which qualified it to save your weapons are its 11 gauge steel, its drill resistant armor, its 10 thick steel locking bolts, and its over one-hour fire rating.