Haworth office chairs Review

If you have been searching for the ideal seat for your professional setting or perhaps a solution that is perfect for the workplace, then an excellent suggestion for you would be to try the great Haworth Lively Task Office Chair. This seat comes with a host of auxiliary features that have been fine-tuned with the end user in mind. It is important to know that various studies have shown that your sitting position, as well as you, ’re the setting that you operate play a significant role in your overall productivity and comfort levels. Therefore, the right place for you to start would be to make a conscious decision by settling for a top-notch seat that is developed by a well-known seat manufacturer. More so, With this Lively chair, one can easily benefit from Haworth’s industry-leading research in human performance and ergonomics as well. From the seat depth all the way to the adjustable arms and lumbar support, this seat has been engineered to relax the body while simultaneously encouraging the user to concentrate on completing important tasks. This lively seat is more than a well-built and comfortable chair; it’s a diamond in the rough can stand out in any professional setting with a superior aesthetic design.

Top quality seat design

Discover the brilliance of this Haworth Office Chair that possesses the ideal combinations to comfort-enhancing ergonomic features as well as a contemporary design to provide the user with excellent support for their workplace needs. The unique design of the seat makes it a particularly exceptional addition for those who want to enhance their productivity and focus levels. This is because the professional yet user-friendly seat design encourages one to be able to focus their attention on completing the tasks provided. This chair introduces advanced functionalities along with a subtle aesthetic appeal to the individuals that are responsible for completing demanding tasks. More so, the seat is available in a broad spectrum of energetic and soothing colors that make it an ideal addition to various types of workplaces. The seat has been designed to benefit from the Haworth pioneering research in ergonomics and human performance. By the same token, people who want to establish a professional facility will also benefit from the overall value that the seat contributes to the given professional setting.

Lumbar support and adjustable arms

The lumbar support and adjustable arms provide sufficient support for the spine as well as the rest of the entire body. While the spine can maintain the naturally curved position without support for the lower back area, one might find that most people tend to slouch forward after a period of time. The slouching posture tends to push the lower back out, such that the natural inward curvature adopts an alternation position outward toward the chair, thus causing stress on the lower back area. Therefore, this particular Haworth office chair has been designed with an excellent lumbar back support that fits precisely into the lower back area of any individual. Furthermore, the lower back support for this seat has been shaped specifically such that one end of the seat is positioned up, and the other end is placed down. When placed in the correct manner, the lumbar back support of this Haworth chair ensures that all the important body organs are held in alignment such that one can seat for extended periods without getting tired. The adjustable arm allows the users to achieve a comfortable sitting position that suits their workplace needs the best. As a result, even users who have back complications can find this chair to be highly beneficial.

Durable and eco-friendly components.

The manufacturers of this Haworth chair further demonstrate their affinity for excellence by ensuring that this seat only comprises of Durable components that make it ideal for use over the long run. To be specific, the seat has been designed to handle the various workplace activities and the grind as well. This seat has a worry-free quality, and it’s affordable without compromising on the overall functionality of the seat. Busy people will also appreciate the fact that this seat only comprises of eco-friendly components such as the plastic components that have been recycled. Aside from that, the seat is also CFC and PVC free and the persistent organic pollutants, and heavy metals display Haworth’s commitment to improving the quality of the environment and make it a habitable place for generations to come.

360-degree design, adjustable height, and robust wheels

If you are one of those people who have to access various part of the office or your given professional setting, then you will appreciate the 360-degree design as well as the great wheels. To be specific, the seat features a smooth 360-degree design that can allow the user to pirouette in one position with having to leave the seat necessarily. The manufacturers have down well to make it the 360 degrees design only usable when the user needs it such that it won’t cause unnecessary interruptions when the user is trying to complete a task. Additionally, the powerful wheels can support the body type of most types of users and also provides sufficient mobility in the major types of office floor surfaces. This Haworth seat also comes with an adjustable design that allows the user to customize the seat height to suit their unique working needs.


Overall when taken together, making the right decision when it comes to selecting your office chair is a paramount issue. For instance, this particular Haworth Lively Task Chair is ideal since it comes with adjustable arms, lumbar back support and comfortable design amongst various other features. Furthermore, the seat is perfect for users who are engaged in extended periods of work since the user can easily customize the seat to suit their unique workplace needs. With its superior professional appeal, it is not only a top-notch addition to your professional setting, but it also lets the user complete their work with style and elegance as well.