Best High-End Dog Food Reviews

Why is it important to choose the best dog food for your canine friend? The answer is not only simple, but obvious too – you certainly want your pet to have a healthy life so that you can be together for a very long time. Being healthy and well-fed also means a better and happy disposition, which of course, is beneficial to both owner and dog.

Dog Food RatingsWhen choosing dog foods, you are presented with different options. The main types of dog food fall either on the category of dry or wet. The dry variety is commonly applied to the kibble and pellet type, these are the crunchy ones. As for the wet dog food, which can also be referred to as moist dog food, these are mostly packed in cans just like canned goods for human consumption. Such types of food can also be presented in pouch packaging or they can come presented in ready-to-serve trays.

So which is the best dog food for your beloved pet? That will depend on a lot of factors including your dog’s overall health, age, and special condition, if any. Also, your preferred method of feeding should also be taken into consideration as you will be the one to feed your dog. So convenience on your part is also an important factor to consider.

Listed below are our chosen dog foods in both dry and wet varieties. Look them over to find out which is the most suitable for your canine buddy. These are all top-rated products and you really can’t go wrong with choosing any of them; but still, every dog has a unique condition and unique preferences too. So choose the brand and variety that would be best for your pet. And don’t forget to consult your vet too.

Top 5 Best Dog Food Reviews

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula

Best Dog FoodThis variety of dog food from TOTW is grain-free, so it’s suitable for dogs who are sensitive to grain products. Or you just might want to refrain from feeding your pet with grain ingredients because of some of the issues that are connected with this.

You can feed this to your dog for all his life stages, except when still in the puppy stage. For puppies, we recommend dog foods that are specifically intended for growing and developing puppies as they really need nutritious types of food during this stage in their lives.

The Hi Prairie variety is made from real meats that are roasted for the best flavor. Only lean and high-quality bison meat and venison meat are used in its production too. And aside from those main ingredients, fruits and vegetables are also present in this package so as to provide for a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Wellness Core Original Formula Dry Dog Food

Dog Food ReviewsThe Wellness Core line of dog food products are known for their 100 percent grain-free ingredients. This particular selection is also poultry-free, so it’s best for dogs who have allergies to poultry products too.

This type of dog food prides itself of containing no meat by-products as well as other allergy-causing ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy. It is also free from preservatives and artificial colors.

The main ingredients in this brand of dog food are mainly comprised of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, kale and parsley. It is also higher in protein than other selections of dog foods from the same Company.

This is a dry type of dog food as it comes in kibble form. It is one of the best dog foods for canine pets aging one year old and up.

Cesar Canine Cuisine Variety Pack (Top Sirloin, Grilled Chicken)

Best Dry Dog Food ReviewsThere are different varieties and flavors of this type of dog food from Cesar, but we picked the Top Sirloin and Grilled Chicken variety for our top 5 review of the best dog foods. When you buy this particular package, you will get 24 packs of ready-to-serve entrees of food – 12 trays of Top Sirloin flavor and 12 trays of Grilled Chicken flavor.

As these are made from only the best and freshest ingredients, the packed foods are really meaty and juicy. This variety is known to be a favorite even among the pickiest of dogs. And the taste is not the only thing that makes this dog food deserving to be in our top 5 list, it’s also full of vitamins and minerals for optimum health.

This type of dog food is ideal for adult dogs and it can be used as maintenance diet throughout a dog’s life. But because of the size of the food trays and the nutrition that can be sourced from it, it is only recommended for small breeds of dogs. A lot of pet owners consider it as the best dog food for Shih Tsus, Poodles, and other toy/ small breeds of dogs.

Natural Balance Canned Dog Food Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet

Best Wet Dog Food ReviewsHere is another grain-free type of dog food that comes in the wet/ moist variety. Aside from being free from grain ingredients, a very limited number of components are also present in this brand of dog food, making it ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those with special conditions.

The main ingredients put into this dog food are venison meat and sweet potatoes, so you can already tell that it’s a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and potassium. Young, energetic, and senior dogs will therefore benefit from it.

Although you can also feed this dog food to puppies, note that they have higher nutritional requirements than adult dogs; so it would be necessary to feed them twice or even thrice as much. The same holds true for pregnant dogs.

Wellness Core Grain Free Canned Dog Food

Buy Dog Food OnlineThis variety of dog food from Wellness Core is a moist type of food and it comes in canned presentation. You can either get the 12.5-ounce cans or 6-ounce cans, depending on your pet’s feeding requirements.

As with the other types of dog food from the same Company, this selection is also free from meat by-products and ingredients that can cause allergy and stomach upsets such as soy, corn, and wheat. It’s completely gluten-free and preservative-free, thereby making it the best dog food for pets with special conditions.

The main ingredients used in this dog food’s production include turkey meat, turkey liver, and chicken liver. Some vegetable produce are also included for their nutritional value and antioxidant properties.

Because of the well-regulated mineral components that come with this brand of dog food’s nutritional plan, it is beneficial to your pet’s health especially when it involves his metabolic function and digestion.

Why Should You Buy Ready-Made Dog Food?

Although you also have the option to cook and prepare homemade foods for your beloved pet, it can prove to be inconvenient and time consuming as well. In fact, if you’re trying to save money by making your own dog food recipes at home, you could end up with an unhealthy dog companion.

Dog food companies have spent thousands of dollars in researching and making the best types of dog food so as to provide this breed with a source of food that can be conveniently served while being nutritionally balanced as well. And that makes buying ready-made dog food really practical and economical.

Dry or Wet – Which One to Go For?

How to Make Homemade Food for DogsShould you choose dry or wet/ moist dog food? It’s really up to you and you should consider your pet’s likes and dislikes too. But we suggest using a combination of both types of food. Dry food like those that come in the form of kibbles are beneficial for your dog’s jaw and oral health as these are quite hard and crunchy. But including moist food to your dog’s meal plan will also add variety to his diet and nutritional sources.

Choose the best dog food for your reliable friend and lovable companion and it will really add years to his life. And that’s what we all like, don’t we? We hope our reviews of the top 5 brands of dog food can help you choose wisely.