How to Choose the Best Color LED Shower Head

How to Choose the Best Color LED Shower Head

Color LED shower heads have become the hot new trend in shower head technology.  But with literally hundreds of different LED shower heads on the market how are you supposed to know which color LED shower head is the best?  By following the advice in this article you will be well on your way to picking the best color LED shower head and basking in the soothing glow of LED light.


What Is a Color LED Shower Head?

Before you can pick out the best color LED shower head you need to know what one actually is first.

In it’s simplest form a color LED shower head is simply a shower head that has LED lighting integrated into the shower head.  However, color LED shower heads can be so much more than just a simple LED placed on the shower head.  The best color LED shower head models can have a wide range of features such as multiple color settings, color changing light based on the temperature of the water, and even remote controls.

How Does an LED Shower Head Work?

An LED shower head works the same way as any standard showerhead does, with the exception of LED lighting.

You might think that by installing an LED showerhead you will have to constantly be changing batteries to power the LED shower head.  However, the best color LED shower head models do not require any batteries at all!

The best color LED shower head models use a form of hydropower to power the LED lighting.  There is a small turbine built into the shower head and when water passes through it, it creates just enough power to light up the LED lighting, eliminating the need for batteries.  Be careful though some of the lower-quality LED shower heads do require batteries as a power source.  It’s our recommendation to avoid these models and opt for the better choice of hydropower.

If you’re wondering if there is any danger in using an LED shower head, there is no need to worry because of the low wattage being used to power the LED lighting.  The low wattage eliminates any cause for concern over electrical shock.

Why You Need a LED Shower Head

People buy LED shower heads for all sorts of reasons but below are some of the more popular reasons.

  • Color LED Lighting can Enhance the Relaxing and Soothing Effects of a Shower
  • Temperature Controlled LED Lighting Allows You to Visually Determine the Waters Temperature
  • LED Lights are a Great Way to Get Kids Excited about Bath Time.
  • LED Lighting Shower Heads Provide a Contemporary and Modern Design to Any Shower or Bathroom.
  • There Just Fun, and Who Doesn’t Need a Little More Fun in Their Life!

How to Choose the Best Color LED Shower Head

As mentioned above there are hundreds of different LED shower heads on the market all offering different features and options.  So it can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all the choices that exist for LED shower heads.

Don’t worry though there is a simple way to easily pick the best color LED shower head. 

All searches start with assessing your current situation and defining your goals and picking out an LED shower head is no different.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your current bathroom and shower situation is to have a good place to work from.

Things to keep in mind with assessing your current shower situation include, shower size, shower arm location and height, current shower and bathroom lighting, and current bathroom fixture styles and finishes.  Understanding your current shower and shower head situation will help you to understand your limits and parameters you are working in when picking out the best color LED shower head. 

Once you have determined your current shower and bathroom situation you can then turn your attention to what it is you want out of your future LED shower head.  Are you looking to add a contemporary or modern feel to your bathroom?  Or are you trying to add a more relaxing and spa-like experience while taking a shower?

When you know what it is you are trying to achieve when it comes to LED lighting for your shower head you are ready to look at all of the different models on the market.

Now that you have assessed where you are starting from, know what you have to work with, and have defined your needs and wants.  It will be much easier for you to pick out the best color LED shower head.

Top Features of LED Shower Heads

LED Brightness

The more LED lights that exist on the shower head and the brighter they are the better the LED shower experience will be.  Typically the best color LED shower head models utilize several high quality LED lights to illuminate the shower.

Color Changing Ability

Higher-end LED shower heads typically have several color options to choose from and can be changed as your mood changes.  There are even LED showerheads such as the DreamSpa Temperature Controlled 5-Setting LED Shower Head that are temperature sensitive.  Allowing the LED shower head to change the color of the LED lighting based on the temperature of the water, transitioning through blue, green, red, and flashing red.

LED Shower Head Power Options

As discussed above there are two power options when it comes to powering your LED shower head including hydropower and battery power.

The best color LED shower head models use hydropower to improve the overall user experience and eliminate the hassle of constantly changing batteries to power your LED shower head.

Don’t Forget About the Shower

While the LED feature of the shower head can vastly improve your overall shower experience don’t forget about the shower head itself.  Afterall no matter how cool the LED lighting might be if the shower head provides a poor shower with low water pressure it won’t matter how cool the LED lighting is.

The top LED shower heads in addition to LED lighting have many of the same features found on higher end shower heads.  When choosing the best LED shower head look beyond the LED lighting for features such as different shower setting and spray patterns, high-pressure water output, and a quality design and finish.  The Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head Combo is a great example of an LED shower head that not only offers LED lighting but also a great shower experience.

Easy Installation

The best color LED shower head models on the market are a breeze to install and require no additional time compared to a standard shower head install.

In fact, typically LED shower heads require no tools or special skills and can usually be installed within a few minutes.



LED lighting makes a great addition to any shower or bathroom as it provides a fun and relaxing atmosphere to take a shower in.  In fact, most people who have made the switch to an LED shower head have stated that it would be hard to go back to a standard boring shower head.  As they have come to enjoy the relaxing and spa-like experience provided by their LED shower head.