Lorell Executive High-Black Chair Review

The Lorell Executive High-Black Chair is an office chair whose main priorities are nothing other than offer a great level of comfort as well as a good level of savings. It is likely most (and perhaps only) suited toward those who value a large degree of comfort for the price and don’t mind skipping out on other features as a means of getting such a great comfort-to-price ratio in the first place. The chair features a large amount of mesh in its make and, as you’ll come to see as we make our way through this review, the mesh used in its make plays a large role in its comfort, durability and nearly any other metric of quality you could think of, whether for better or worse.

Quality & Material

Without a doubt, the very first thing you’ll notice about this chair is the large degree of mesh used in its back. Now, the Lorell Executive High-Black Chair isn’t the first to use mesh in its make. However, you’ll find this particular mesh to be very low in density (the strands are spaced further apart). As is the case with many (though not all) fabrics, a higher density translates to a higher degree of quality. As such, I had to knock a couple points off of the chair’s overall quality rating. Densities aside; however, the actual material used in the make (nylon) appears to be of high quality. As such, this begins to cancel out the low-density of the back of the chair, giving it an average rating in this regard.


The sheer amount of nylon used in the Lorell Executive High-Black Chair’s make gives it a fairly large degree of durability. After all, you can find guitar strings made of the same material. Overall, this is a very durable chair. However, the very low density of the nylon strands used on the back of the chair does lower its durability a little bit. As such, I had to knock a point off of its durability score down to a still-agreeable four out of five.


This is where the chair most shines through. The back of the chair is easily one of the most comfortable chair backs you’ll ever come across. This is due to the ability it gives you to almost “sink” into the chair. You could almost equate its level of firmness to that of a very firm mattress, which is pretty soft considering this is, after all, a chair. The mesh also allows for excellent heat regulation, as you’ll find it lets your back “breath.” You’ll also find it does a poor job of retaining the temperature of the air around it, which is great if your office often gets too hot or too cold. It will retain a fairly neutral temperature at all times. Both of these factors easily make it one of the very most comfortable chairs on the market.

Design and Finish

Unfortunately, the very mesh responsible for the chair’s comfort also happens to bring its aesthetic appeal down by a fairly large degree. Because of the chair’s otherwise sleek design, you could consider it as being rather average in terms of how it looks. However, no furniture fanatic would ever compliment the Lorell Executive High-Black Chair’s mesh back on its appearance alone. Whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice a great look for an even greater degree of comfort all depends on where your priorities lie.


Overall, the Lorell Executive High-Black Chair has a great warranty. Standing at five years in length, it’s clear that the chair is above par in this sense. However, I did have to knock a point off of its score in this regard due to the fact that the fabric used in the chair is only covered for two years while the frame is covered for much longer. Because the fabric is the least durable part of the chair, it would be nice to see a bit more coverage in this sense. Still, the warranty is well above average.

Overall Summary

If comfort is your first priority in your next chair purchase, the Lorell Executive High-Black Chair can give you exactly what you’re looking for at a great price. Of course, for such a great bargain, you can expect to throw a few features on the back burner. If; however, a great comfort-to-price ratio is what you’re after, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than the Lorell Executive High-Black Chair.