Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2021

We cannot name a single part of the world to be peaceful and risk-free by all the means. The political, social, geographical and economical, etc. issues are always been the drastic factors which are affecting each and every city and area of the world. The threats of terrorism and street crimes are becoming more serious in some of the cities and developed nations. Both internal and external problems and issues are what make a city more or lesser dangerous. It is true, however, that at the national level the measures have always been taken to overcome the issues. But unfortunately still the problem of gang crimes, political issues and terrorism are becoming more and more serious and drastic. To ensure the protection and peaceful environment within a city, it is to be noticed that its government should take very serious measures to punish the victims and criminals. The Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2019 are given below.

10. Caracas

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2014

Caracas is the capital and biggest city of Venezuela. This city remains occupied with street crimes and drug dealings. The gangs and groups remain active throughout the year to deal with different negative issues and raising restlessness within the city. The current situation suggests that Caracas is not at all a safe place for the peace-loving individuals to live in. Tourist Guide to Caracas on Amazon

9. Ciudad Juarez

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - Ciudad Juarez

Whether it is in terms of crimes or political issues, Ciudad Juarez city is always at the top in Mexico. This has so far been named as the most violent city with a tremendously increased level of street crimes. Even when we name about the political issues of the city, then the official personals have been failed in resolving those issues as well. The History of Ciudad Juarez on Amazon

8. Distrito Central

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - Distrito Central

Distrito Central is a worth dangerous city of Honduras. Since a few decades, the level of unemployment has been increased. There are so many problems of being jobless and without families in this city that have led the youngsters to commit crimes. No doubt, Distrito is one of the most dangerous cities in the world because everyday street crimes and drug dealings in this city are becoming more and more serious. Travel Guide to Distrito Central on Amazon

7. Cape Town

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - Cape Town

Cape Town is a very beautiful and green area of South Africa. No doubt, this land is chosen to be the most favorite tourist point in the world, but what makes its name to be enlisted in the most dangerous cities of the world is the gang wars and poor economical safety. Every day, the gang wars, crimes and economical problems of Cape Town come to our notice. Travel Guide to Cape Town on Amazon

6. Rio de Janeiro

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of major and biggest cities of Brazil. But when it comes to name its environment and peace, then I must say the peace seems to be missing in Rio de Janeiro. The complicated political problems, poverty level, security issues, and crimes are what make this city one of the most dangerous cities in the world. City Map of Rio de Janeiro on Amazon

5. Acapulco

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2014

Regardless of the fact that how much beautiful and charming Acapulco, Mexico is, it is still named to be the fifth most dangerous city in the world. The first drawback of this city is the extreme level of population and unemployment. Next comes the name of increasing level of robbery, murder and crime cases. In no way, the tourists should think of spending their holidays in this city because it won’t be safer for them. Guide getting around Acapulco on Amazon

4. Baghdad

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - Baghdad

Although none of Iraq’s city is safer and protective to live in, when it comes to naming the prior one then it is doubtlessly Baghdad. The restlessness of Baghdad is due to the critical issues of violence, terrorism, and difficulty in finding a place to live in. So, for those who want to move to Baghdad should not even think of doing so because it would prove to be harmful to both their wealth and lives. The History of Baghdad on Amazon

3. Sana’a

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - Sana’a

Sana’a is one of the major cities of Yemen. It is named to be the third most dangerous cities of the world because of casual gang wars, political problems and violence of people for their personal issues. The peace seems to have gone from this city, but different Gulf allies are playing their vital role in controlling the issues of the city. So far we don’t know when would its issues would be resolved but till then it is no doubt a dangerous city to live in. Political view about Yemen on Amazon

2. Abidjan

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In 2014of Alassane Ouattara stand nex

Abidjan is a city of Ivory Coast and it takes the second position to be the most dangerous cities in 2014. geographically speaking, Abidjan is an ideal place but unfortunately, street crimes, liberty of young boys and girls and unemployment are some of the issues which make this place a bad one to live in. The situation of political issues and crimes remain unpredictable throughout the year and the government has failed to put some solid barriers for the purpose of creating peace within the city. Travel Guide to Abidjan on Amazon

1. San Pedro Sula

Most Dangerous Cities In 2014 - San Pedro Sula

At the top comes the name of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We can name it to be the topmost dangerous cities of the world because, since a few decades, the tourists have been killed and kidnapped for ransom amounts. Travel like a local in San Pedro Sula on Amazon

Poor laws and regulations and social issues are increasing day by day in this city, in fact, these issues are so drastic that we can doubtlessly name San Pedro Sula to be the most dangerous city of the world in 2019.