10 Insane Rides From The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Parks

Amusement parks and entertainment are thought to be an important part of life and therefore various new means are introduced with the help of which people can entertain themselves and their family members. In this huge world, there are numerous amusement parks that have been designed with innovative rides and recreational areas. Some of these rides are no doubt perfect for entertainment of individuals but there are few rides that are thrilling with no safety means and they are just a slap on the face of safety. Whether it is entertainment or any other thing, the safety of the individual should be the first priority of the administration and the individuals themselves. Here we have a list of 10 insane rides from the world’s most dangerous amusement park, these rides are truly insane and give individuals a sense of carelessness and lots of injuries.

10. The Cannonball Loop

Loops and roller coasters are for the amusement purpose but this is not true in case of the Cannonball Loop. It was an enclosed water slide that was located at Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey of United States of America. This leader of stupidity was constructed by the engineers of Action Park and it comprised of a 360-degree vertical loop that is more commonly correlated with roller coasters. It looked like a water slide with a loop at its end and it seemed physically impossible to go through it. It was designed to illustrate the thrill-seeking aspect of Action Park, but it was almost never used due to numerous injuries and other issues. There were rumors or true news that the bloody noses, bruises, and fractures of the cranium were common with this insane ride and therefore it was closed.

9. Aqua Scoot

Aqua scoot is a ride consisted of parallel slides and the slides were completely made up of metal rollers, similar to the ones that are used for sliding luggage in airports. Riders bounced on a plastic sled, go down the slide, and end up in a shallow pool down. The depth of the pool was 12 inches and the idea of the ride was as once the sleigh hit the water, it would skip across the water surface like a stone. In order to do this ride, there was a specific position, leaned back. If the position was not appropriate then there would be two things that could happen. 1st, the sleigh would go underwater as early as it strikes the pool, and the 2nd would include the jerk to riders headfirst into the pool which sometimes resulted in head injuries. There were also reports of individuals grasping themselves on the rollers, as its material was not suitable for slide construction.

8. Tarzan Swing

It is a dangerous ride that consisted of twenty feet cable hanging from a steel arch that sprawled a deep pool. Patrons would wait in long lines in order to get a chance to hang from it and then jump into the water when it reached its height. Some people tried to go earlier, whereas some people hung on too long and it resulted in scraping of their toes on the concrete at the far side. There were some flaws in its designing as the underneath water was very cold, even the lifeguards felt so chill while rescuing the people. It was one of the thrilling rides of the Action Park that also caused deaths of the individuals, a man died because of a heart attack after getting into the pool, probably due to shock because of the cold water. Another imperfection in its design was that the zip line increased back in the direction in such a way that it was in full view of the entire line. Numerous riders often realized that they have spectators and therefore do careless stunts and get an injury.

37. The ‘Grave Pool’

The Grave Pool is the nickname given to the tidal wave pool of Action Park. It was a water world attraction of its own kind and the only thing that the administrators of the park had to do was to keep the water clear and have guards to save life on duty. Almost six people died as a result of drowning in the Grave pool and there were various accidents and various people were near to drown in the pool due to a number of factors including the poll’s design, which had much higher waves than they should be and many of the individuals also had not much experience of swimming and they realized that the waves were going to full blast their heads. Many experienced swimmers got sometimes exhausted, and get support from the side ladders as the wave began, causing many accidents.

6. The Kayak Experience

After the death of the second visitor in the history of Action Park in 1982, this ride was closed permanently. It was a fixed boat ride down a confined channel substituting a white water course and it used immersed electric fans to convulse the water above. Each visitor was given its own kayak, that leads to cases of overturning. Commonly, the kayak got tripped over or stuck, and people had to get out of them for their safety purposes. In 1982, an unfortunate visitor at the park fell down from his boat and in confusion made contact with an electric current of an underwater fan, and died because of electric shock. Two other visitors also got died but the Action Park’s denied to take any responsibility and they claimed that the ride was not responsible for killing the individuals.

5. Gladiator Challenge

For many years, action Park had a barrier course and aggressive competitions stimulated by the show American Gladiator. For the jousting area, guests would battle against a “gladiator” and struggled to knock them off a three feet slippery, wet metal pedestal into the pool below. If they accomplished in not being harassed to death by the gladiator, then they were given a chance to be harassed by the biggest combatants named The Titan on a six feet pedestal and all of these things were done in front of the spectators, to satisfy their craze. There was also an announcer who would perform commentary for the event and make the joy of the guests who were surpassed by the fighters. The gladiators were picked from local gyms, this ride was removed from the park in 1995 and was replaced with a beach volleyball court.

4. Surf Hill

Surf Hill is an attraction that is also seen in other water parks. It was a huge water slide that was breached into a cluster of side by side lanes, and it allowed the visitors to slide down on mats into small puddles until they extend to a foam obstruction after an upslope at the end. The obstructions between the lanes were minimal and individuals repeatedly crashed with each other on the way down, or at the other end. Its seventh lane was known as the backbreaker, as it was a bit faster than the others. When the riders approached at the bottom, they found that it was a water-filled basin that is crooked up to form a stuffed wall opposite the slide. If the visitors reach too calmly, they dropped in the basin and their mat slapped them at their face and if they went too speedy, then they would drive up the crooked wall and fell backward into the basin that caused many injuries.

3. Geronimo Falls

It was taken on speed slides of Action Park and its incline was much sharp than most speedy slides of today. It was so much sharp that its first portion was confined to prevent the riders coming off from the top of the slide and the cage forced them back down rather than to crashed to the ground below. The visitors would hang a metal bar with their feet at the edge of the slide and let themselves jump out onto it. The riders could attain a speed of almost sixty miles per hour during this ride and it was very terrific as could lead to a major disaster. So, on changing the ownership of the park this ride was demolished, and a different green speed slide with a lesser curved was set up at their spot.

2. The Alpine Slide

The Alpine slide of Action Park descended the mountain nearly below one of the ski area chairlifts, therefore it resulted in verbal harassment’s and often spitting from the visitors going up for their swing. The track was built-up of fiberglass and concrete and caused various serious scratches on riders who took even minor spills. The sleds were a major contributing factor in the injuries. The riders sat in small plastic carts and then came down with a rapid speed, the carts are designed with brakes with the help of which riders could control their speeds but they were infamous for not working.

Without brakes, it was extremely difficult to keep the cart on the track and many people failed to do this challenge. This monster ride not only caused bruises, bumps, and cracks but also took away the lives of individuals. This slide caused the first fatality at the park in 1980 when an employee suffered head injury when he ran off the track, he then fell down and his head hit on the rock. According to records, there were 14 cases of fractures and 26 cases of head injuries occurred due to this alpine slide in 1984 and 1985. In the early years, this wild ride was responsible for numerous injuries, accidents, lawsuits and state examples for safety violations.

1. Tank Ride

The wildest ride from the world’s most dangerous amusement park is Tank ride. It was one of the most popular rides at Motorworld, and it was prominently seen in the TV ads. It was a paid ride in which a small tank was driven in a chainlink fence confined area, for almost five minutes at a time, with tennis ball mortars that made the riders eligible to shoot at a sensor that is clearly mounted on each tank. If it hit the target then the activity of tank would be stopped for 15 seconds, while others tankers would take advantage of this opportunity to target the harmed vehicle with more fire. Visitors from outside could also join the ride by the mortars mounted on inside of the fence.

When workers had to enter the confined area to attend a struck vehicle that commonly happened several times in a day, they were sometimes bombarded with tennis balls from every side irrespective of the fact that it was prohibited. So, this ride became more dangerous for the employees as compared to the visitors. It resulted in stressful work and it became the least famous place to work in the park.