Best Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide 2019

Biking is an adventure which only a biker can experience and understand, no matter if you ride a cruiser or a trendy sporty bike just for pleasure or for your daily work use.

Motorcycle riding gives a phenomenal experience and a lot of amateur riders have switched to full-fledged professional bikers as participating in rallies in tough terrains and learning all the nuances of using a motorcycle, right from the mechanics to the artistic designing to deck up the machine.

Along with this passion comes the question of safety and this leads to the choice of helmets for motorbike use.

All over the world using helmets is a precautionary and preventive measure to avoid grievous head injuries and with these traffic rules the usage of helmet is mandatory.

This scenario has given rise to a sunrise industry of designer helmets, as bike riding has become a style statement amongst the youth and so is the case of the accessories that go along with the bike.

Making a decision on the kind of helmet to use is basically simple – the helmets that are approved by traffic authorities/agencies for safety. Over and above the basic approved safety norms, the designing of motorcycle helmets and the various types of helmets can be decided by the user.

Over and above the basic approved safety norms, the designing of motorcycle helmets and the various types of helmets can be decided by the user.

If you are a type of person who loves to go for long trips on bikes then this article will be quite helpful for you on your safety issues. Nowadays there are the immense variety of bikes available in the markets for youngsters.Youth enjoys bike riding with

Youth enjoys bike riding with big group of friends and exploring beautiful places around the world. In the racy speed you often forget about your safety and ignore wearing helmets as you find it like an interference to your enjoyment time. It is the only mistake you make while your exciting trip.

What are motorcycle helmets?

Motorcycle helmets are types of head accessories used to protect our head against any injury caused during an accident. The main motive behind wearing helmets is that they protect riders head against any head injury caused during an unknown collision.

In case you meet with a severe accident,and you are not wearing the helmet, then your brain can get damage. Two conditions can come up regarding a brain injury, either you die or you face life-long problems regarding brain functionality or spine injuries.

A number of individuals do not like wearing the head covering as they find them to be a burden on their head and others avoid due to show off. But remember if any body part gets damaged, they can be replaced or heal after sometime. But head injuries are such that they either finish off your life or make it hell. With any severe head injuries survival chance is minimum.

There are lot of awareness campaigns conducted by government in order to increase awareness for wearing helmets during mortor cycle rides.More than 70% cases of head injuries can be reduced by just wearing helmets.

Now adays the re are many types of helemts available in the markets to encourage people to wear helmets. Many helemets provide additional facilities like ventilation, face covers, ear safety, intercom, etc.

The right ype of helmet worn by you can save your life during the most dreadful 30 seconds you have ever thought of.

If you have bought a new bike then be sure to buy a new helmets also. But there is so much confusion regarding the type of helmets you should buy as ther is vast diversity in that also. In this editorial we will provide you all the details about types of helmets available in the market.You must have heard about these terms for helmets like composite shells,

You must have heard about these terms for helmets like composite shells, fiber glass, venturi effects, EPS liners or pinlock lenses. But do you have any ides about their actual meaning, so now let’s find out what these terms actually mean before buying a motorcycle helmet.

The major guide is to first decide which type of helmet the user wants to buy. There are a variety of Best motorcycle helmets available which are listed as follows.

  1. Full Face Helmets
  2. Open-face Helmets
  3. Youth Motorcycle Helmets
  4. Dual Sport Helmets
  5. Modular Helmets

We have to tried to explain the basic types of motorcycle helmets here in details as follows :

Full-face motorcycle helmets

Full-face helmets covers the whole head, with rear that covers till the base of the face. It also has a defensive division over the front of the chin. These helmets have an open cut-out in a band through the eyes and nose, and mostly contain a clear or highlighted see-through plastic face guard, recognised as a shade. This screen generally rotates up and down to let access to the face. Various full face head coverings consist of openings to increase the airflow to the bike rider. The important desirability of these helmets is their secureness. These type of helmets are used during long tours.

Open Face or ¾ motorcycle helmets :

These types of helmets shelters the ears, cheeks, and back of the head, but lacks the lesser chin bar of the full face headdress. Lots of helmets are provided with Snap-On screens that may be used by the rider to lessen sunlight brightness. An open face helmet provides the same back shield as a full face helmet, but slight safety to the face, even from small accidents. This type of head gear is uncommon amongst bike riders as they are prone to dust and air which cause disruption during bike rides.

Half-face motorcycle helmets

These helmets were popular among the road racers of the 1060’s in the British Isles. It looks same as open face head gear but doesn’t have back protection and looks like a bowl. The half-helmet gives limited coverage to the face and chin. And because of this weakness, Motorcycle Safety Foundation forbids use of half helmets. These type of helmets are used locally by the users.

Off-road or Motocross Helmets

The motocross or off-road head covering has clearly extended chin and visor percentages. A chin bar, and partly open face gives the rider, an added security while wearing safety glasses and to let the unrestricted movement of air during the physical action of this type of racing. The blind is to allow the rider to incline his or her head and offer further safety from flying fragments in the course of off road riding. It will also preserve the sunlight out of the eyes of the rider during hurdles. These type of helmets are popular as dual sports helmet.

Flip-up or Modular motorcycle helmets :

Flip-up or Modular helmets are the mixture of full-face or open-face helmets. After completely amassed and fastened, they look like full face helmets by manner a chin bar for gripping face effects. Its chin bar may be turned aloft (or may be detached) by a singular device to let contact to maximum part of the face, as in case of open face hood. The rider can eat, drink or talk without unhooking the chinstrap and taking away the helmet. It is also prevalent with people who use spectacles as it permits them to fit a helmet devoid of removing their specs. These helmets are popular among recent bikers who search for more flexibility from their lids.

Factors determining the type of motorcycle helmet you require:

  • Type of bikes you ride on
  • Type of riding you do
  • Type of safety measures covered in the helmet
  • Times of collision faced by you while riding a bike

Factors in selecting helmet structure:

  • Safety factors
  • Exteriors of the material
  • Safeguard Options and Reflectiveness Features
  • Fitting and light weight features
  • Wind resistance quality
  • Brand affordability

Therefore, selecting helmets depends on the type of rides you enjoy with your group. Also, the safety element is very important for deciding the structure of the head gear. There is no restriction on enjoying you road trips with your friends or loved ones, but remember that security always comes first. Someone is always waiting for you to return home. So please wear helmet and drive safely.

Here is the list of Guides that will help you to find the Best Option ?

Once the type of helmet is decided, then the user can zero down to buy the type of helmet he/she wants. There are a lot of avenues to buy helmets, right from online shopping sites, exclusive helmet showrooms, automobile showroom, and custom made helmet makers/designer, etc. etc.

The helmets required are also depenedent on type of motor cycle you are using, sporty bikes, cruisers, or rally bikes. Sporty bikes and cruisers motor cycle helmets usually are round without the chin protector. Chin protectors are usually needed for dirt bike riding (rally rides).


The choices of helmets are very many based on the user preference.

First, let us answer the queries before purchasing the helmet as a user.

Why are you using the helmet ?

The answer to this question is the traffic laws makes it mandatory with safety being upper most in the mind. Secondly, a good design would go a long way in making a style statement.

What features are expected by you in the helmet ?

The answer to this question will be extremely varied and it is here classification comes. If you are a user to for riding to and fro from workplace and socializing, then a half face helmet would do.

If you are also going to participate in rallies, long distance driving (75 kms+ per day), then you would prefer a full face helmet with a good ventilation system. Depending on the country or city you live, you will choose a helmet with visors for protection from the Sun or without visors where the heat is not too much.

This way you narrow your choice down to get to what exactly you want.

How safe is the helmet you choose?

Third comes the safety certification and approval from government agencies is mandatory.

What size and shape of the head ?

Helmets must fit snugly on your head and not cause any distress with good view of the road. An iIl fitting helmet can pose major harm not only to your driving but also your head and neck.

So you must narrow down the choice of helmet to the brands that offer the maximum variety for different head shapes and size with appropriate safety liners and sweat absorbers etc.

Removable and washable liners are a must for helmets used for daily use to avoid infections to the scalp and back of head due to sweat accumulation.

Good ventilation ports and vents for entry and exit of cold air and hot air should be a key feature of any full face helmets.

What is the weight of the helmet ?

Helmets should ideally not weight more than 5.5 pounds which is the best tolerated weight on the head especially for driving time of more than one hour.

The material used should be lightweight approved for safety use and at the same time snugly fit. Most helmets are designed with lightweight polycarbonates, fiberglass or carbon fiber composites, as these are the materials that offer the highest standards of safety.

Here is Top 10 Selection of Motorcycle Helmets :

Picture Name Type Price Rating

AGV K3 5-Continents Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Full-Face $$$ 4.4

Bell Clutch Adult Qualifier DLX Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Bluet0oth $$$ 4.6

TORC T10B Prodigy Full Faced Helmet with Blinc 2.0 Stereo Bluetooth Technology and ‘Coupe’ Graphic

Bluetooth $$$ 4.4

Shark RAW Blank Helmet

Full-face $$$ 4.7

Nolan N44 Trilogy Solid Helmet (Black Graphite, Large)

Full-face $$$ 5.0

Bio-hazard Matte Black Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT (L)

DOT, Full-face $$$ 4.0

HJC CL-Max 2 Solid Bluetooth Ready Modular Snowmobile Helmet with Dual Lens – Matte Black, Medium

Modular $$$ 4.0

TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Blue Skull Motorcycle Helmet Silver Dirt Bike Helmet+Goggles+gloves S

Kids, Youth $$$ 5.0

CUSTOM BILT Women’s Roadster Retro Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Open-face, Custom,Women $$$ 3.8

Daytona Shadow Full Face DOT Motorcycle Helmet w/ Helmet Mohawk

Custom, DOT, Full-face $$$ 4.0


What are the additional features that are available ?

Nowadays, lot of features have been engineered and built into the helmets like a mask protector to ensure dusty air is not inhaled.

Apart from this wind controller, air flow entry for cold air and exit vents for hot air to improve air circulation are incorporated to give added user value.

This way the best possible helmet for your use can be decided upon by thinking about the use of helmet not only as a mandatory accessory for following the rules, but as a necessary safety gadget.

Once you decide on a fairly good range of features in built to suit your needs, the last thing on your mind should be the price. One thing anyone must understand is that the best things in life come at a reasonably priced.


So based on your understanding of your usage, you can decide which helmets suit your requirement and buy the helmet that fits your requirements and might be a wee bit expensive on the price front but it is worth to a pay a bit more for your safety and meeting your personal usage requirements.

Factors to be considered before buying a helmet

Riding back from office or a road trip, and knowing that someone is waiting for you is the best feeling one has while heading home. Be it your wife, your parents, your friends or your kids, everyone is special to you as you are to them. You are the reason for their happiness, and hence, you should take care of yourself while riding back home. For your safety, you should always choose to wear a helmet on a two wheeler.

Helmets are the protection to your head in case you meet with an accident. Buying a right helmet should be given extreme importance as the life of a bike rider greatly depends on it. To make sure that you buy a perfect helmet, some factors should be considered while buying helmet.

To make it definite that your helmet ensures what you want it to, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has hand out a standard that confirms headdress models that clear hard laboratory challenge.

Before buying a helmet, one should look at the DOT label on it, which proves that this helmet meets all the safety standards and performs the necessary purpose of buying it. The helmet should be impact resistant, penetration safe and retain pressure during the crash.

Factors to be kept in mind while buying a head gear

  • Types of helmets available in the market– There is a huge variety of helmets available for you in the market. You can choose your helmet according to the usage. If you love long road trips, then you should go for full face or modular helmets which will protect your face from dust, and other restraints. If you want to move around locally on your motor bike, then you can use half face or open face helmets. Selecting the right type of helmet in the course of your journey will provide you with the safety of your life.
  • Adequate fit and comfort– The second thing to decide after knowing the variety available, is the comfort level of the helmet. You should wear your helmet for at least 15 minutes before buying it. The head gear must have a proper fit to your head so that it’s tight as well as comfortable. It should not drop off your head with a sudden jerk. For this, you can visit a nearby helmet shop and try all the type of helmets and buy according to your comfort level. You can take a test drive by putting that helmet and check how much noise it restraints the behavior in the wind.
  • Holding capacity of the helmet– Wear the helmet and check whether it can control your cheeks, jaws and top and edges of your head. Then, take the back rim of the helmet and try gently sloping it forward off your skull. If it pains, it means the headdress will hold on your head firmly. If the head gear comes out easily, do not buy that helmet as it will do the same at the time of an accident. Thus, it will not protect your head.
  • Ease and mass– the comfort and weight of the helmet are entirely different from its holding capacity and fitness levels. Try to wear a head gear for about half an hour and check its easiness. The headgear must be light weight, and your head should be able to bear the load for the time you are driving your bike. For long bike rides, you need a lightweight as well as a comfortable helmet to enjoy the trip. Heaviness and discomfort caused by helmets will lead to headaches and disruptions while driving the motorcycle.
  • Exterior and interior of helmet– The head gear must have two solid covers, an outer covering and inner covering. The exterior casing should be done with thermoplastic, compound fiber, or Kevlar joined with carbon stuff. The internal shell is intended for the enthralling utmost of the tremor in the event of animpact. It’s also more delicate so check this portionprudently for dipsor curves. The interiorcasing is made of expanded polystyrene. So both the inner and outer layer is the important element to be check before buying a good helmet.
  • Screen or visor of the helmet– When you drive your bike, the visualization from inside is of extreme prominence. While the shade of the helmet is not related to the safety factor but t plays a great role while driving and looking clearly through that screen. Smoldered and mercury colored screens certainly look decent on a head covering, but they cause interference in eyes while driving in the night or in low-light environments. Whereas clear visors are the best inexpensive bet, an anti-fog and anti-scrape visor is an additional component that you won’t repent having. Hence, visibility is much important while buying a head gear.
  • Right size and design– While purchasing a helmet, do consider its size and design according to your personality. If you are short, big size helmets won’t suit you as it will give a funny impression. You can buy head gear according to your height and body built. You also have an option of designing the exterior part of the helmet as per your will. It is a costly affair but many people go for it and get their old helmets restored as per their budget.
  • Safety factors– Every country has set standards for the head gears used by bikers. In the US it is DOT, in India it is ISI mark and Europe it is ECE 22.05 tag. All the branded helmets should adhere to the guidelines and safety regulation set by the government.
  • Other factors– Advanced ventilation, dual liners, aerodynamics, colors, cheek pads, brands, noise reduction, Bluetooth, modular design, vents and cost of the helmet, are the various factors to be kept in mind while buying a helmet.

Therefore, all the reasons mentioned above are considered at the time of purchasing a new helmet as they are the essential components of safety. One should never compromise with the protection of life and buy a good brand helmet which meets all the safety standards.

The above points enlisted not will make the reader think about safety and comfort with a different perspective but will also enable the user to view the purchase of a helmet with a very informed view regarding the types of helmets available in the market before actually venturing to buy one.

Always being armed with knowledge gives you the better power to choose. Happy riding !