Niagara N2915CH 1.5 GPM Chrome Shower Head

The Niagara vision was to bring a hand-shower to every home in the US. Niagara Corporation leads in the shower section, offering distinctively styled showerheads, shower accessories and hand showers. Producers of the Delta and Peerless branded shower accessories, showerheads, hand showers, and Niagara have produced ideas accessible to all channels for home remodeling, improvement and builder markets. Also, has a name for its products with unmatched innovative new features and quality. Design engineers, re-modelers, and end users can choose from showerheads and hand showers from a wide pool of variety of styles, finishes, and functions to customize any bath. Understandably, the shower is usually “haven” for a couple of minutes when you require my time, relaxation and just a little pampering. Niagara comes with a written agreement of all components and a client support mechanism that is accessible.

Features of this product by Niagara

Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead works well with low water pressure unlike many other showerheads that require high pressure, it’s also made of Solid brass, high-intensity spray and Operates at 9.4 liters per minute Chrome finish.
Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead just for a fraction of the price of other showerheads, you can encounter this completely functional, yet reasonably affordable standard kind best shower head. When you first experience the enjoyable full spray that this showerhead gives, you will think you should have purchased at triple the price.

Niagara Operates at 9.5 liters per minute and operates very well for low pressures. The intensified full spray comes with a strong spray notwithstanding the lower water pressures. Ideal for college dormitories. It’s made of solid brass components that enhance its durability. It’s justified with easy-to-follow installation instruction and a lifetime warranty, this best shower head is certain to give showering pleasure and economizing for the coming years. After a recent update of a bathroom, a client decided to “treat” himself, and his home to a brand-new best shower head. He then found out that the showerheads had improved a big deal in the past 10 years so he has been testing several lately. And the Niagara’s Earth® best shower head is the second best shower head that he tried, and it didn’t last several showers before it was removed.

On the flip side, there are serious issues with this shower head
He got in the shower for a bath and the next thing he was shouting, the only thing he wanted to do at this point is to get it out and put the old shower head back. The shower head emanates fog more than a conventional shower does. It is completely suspected since this as it may be, is a little shower head measuring 24mm in outside measurement.

Another very concerning issue facing this shower-head
The water coming out of the showerhead is much hotter and the water literally hits your body. It could be a problem for kids as the water touching their bodies but the water directly coming out of the head was very hot indeed.

For those interested in purchasing this kind of shower head, it does not come with a shut-off like you may read about this product. What it means, however, Niagara’s Earth® best shower head is basically the same shower head with a shut-off.

Actually, the best shower head can be given credit, In fact on analysis on how much water is used close the drain just to see how much of water is spend you find that very little remained in the tub so in that aspect it does save you water. The water restrictor can be removed at will with self-cleaning nozzles and anti-clogging jets that prevents the head from being clogged with lime and hard water.

Benefits of using Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead

Another anomaly we noticed is that while the water that leaves the shower head is boiling, the one that hits your body won’t be so hot. However, the Niagara’s Earth® best shower head saves water efficiently. This shower head does not come with a shut-off.

This high quality, yet affordable shower head offers an enviable spray pressure. It is effortless to dismantle, to enable you to clean the inside of the ports.

However, it does not focus the spray in the direction it is pointed at, making the spray pattern from this shower head just plain absurd. Also, the head is difficult to adjust once installed.

The Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead is guaranteed to offer to shower pleasure and savings (of course, it is quite durable) for years to come. It is very affordable and will give you a run for your money. Its quality is also guaranteed.

Niagara Corporation is a leader in the shower category, with many distinctively-styled shower heads, hand showers and shower accessories to their name.

This unique corporation also has a reputation for manufacturing products that have unmatched quality and innovative new features.

This is one of the few corporations where everyone including designers, remodelers, and consumers have the option to choose from hand showers and shower heads in a wide variety of styles, functions, and finishes to customize any bathroom.

Why not? After all, the bathroom is our sanctuary for a few minutes of personal time, relaxation and just a bit of pampering.

Also, Niagara Corporation offers an extended warranty on all products, as well as a customer support line that is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.EST. Having seen the impressive features of this unique shower head, we will advise you to go for it, if it meets your taste and specifications.


You can purchase the Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead, Chrome to replace any plastic 2.5 GPM showerhead that you might be currently using. The Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead is perfect for rinsing off soap and shampoo. It is quite affordable and can also be used on your travels along with your toiletries. Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead saves water and sounds like a little jet engine when in use. No matter how much you spend on your head, we don’t think you’ll be able to get an easy to assemble, better and more effective showerhead than the Niagara’s Earth® Showerhead.