16 Best Office Chairs Review & Guide 2021

Every company must ensure that the employees have comfortable and enough chairs to use when working. There are various brands and types of chairs that one can buy for his or her company. Some seats are quite affordable, and therefore you can always be able to buy office chairs on a budget. All you have to ensure is that the chairs are comfortable to sit on and are durable as well.

Let’s discuss 16 examples of the best office chairs.

Workpro office chair

Have you been searching for the ideal chair for your unique comfort needs when attending to your activities in the home office or perhaps in the professional setting? Well, a great suggestion for you at such a point in time would be to try out the Workpro Office Chair as one of the best choices you have ever made for your office productivity needs. This seat features a professional design that differentiates it from the conventional seat or couch that most people tend to work with, all without compromising on comfort or user satisfaction as well. If you are one of those individuals who has also been seeking the ideal strategy to improve your focus and concentration levels when it comes to accomplishing your important tasks, then this Workpro chair is a good place for you to start. It is important to note that these particular chairs are designed in such a way that they can accommodate all the unique comfort needs of any users based on its broad spectrum of auxiliary features such as the flip-up armrest, spongy seats and high back mesh amongst many others. read full review

 Haworth office chairs

If you have been searching for the ideal seat for your professional setting or perhaps a solution that is perfect for the workplace, then an excellent suggestion for you would be to try the great Haworth Lively Task Office Chair. This seat comes with a host of auxiliary features that have been fine-tuned with the end user in mind. It is important to know that various studies have shown that your sitting position, as well as you, ’re the setting that you operate play a significant role in your overall productivity and comfort levels. Therefore, the right place for you to start would be to make a conscious decision by settling for a top-notch seat that is developed by a well-known seat manufacturer. More so, With this Lively chair, one can easily benefit from Haworth’s industry-leading research in human performance and ergonomics as well. From the seat depth all the way to the adjustable arms and lumbar support, this seat has been engineered to relax the body while simultaneously encouraging the user to concentrate on completing important tasks. This lively seat is more than a well-built and comfortable chair; it’s a diamond in the rough can stand out in any professional setting with a superior aesthetic design. read full review

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid

The SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid is an interesting chair in that it incorporates many different features found in other chairs which are typically exclusive from one another. For example, you’ll come in contact with three different materials upon sitting on the chair (this is not counting the chair’s frame). The SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid breaks away from the traditional formula of making chairs by focusing less on building a chair and focusing more on building parts of a chair. Or micromanaging, if you will. read full review

Serta Executive Office Chair 43670

The Executive Office Chair 43670 is brought to us by Serta and is marketed as being a cheaper solution to many of the more high-end office chairs on today’s market. As is the case with any budget product, you’ll need to be okay with making a few sacrifices if you’d like to save some money on your next purchase. As such, shopping for a bargain product of any sort – office chair or otherwise – requires careful consideration on your end to ensure the chair you settle for does away with features you aren’t particularly interested in, giving you a great deal without having you feel as if anything is missing. read full review

Lorell Executive High-Black Chair

The Lorell Executive High-Black Chair is an office chair whose main priorities are nothing other than offer a great level of comfort as well as a good level of savings. It is likely most (and perhaps only) suited toward those who value a large degree of comfort for the price and don’t mind skipping out on other features as a means of getting such a great comfort-to-price ratio in the first place. The chair features a large amount of mesh in its make and, as you’ll come to see as we make our way through this review, the mesh used in its make plays a large role in its comfort, durability and nearly any other metric of quality you could think of, whether for better or worse. read full review

Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG Review

The Flash Furniture office chair we’ll be reviewing today goes in great contrast to many of the office chairs which are currently flooding the online market. For some time now, mesh and leather (whether faux or otherwise) have dominated the market, giving users little in the way of choice when it comes to the material of their chair. And, as it turns out, with lack of material choice comes to lack of price choice. Simply put, it can be easy to find yourself feeling forced into a certain budget when selecting a chair outside of a small variety of models which break away from today’s common trends. If you find that leather and intricate mesh designs seem to be nothing more than an unnecessary mark up in price, this chair may be just the answer. Let’s go in for a closer look and see whether or not this frugal chair is worth your money to begin with. read full review

Alera ilusion

This type of seat looks simple but very comfortable. The chair is designed using mesh back panel which adds that extra comfort when one is sitting on it. The chair is also affordable and therefore suitable for people who wish to buy office chairs on a budget. Other features of the seat include the cushions which have a waterfall edge designed to avoid pressure on the legs. The seat is also adjustable and hence offers excellent comfort when working.

Office Star Air Grid

If you are looking for an affordable office chair, well office start air grid is the solution for you. The chair is adjustable whereby you can either adjust the height upwards or downwards, and you can as well increase or decrease the width of the seat. Therefore we can conclude that this chair is the most convenient and versatile seat which can be used by individuals of different sizes and heights too. The seat is also made using a mesh siding which allows excellent circulation of air.

IKEA Marcus

Although the chair is not beautiful, it is one of the best seats that offer comfort. The chair is designed using mesh back panels that provides excellent breathing environment. The chair is a well-known brand, and they also give it a warranty whereby you can always return it to the company if you don’t like it for your office. The chair is also adjustable too.

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Sayl chair is considered to be more affordable as compared to other desk chairs. Yves Behar in America designed this type of chair. The chair is also made in various colors for the clients to choose from. The seat is not adjustable but guarantees your comfort when sitting on it. Therefore if you are looking for a simple yet affordable office seat, well Sayl chair by Herman Miller is the perfect choice for you.

SomaComfort chair

This is one of the strongest office chairs that you will find on the market. The chair is designed with a tall spine like shaped back to protect you from having back pain and injuries especially when working for long hours. In other words, this chair focuses on improving your posture by ensuring that your lower back is fully protected.

Knoll Recreation

Knoll chairs are the leading brand office furniture all around. The chair can curve and flex so as to support the weight of the person sitting on it. Therefore It offers great support depending on the angle or position you are sitting on it. The seat can also adjust up to 270 degrees of posture. The chair is made using environmentally friendly materials such as the corn and the soy-based materials, and you can have it added other details such as the aluminum base and the lumbar support.

Human scale different chair

This is one of the most ergonomic chairs in the world as it is made using 95 percent of recycled materials. The chair is also quite light as it only weighs around 25 pounds hence making it easy to move. The seat automatically adjusts when you sit on it whereby it can recline.

Steelcase Leap

This is the best working chair for commercial use. The chair has been in existence for a long time and is known all over the world. The back and the seat adjusts independently hence allowing excellent support for the individual using the chair.

Freedom task chair

The chair is designed using beautiful and attractive colors. Also, the seat automatically adjusts and reclines according to the body weight of the person sitting on the chair.

Herman Miller Embody chair

This is one of the most expensive yet comfortable chairs of all times. It is designed in a way that one can comfortably and naturally rotate on the seat while keeping your back neutral and protected as well.

10 Tips For Buying Office Furniture On a Budget

Apart from acquiring an office equipped with good working conditions excellent desks and good lighting, it is advisable that you buy good furniture for your office. The number of furniture will depend on the number of employees and rooms you have in the office, and therefore you must put them into consideration. Well, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to acquire good office furniture for your firm as various ways can guide you in purchasing good cheap chairs for your office.

What are the ten tips that can guide you in buying office furniture on a budget?

Focus on priorities

One tip that can guide you when purchasing office chairs is by making sure that you concentrate on the priority areas that require the seats. If your company is starting off, then it is advisable that you focus on buying chairs for your office, employees and the reception area. This is because these are the sectors that require seats either when serving a customer or holding a meeting. Your aim is to ensure that the office has seats and you don’t end up spending a lot of expenses on it as well, so make sure that the core priority areas are first catered for, and the rest can follow later.

Know the materials of the seats

It is important that you know the right seats to buy for the office and take the time to understand their materials such as how they work and how they cost. This is because you need to buy chairs at a pocket-friendly price and of good quality as well. So knowing the material used in making the seats is crucial and will help you make the right choice as well.

Buy online

You can never go wrong with online purchasing. Not only do you get your items delivered at your doorstep but you also get to purchase the items at a discount as well. Therefore so many vendors who prefer to sell their products online and sometimes they sell them at a discount. Therefore search online and take advantage of the discount offered on various sites to purchase your office chairs.

Buy from thrift shops

Another tip that can help you save money in purchasing office chairs is by buying the second-hand seats. There are so many thrift stores that sell quality items that can be reused for a long time. Therefore visit some shops around your state and buy from them.


It is important that you make sure that before you make your purchases, you draft a list of what you need for your office. This will assist you to avoid impulse buying, and the list will guide you in looking for a supplier who will supply the chairs for you within your budget. Therefore make a list of the number and type of seats you need for your office.

Do your research

Don’t settle on the first shop that you see instead visit several stores and compare their prices and the quality of seats they sell. You can also check on other sources such as newspapers and magazines adverts.

Buy from one supplier

Buying from one supply is crucial as not only do you save time but you can as well get a huge discount since you are buying in bulk from them. Therefore consider sourcing your office furniture from one company.

Know the size of your room

It is important that you have the measurement of the size of your office in mind when making your purchases so as to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses for returning the chairs that do not fit in the room back to the supplier.

Ask for help

It is important that you ask for help from friends or family members who have offices in the best place that you can buy good furniture within your budget. Your aim is to buy good furniture at an affordable price, so it is crucial that you seek help.

Multi-use the furniture

Buy furniture that can be used more than ones. For example, buy chairs that are portable such that your employees can use them when working and having a meeting as well.