One Piece Toilet Reviews

There are many benefits to having the best one-piece toilet. It’s easier to install a one-piece toilet, as well as being easier to clean. There are no nooks and crannies that you’ll have to scrub out, so you won’t have to hunch yourself over the toilet to clean it.

The best flushing toilet needs to fit into your bathroom space, yet still, be functional and elegant.

Toto, American Standard, and Kohler are the top toilet brand makers in the business today. You really can’t go wrong when buying a quality toilet from one of these manufacturers. Their one-piece toilets may cost a bit more than a two-piece, but they’re more than worth the initial investment. These types of toilets are easy to wipe clean. When you start using your new toilet and doing your weekly cleaning, you’ll soon how much better a one-piece toilet can be.

5 Best One Piece Toilets to buy, from the top three toilet makers today.

Toto Elongated One Piece Toilet with Sanagloss

The Toto MS85411ELG toilet has an elongated tank, making it perfect for snug fits in smaller bathrooms. It has a Sanagloss finish, making it easier to clean.

Its ion barrier inhibits mold and bacterial growth and will sweep it away so it doesn’t adhere to the inside. Sanagloss will keep your toilet clean every time you flush.

The tank height is 27.5 inches high from floor to top, the tank width is 16.5 inches, and the bowl rim height is 16.5”.

The Toto Ultramax has a fast flush, perfect for busy family bathrooms. It has a wider 2 1/8” trapway, which was designed on the computer to maximize flushing efficiency.

The Toto toilet gives a nice quiet flush so you don’t have to disturb family members in the evening. The Toto Ultramax II toilet reviews all agree that this is a great high-performance toilet

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

American Standard Champion is a full-sized toilet available in white or linen colors. It has slightly elongated sides for maximizing water usage.

The EverClean surface will prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, or stains. It’s made from vitreous china materials.

This toilet can move masses 70% larger than most other types of standard toilets. You won’t have to worry about your toilet plugging up so easily ever again.

The 2 3/8” trapway will also help your toilet to flush fully and completely, not leaving any waste behind.

The American Standard toilet comes with an impressive ten-year warranty against defects. In the box is one toilet and two bolts, but you’ll have to buy the seat separately.

American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece Toilet

If you’re reading through the best-elongated toilet reviews, the American Standard Compact Cadet FloWise toilet is one of the best compact toilets for smaller guest bathrooms or basement bathrooms.

It’s available in black, bone, and white colors. Despite being compact, it’s still built with a high-efficiency design.

It’ll fit neatly into your small space under the stairs or in the basement.

This toilet is built with the low-consumption of water in mind. It has an EverClean surface that actually prevents the growth of mold, bacteria, and stains, making it easier to clean once a week. Not only does the bowl have EverClean, but the lid and toilet seat do as well.

The plastic is microbial-inhibiting, so you can trust that it’s safe to touch in between disinfecting, or for when young hands touch everything. The lid is also slow-closing, so that young children won’t get their hands hit by rapidly closing lids. This lid will also keep you from waking your spouse up at night in ensuite bathrooms.

Toto MS853113#01 Ultimate Round One Piece Toilet

The Toto Ultimate Round one-piece toilet is available in four different color choices, sure to coordinate with sink or bathtub. This toilet features a round shape. It has a chrome-plated trip lever and a soft-close lid that won’t hit the seat quickly, so it’s safe to have around smaller children. This toilet has a three-inch flush valve, making it more efficient than other toilets.

The tramway is fully glazed so waste doesn’t get trapped, and it stays more hygienic.

The lid will slowly and gently lower down to the seat. The seat is made from durable plastic so it won’t break or crack easily. It’ll be firm when one sits upon it, and it will not shift around.

The Toto one-piece toilet has a 2 1/8 inch trap way, so waste will flow through without getting stuck. Water will be drawn into the bowl more quickly.

Its G-Max siphon jet will ensure waste is pushed quickly down into the sewage pipes, and that it’s not going to back up. Flushing will be quieter than with other types of toilets.

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever

The Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height elongated gravity flush toilet is available in eight different colors so that you can replace your toilet and match to your existing tub and sink, without having to replace them too. This toilet’s one-piece design enables easy cleaning.

It has a comfortable height, meaning that those who have trouble sitting and standing back up again, particularly the disabled or elderly, can utilize a higher seat, making it easier to sit and stand again. The bowl is compact and elongated so that it fits under smaller ledges or bathrooms, but still, has a full-capacity flux system. It uses 1.28 gallons per flush.

The elongated and compact design of the Kohler Santa Rose toilet is perfect for fitting into most smaller bathrooms. The AquaPiston canister moves water quickly into the bowl from three different sides. This enables a more powerful flush, quickly moving the waste down the drain. It promises leak-free performance due to a 90% less exposed seal. This toilet comes with a one-year warranty to back up the product.

One-piece toilets have many benefits, including the reduced chance of leaking between bowl and tank, as there are no spaces, or cracks in a one-piece toilet. Choose any of the above five toilets in the Kohler, Toto, or American Standard toilet brands, and you’re sure to be pleased by their low-level water consumption, but high capacity flushing systems.