Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head with Brass Swivel Ball Connector & Flow Restrictor, Brushed Nickel

Rain showerheads are becoming popular nowadays due to their water efficiency and excellent sensation when bathing. These types of bathrooms offer a drenching rain like experience hence providing a luxurious spa-like feeling. Amazingly, these best showerhead are available for a number of set up some is flexible while others are installed on the roof. Rain shower heads are crafted to deliver rain like bathing.

Bathing is now even more enjoyable with Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head. It’s a product designed to make sure the trend in a shower room. No more corrosion as with other heads since this one is manufactured from a combination of ABS plastic and brass. To increases its visual appearance, it is provided with a nickel, which also stops corrosion. Additionally, when bathing it is possible to change showerhead to fit correct water discharging position.

Main advantages to using Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head:

    • Compared to using a Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head, you get a greater bathing experience. After all, who wants to use a container and constantly dip within the water, wasting more along the way?
    • You will be able to change the shower setting and have one that makes you comfortable and will rinse all areas around your whole body. You can select the temperatures according to your own atmosphere either cold or hot water, this showerhead will you surprise of getting into a scalding hot or cold bath.
    • It gives you water in a relaxing manner. You will not want to use a container and be woken up with difficult jets water. With more slowly water, you get to convenience into the cool or hot heat range, ensuring a high-quality shower.
    • Purelux modern design 8-inch rainfall fixed mount shower head offers various setting according to your preference.
    • It is very easy to put in. Anyone will be able to do it themselves, with Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head getting only up to an hour of your time. Once the wax is dry and you have cleaned it out, you can use it immediately. No knowledge or investing on other tools is needed.
    • They are resilient and will last for a long time. Also, some come with a lifetime assurance you could take full advantage of. You are also able to avail of return assures that can last for provided that one month. Almost all high-quality showerheads come with the amazing client support you are entitled to.
    • You can maintain Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head easily, and they are less liable to leaks or damage. This helps you to save water and helps you to save the interference of a leaking bathing room shower.

This contemporary design is very easy and modern looking. The 8-inch showerhead is big and robust, covers a huge area to make sure a full-body apply and makes you feel as if you are bathing while it is raining. It is made of top high-quality ABS, which causes it to be lightweight but resilient. Stress-flow assessments and 20,000 cycles swing assessments were performed on the brass swivel ball to make sure reliability and the finest high quality. We recommend our 16-inch Stainless-steel Metal Shower Arm improve this showerhead’s reach. This model was presented in the photos with the best shower head.

Main Features

    • Brass swivel ball designed for long-term sturdiness and allows you to change the position of the showerhead
    • 8″ Rainfall fall shower head with premium Chrome finish, 16 inches Stainless-steel Metal Shower Arm.
    • Installation is the wind, no any type of pluming tools required. Plumbing engineer’s tape involved.
    • With the optionally available water restrictor that is involved, the flow rate is limited to 2.5 GPM.
    • You will find the 5 Year warranty


It’s simple design causes it to save up on space and is easier to add to any bracket. In addition, having will be the wind with a better position. It is made of stainless steel, so you are assured that it would last for a long time. No need to worry about corrosion or any tarnishes, as the steel can certainly make sure it are well protected. It has a Universal 1/2 IPS connection, so it is sure to fit most shower lines with convenience. It is also very easy to put in, only getting less than a time of your time. You can also opt to have a plumber professionally set it up. Take note that there is no hose involved and that it is a single feature showerhead. Even then, you will be capable of making many features it offers, such as a rubber misting nozzle and anti-lime scale design.

The flow has the right quantity of pressure and gives you a decent applies. It reduces the quantity water streaming out, so you will not be treating around the shower, but it would still give the smooth flow you want. Installation is very easy, with you being able to do it yourself. You do not need tools, and you can easily install it within a few minutes without any plumber services. . It would fit any non-electric shower unit. Maintenance of Purelux modern style 8 inch rainfall fixed mount shower head is simple, as the nozzles are self-cleaning.


Rainfall best shower head are truly ideal devices meant to change a shower room into today’s spas. Their designs are dedicated to improving bathing experience. Unlike conventional heads, rainfall heads are enhanced with extra features to increase bathing room experience while reducing water utilization. Get one of above 20 rainfall design bath heads and make your bathing enjoyable. What is excellent about Purelux modern design 8 inch rainfall fixed mount shower head is that despite its size, it will still have you save as much as 20% water, in comparison to the standard shower head. It has the perfect quantity of pressure while still known as a low-pressure showerhead.