Showermax Handheld Shower Head

Enjoy your experience in the shower to the maximum with Showermax. In the shower is where you can feel free to arouse and awaken all your senses, free your breath and start to feel good inside and out giving you an overall sensation of wellbeing. Showermax is the perfect showerhead to make you happy, balanced and satisfied with yourself. Showermax handheld showerhead comes with a premium quality built with a high-quality ABS material and a perfect elegant chrome finish all around the system including the generous 4.5 face plate. So, if you’re tired maneuvering around just to take a shower then we are introducing Showermax premium handheld shower for you every day needs.
Showermax is built with six different settings that gives you the variety you need and allows you to choose water spray pressure that is right for you. These settings range from giving you a Rainfall spray, power massage, rainfall+ shower massage, circular massage, water saver trickle mode and rainfall + circular massage. When you wake up in the morning all you need is an instant quick shower as your day awaits you and the Rainfall spray setting is perfect for that. Rainfall and power massage combine to give you a strong and soothing massage to relax your muscles. Whenever you are just exhausted your shower is the better place to remove your worries and pause all your cares by just changing the setting to either powerful or circular massage. On the other hand, if you want to take a long bath then the water saver trickle enables you to reduce the water flow to save on energy and water.

Enhance the quality of your shower today with Showermax -the showerhead that cleans you not your wallet. Experience a spa-lie shower today with this showerhead that comes with stretchable stainless handheld steel hose which allows you change the length according to your choice ranging from 4.92 feet to 6.56 feet. This enables you to maximize the size of your bathroom for your convenience and comfort. Another great feature that makes Showermax unique is its adjustable brass ball joint shower mount which allows you to adjust according to your preferences and when you purchase it it will come with a free Teflon tape which prevents water leakage. Showermax has an attractive chrome finish which ensures durability of the showerhead. The handheld showerhead has a sand filter disk installed in it which filters solid particles and prevents the nozzles from blocking.

Showermax is all you need to enhance your bathroom experience. The Showermax kit comes with one handheld showerhead with a filter disk already installed. It also comes with a handheld stretchable hose which is very hefty and of high quality measuring from six to seven feet. The hose has a high quality flexible stainless steel jacket around the nose which prevents it from corrosion. It also comes with a step by step manual with installation instruction with pictures and of course a free Teflon tape. Showermax comes with a lifetime warranty giving you a peace of mind whenever something goes unusual. Full life lifetime warranty?? I mean you cannot afford not to order this. This showerhead from Showermax beats all you can find at your nearby store for its price. Instead of buying low quality ordinary light weight showerheads which are ready to break, consider Showermax with a lifetime warranty.
The elegant chrome finish gives Showermax a unique appearance that you can see your own reflection. This type of showerhead will impress you especially with its brilliant chrome finish. Another reason to consider the Showermax is the two functions it serves you that is the main showerhead and the handheld hose. Its chrome finish resists corrosion and discoloring against the typical mineral deposits left by hardwater. with this feature, all you ever require is only to wash the lime-scale face off the face of the showerhead. The finish gives it a terrific look and gives an illusion that its way more expensive than it really is. Furthermore, it increases its lifetime as it makes it not to corrode or rust maintaining its bright and highly reflective finish fitting well with your modern bathroom.
Installation of Showermax is very easy and this was our other priority. Our hypothetical best showerhead would involve nothing more than unscrewing the old one and screwing in the new one. This requirement eliminated a swath of handheld showerheads that require the installation of a slide rail, which means drilling into the shower wall. The kit comes along with all you need to complete the job including the rubber washers and the Teflon sealing tape. It also comes with a pipe adapter which acts as the mount to hang your showerhead handle.
Its shower outputs seem endless with six spray patterns you can choose from. Despite the fact that it has water saver trickle mode, it comes with a removable water flow restrictor such that if you experience low pressure showers you can remove it. Showermax handheld showerhead is exactly what you are looking for. You could not be more pleased than if you had a Showermax handheld showerhead. Purchase today and experience a marvelous shower with unlimited life warranty.
Bathing is an everyday activity and probably you would like to have the amazing experience in the shower. Showermax has combined the qualities that you will find pleasure using. Buy Showermax buy pleasure in the shower where you come out all positive and rejuvenated. You’re going to love this one if you love the pleasure that comes with showering. This is the best in-home showers that is inexpensive to install and operate. Experience wellness in your bathroom with elegant Showermax handheld showerhead. Experience a thorough perfect rinse each time you shower with Showermax.