Sun Joe SPX4000 Review – Possibly Most Powerful Pressure Washer?

If you are searching for a powerful pressure washer to clean the dirt over your backyard or driveway, Sun Joe SPX4000 is the best tool you can ever get. You have done the same job with the broom and water, and the results never pleased you.

Moreover, the latter leaves you with a lot of tiredness and fatigue. We feel you! Make your work ultra-smooth and fast with Sun Joe SPX4000, because it has everything you need to clean things properly.

This powerful pressure washer has a 14.5 AMP motor that enables it to generate up to 2030 PSI. It is quite handy to use. You do not have to tug it along with you, as it moves due to its easy-glide wheels. They can roll over every kind of surface.

Below, we have discussed a detailed review of Sun Joe SPX4000. Please read it before you go to purchase it.

Sun Joe SPX4000 Review

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Sun Joe SPX4000 Specs

Sun Joe SPX4000 has the following specifications.

  • Weight (lb.):  39.8
  • Pressure range (psi): 2030
  • Engine size: 14.5 amps @120V
  • Cord length (ft): 35
  • Flow rate (GPM): 1.76
  • Horse (ft): 20
  • Handle (in.): 26
  • Temperature range (F): 104
  • Pump protection: Thermal
  • Warranty (mos.): 24

Sun Joe’s Models Available

Here we have compared some of the alternatives of Sun Joe SPX400.

Product Title

PSI (max)

Gallons Per Minute (max)

Dimensions (inches)


Detergent Tank


2030 psi

1.76 gpm

22 x 18 x 36.6 in.

27.8 lbs


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2030 psi

1.76 gpm

15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 in.

31 lbs


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2030 psi

1.76 gpm

14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 in.

32 lbs


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2030 psi

1.76 gpm

21.2 x 19.3 x 36.6 in.

32.4 lbs


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The review is specifically about the Sun Joe SPX400. Therefore, we will focus on all the features of this model in detail.

Sun Joe SPX4000 Features

This power washer is created for those who want to use it to clean things without professional help. It is great for use on cars, fences, outdoor surfaces, decks, and walls, etc. It is well-suited for larger areas, as well as, smaller ones.

Let’s take a look at its brilliant features below.

  • Sun Joe SPX4000 FeaturesMaximum 2,030 PSI: Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) is a unit to identify how powerful the unit is. The higher the PSI, the more powerfully the washer will work. Sun Joe SPX4000 provides a remarkable amount of PSI, which is 2030. So, this wonderful invention is more powerful than you can ever imagine.
  • Easy-Glide Wheels: Something that makes SPX4000 distinct from so many other pressure washer models is that it is designed like a lawnmower. That means you will not need to tow or lift it behind you. Rather, you can just push it to wherever you need it to go. Its easy-glide wheels also prevent it from turning over on slippery surfaces.
  • Quick-Connect Nozzle Tips: The Sun Joy SPX4000’s wand allows you to connect different quick-connect tips. Thus, you can use them to increase the spraying area. This pressure washer includes the five quick-connect nozzle tips: 40°, 25°, 15°, and 0°. It also includes a soap nozzle. With the help of these nozzle tips, you can tackle all kinds of cleaning tasks without the risk of damaging or ruining your property.
  • Range of Movement: Sun Joe SPX4000 comprises of 20-foot pressure hose and a 35-foot power cord. That allows you to cover around 9,500 square feet of cleaning area while connected to an electric outlet. Moreover, you can increase your range of movement by connecting an outdoor-safe extension cord if you need to do so.

What Makes the Sun Joe SPX4000 So Awesome

Sun Joe SPX4000 comes up to be the most popular electric pressure model by Sun Joe’s company. Following is the list of the things that people love about it.

  • Easier to Carry – This pressure washer, due to its lightweight, is very easy to handle and carry around. As the gas pressure models have heavier weights comparatively, Sun Joe SPX4000 is the best choice for you.
  • Brilliant Performance – Because of its powerful PSI, for SPX4000, it is a matter of seconds to clean your things perfectly.
  • Warranty – Another positive thing about this model is that it comes with a two-year warranty. Your money will not be used in vain.
  • Adjustable Pressure – It allows you to adjust its pressure as per your needs. That means, it is as compatible for delicate work as it is for less complicated tasks.

What Makes the Sun Joe SPX4000 So Awesome

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How to Use the Sun Joe SPX4000

First of all, read the user guide given in the box carefully. The pressure washer is not really hard to have a grip on. You will find nozzles that store in the back of the unit. Use them according to your requirements:

0 degree is the orange nozzle that delivers a high-pressure pencil point jet stream. It is best for small areas and removes grease, tar, spots, etc.

The 15-degree yellow nozzle is for intense cleaning on hard surfaces. For instance, to strip paint, rust from steel, and mildew stains.

The 25-degree green nozzle is suitable for home siding, patios, brick, driveways, and wood siding.

Whereas, the 40-degree grey nozzle is right for trucks, cars, trucks, patio furniture, and boats.

Lastly, the black soap nozzle is for cleaning while using a detergent at low pressure.

It is quite easy to snap any of them on to the spray. You can just pull back to remove them. Please watch the following video to know more about this washer’s usage.

User Feedback & Reviews: What People Said About Sun Joe SPX4000

You might like to know people are saying about this pressure washer. Read on to find out both the positive and negative things.

Most Common Complaints

  • Requires Electricity: This pressure washer can be used only in places where you have a power supply. It limits the functionality just a tad.
  • Outer Material: Though the washer is lightweight, the outer material is made of plastic. It can risk the machine in breaking after a fall.

Most Common Praises

  • Comes With Wheels: Its slide wheels make the machine much more comfortable to use. You do not have to lift it along with you.
  • Warranty: It has two years backed up warranty. In case you find any defects in the machine within the two years after purchase, the company will replace your defective or faulty washer with a new one.
  • Less Noisy: Sun Joe SPX4000 is not gasoline-powered. That results in making it much less noisy as compared to a gas-powered power washer.

How Much Does Sun Joe SPX4000 Cost?

How Much Does Sun Joe SPX4000 CostSun Joe has an outstanding reputation for providing quality products. SPX4000 is a pressure washer that offers excellent value for money and affordability.

You can get the product under $140. It is a very cost-effective pressure washer from a reputable and trusted company.

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Why Buy the Sun Joe SPX4000?

The Sun Joe SPX4000 is undoubtedly a power washer worthy of its standing. It offers the pressure settings that are quite convenient to use. It offers protection for your surfaces and the option of switching over to a more powerful wash setting whenever needed.

Quick-connect spray tips can accommodate the clean-up needs of most households with ultra ease. However,  the tips are not meant for scrubbing walls and decks. Even so, with all the built-in adjustable powers and safety features in the pressure washer, cleaning becomes as efficient and simple now as it was never before. It is the tool of choice, especially when you are concerned about the safety of the items you are cleaning and don’t want them to get ruined.