Best Triple Monitor Stand

Speaking of the triple monitor stand, it literally versatile and accommodate up to three monitors at the same time. However, selecting the best one that is made of high-quality material to secure your monitor safely is quite challenging. Worry no more, we are here to help.

In the following review, we will examine the 5 best triple monitor stands giving you a clear picture of how best this item contributes to boosting your productivity as well as your well-being at the working environment.

1. TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand Mount – SmartSWIVEL – Triple Computer Screen Desk Mount Arms – Full Motion Swivel Articulating Gas Springs – Universal Fit for 13″ – 30″ Screens Vesa Mount

Are you looking for a multiple monitor stand mount? Look no further, TechOrbits Three Monitor Stand is definitely the perfect desk tool for innovative and collaborative work environments.

Undoubtedly, this triple monitor stand has been rated as Amazon’s Choice for Triple Monitor Arm. With SmartSWIVEL engineering, the TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand simply turns your desk into a free-standing work station.

For this reason, you can position your triple monitors anyway you want—forward, backward, side-to-side, and in opposite directions. This stand is basically made from heavy-duty aluminum and premium gas springs for optimal durability and movement proving a strong and stylish desktop mount. Each stand comes with all the hardware you need for easy setup.

Thanks to its universal fit, this stand is suitable for computer screens between 13” to 30” monitors. And, it can supports up to 20lbs per arm as well as includes articulating gas spring for seamless movement.

What Is Great About This Item:

Most users were blown away by how amazing this product is highlighted it’s by far the best buy. This unit is super heavy-duty, solid built and holds up perfectly. And, the cord channels under the arms are robust enough to handle the video and power cable without snapping back off.

What Isn’t Great About This Item:

However, few users were very disheartened with the product’s feature. They stated the screws are too small and don’t reach far enough into the holes for the threads to connect. And, the bolts to tighten the arms are way too soft of a mental.

2. AVLT-Power Triple 32″ Monitor Mount Stand – 3 Full Motion Articulating Height Adjustable Arms Holds Three Computer Screens – Gas Springs Monitor VESA Mount – Premium Aluminum

Anyone with small desk space, three monitor mount stand will be the answer to your concern. AVL-Power Triple Monitor Mount Stand will absolutely free up your desk surface by lifting monitors up and increase at least 30% usable space.

Truthfully, this stand is of premium quality with a full-motion desk mount utilizing a gas spring mechanism to provide a smooth and effortless viewing angle. More interestingly, with just a finger touch, you can reposition your monitor up, down, forward, and back.

Frankly, this stand is designed for maximum ergonomic comfort to relieve eye, neck, and back strain. Owing to its versatile setting and adjustment, the plate allows your screen to rotate±180°, tilt ±90°, and swivel ±90°. Hence, every joint in the arm is free to swivel by adjusting your monitors to the angles and heights you prefer.

In terms of installation, it features a quick-release tab and tool-free adjustment for effortless assembly. It’s basically easy and tidy and comes with a quick installation manual and all needed hardware. Also, it includes cable management clips that create a lean and sleek look.

What Is Great about This Item:

Many consumers generally had a positive opinion toward this item, and they admitted it was a fantastic tree monitor stand. This mount is amazing, and the built-in wire management trim in the arms is perfect. There are different tension systems you can use to tighten things up.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

Nevertheless, few consumers expressed their disappointment mentioned the product quality was poorly made. For instance, the left/right monitor arm would not fit on the center pole, and unable to raise/lower the assembly at all.

3. EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Free Standing with Grommet Mount Option Supports up to 3 28″

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand is an ideal solution for limited space applications by removing clutter from the desktop to use the workspace effectively.

Undeniably, this top-rated, sturdy, high-quality monitor stand has been certified as Amazon’s Choice for 3 Monitors Stand 27 inch. Its main feature is supporting most widescreen monitors including curved widescreens up to three (3) 27″/28″ side by side. More importantly, it lets users reposition their monitors for maximum comfort and optimum view ability with its flexibility.

It also features 360° clockwise/counter-clockwise rotating mounting heads to accommodate landscape and portrait modes. Because of convenient adjustability, outside mounting heads tilt up/down 180°, swivel left/Right 180° while center mounting head tilt and swivel only 30°.

Regarding mounting options, this item can be desktop free standing with a heavy-weight metal base or can be bolted through a desktop. Since the package comes with all hardware necessary for mounting, the installation takes only in minutes to complete the task.

What Is Great about This Item:

The majority of purchasers were super thrilled with this monitor stand sharing it’s outstanding quality and extremely ease to set up. The construction is heavy-duty, robust, and well-built. The side mounts are perfect and can adjust up/down by a decent amount to account for different display models.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

On the other hand, few purchasers were frustrated because it didn’t do what it is made for. After 2-hour of infinite adjustments, the monitors still sag forward and none of the 3-mount holds the monitor in the desired position.

4. Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount with USB Port, Height Adjustable 3 Monitor Arm Desk Stand for 24 27 30 32 Inch LED LCD Displays

Say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain as well as increase your productivity with three screens since MI-2753 triple monitor mount allows you to clear out your desk space while providing ergonomic monitor installation height.

This triple stand features full motion, articulating arm monitor mount with a convertible for multiple attachment options to your desk. It is made from high-grade steel and aluminum which makes this monitor mount sturdy. With mechanical monitor arms, it allows several height options for placing your monitor in the best ergonomic position, while offering more desktop space.

Moreover, the heavy-duty weighted metal base, as well as the grommet mechanism, secures the mount to the desk. Due to its interchangeability, you don’t have to remove monitors since it can be installed in either portrait or landscape mode.

Additionally, it integrated USB3.0 and audio ports built into the base of the mount and extension cable for convenient connectivity. And, it provides cable management sleeves for a clean and clutter-free look. It is truly the ideal desk mount for offices, reception areas, hospitals, retail environments.

What Is Great about This Item:

Overall, many customers incredibly happy with this monitor stand, and they claimed it definitely lived up to its standard. This thing is solid, well-built, and highly versatile, and the range of motion is perfect so that you can adjust monitors to any configurations you want.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

In contrast, few customers were unsatisfied with the product’s features complained springs are not strong enough even to hold up 24” HP. Besides, the gas springs can’t hold the weight of the slim monitors.

5. KRIËGER KL3327A • Triple Monitor Mount Full Motion Articulating Arm Monitor Stand • Universal Fit for Computer Screens • 13” – 25” Screens Vesa Mount

When it comes to the best triple monitor mount, this list would never be complete without KRIEGER KL3327A. It is one of the best models in this current market.

This triple monitor stand is exceptionally designed to hold most monitors for all shapes and sizes. It compatibility fits most monitors, LCD, plasma, panel TV, and flat-screen between 13 to 17 inches. What’s more, it is made from high-grade material ensuring a strong and stable connection with your monitor screen.

This stand is built to resist scratches and support three LCD screens up to 17.6lbs and 27inches in size each. It provides a variety of features including easy height adjustment, 450 tilting angles for your screens, and numerous adjustable joints. Therefore, you can adjust each joint by tightening or loosen to make your stand as fluid or stationary as desired.

More importantly, you can freely adjust the height for an optimal ergonomic position while cable clips keep cables organized and protected. Also, it allows you to work in a more comfortable position to reduce neck and eye strain.

What Is Great about This Item:

As whole buyers were delighted with their purchase as it suited their needs perfectly. They also pointed out the stand is super sturdy, well-designed, and easy to set up dual monitor stand. Plus, everything is made from strong, thick, heavy steel parts keeping all monitors level and safe.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

Nonetheless, there were few buyers had a bad experience with this product stated its versatility isn’t that good and difficult to adjust. Asides, the instructions were confusing/ambiguous on when to use which mounting option.