WantBa 8 Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Showerhead with Showerhead Swivel Metal Ball Connector Polished Chrome

It is 8 inches wide face has 157 jets to help protect the customer in a wide, soothing spray. WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Showerhead is very Easy-to-clean apply face and provide the best showering qualities. Its wide face has 157 jets to help protect the customer in a wide, soothing applies. With a 2.5 GPM circulation amount to provide a stable, it provides drenching water. , this showerhead is capable of washing away soap from your head and our bodies.

Things to Consider with Rainfall fall Best Showerhead

When you select on purchasing yourself a rainfall showerhead, there are some points that should be kept in thoughts, as they would determine one that is most effective for your needs and comes at a practical cost.

Is your bathroom sophisticated in design?

While choosing a rain showerhead, you have to comprehend your bathroom design. Could it hold a showerhead of such dimensions? If your bathroom has not been upgraded in years, then it would be very challenging for it to support the showerhead.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to creating a spa-like and face in your bathroom, you have to comprehend the structure of your bathroom, and if needed produce any changes to it. Believe in us, it is value the upgrade!

The Mounting

Although most of the showerheads are roof installed, some could be attached to the wall too. Due to the complicated water system required for roof-installed showerheads, wall-mounted have obtained ever-increasing reputation over the years.

However, it is value referring to that they, in no way at all, reduce the potency of the rain showerhead. After all, they are placed in such a manner that the circulation is curved behind you, emulating the sensation of a calming and soothing rainfall.

The Shape

The rain showerheads come in two unique shapes: rectangle and round. Based upon the make of your bathroom, you possibly can produce a decision on getting one. A where you started is most effective for modern bathroom’s, as they are designed in a rectangle like fashion, and could easily make room for your best shower head.

The Size

Rain showerheads come in various sizes, starting from 8?, all the way up to 20?. Determining on the one matches you best is usually left to your better verdict. However, of course, the ones with the bigger area would replicate the sensation of rain far better than the ones without.

The finish

Once you have made the decision on the shape, size, forms etc. you have to determine the final. Rainfall showerheads come in various completes, based on the produce, and the make of the product. They may include different metal shades like bristled, applied, lubricated etc. and the options that they come with.

Another factor value considering is related it with your bathroom, as these showerheads are usually made keeping modern washrooms in thoughts, it wouldn’t be challenging for your to find one.

Advantages of the WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Shower head

    • Thanks to the 2.5GPM circulation amount of this rainfall showerhead, you can be sure that you will be able to store nutrient water and energy whenever you bath. It can preserve you up to 70% nutrient water compared to using a WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Showerhead.
    • You can use this showerhead in your bathroom if you have low or excellent stress, as it will be sure to provide a regular flow nutrient water.
    • This wonderful showerhead is not only efficient, but it can add a stylish and modern look to your bathroom.
    • Enjoy satisfaction with the restricted lifetime warranty provided to you by WantBa. This covers your purchase against any manufacturer’s problems when you own this showerhead.
    • This showerhead is simple to set up and comes with all the mounting components that you need to be able to set up it for yourself. You can reduce costs, as you will not need to seek the services of a plumbing technician to set up this showerhead for you. All guidelines are involved.

Features of the WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Best Shower head

    • High-quality small misting nozzles make sure that you get an effective fountain apply from this showerhead, providing you a spa face at house. This allows you to use the showerhead even if you have low nutrient water stress at house.
    • This is a set showerhead, which provides an extensive rainfall design apply thanks to the wide 8-inch face.
    • The chrome finish has been designed to last and it will make sure that you can coordinate your showerhead to the other taps and components in your bathroom.
    • This showerhead is made from high-quality materials so that you can be sure that it will last.
    • This showerhead can be fixed to your current water system relationships with ease. It satisfies water system and safety rules.
    • The chrome finish on this showerhead will not corrosion and is simple to fresh up. The rubberized misting nozzles will not block and will not allow enzymes to develop up from calcium in nutrient water.


Although WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Showerhead has plenty of positive and negative features, it does not permit the customer to select any other apply design apart from the fountain. If you are looking for a simple yet stylish fountain showerhead, this may be the best selection for you, but if you like to have more of a selection to select from, you should match it up showerhead to others that are around a similar cost.


This high-quality WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Showerhead is sure to make an impression on when you set up it in your bathroom. It is simple to set up and does not require any special tools. The chrome finish and the strong construction mean that it will last for a long period, and you can have added satisfaction when you buy through an accepted store as you can get a small lifetime warranty.

If you want to take a spa-like face to the comfort of your own house, WantBa 8″ Wide (157 Jets) Rainfall Wall Mount Showerhead may be a perfect option. The rainfall apply will provide you complete coverage thanks to the wide 8-inch face and the ball combined mount that allows you to direct nutrient water flow to fit your size and the position of your entire body system.