Yamaha TSR-7810 Review – Does It Deliver Quality Sound?

Yamaha’s expertise extends to designing innovative products that deliver true sound production for your music and entertainment experience.

Exceptional sound quality, superior reliability, and easy to use features are the hallmarks of the Yamaha TSR-7810. With this Yamaha receiver, you’ll enjoy the best in class audio quality- giving you the ultimate experience.

In this guide, we’ll review the top features, pricing, and benefits of the Yamaha TSR-7810. And, we’ll also be compared to the Yamaha TSR-7850.

Yamaha TSR-7810 Review

TSR-7810 Network AC Receiver: Top Features

This 7.2 channel 4K Ultra HD network AV receiver features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound. The free MusicCast Controller App makes it easy to access your music library and streaming services.

Add audio in up to 9 additional rooms with a Music cast wireless speaker and other Music cast devices. WI-FI, Bluetooth, and Airplay wireless connectivity, a phono input for vinyl playback, and dual HDMI (Zone B) and Zone 2 audio provide system versatility.

Here are some features to note:

  • Voice control using your Alexa device like Echo or Echo Dot.
  • Stream Pandora, Spotify, Napster, Sirius XM Internet Radio, TIDAL, Deezer, and thousands of free internet radio stations.
  • 6-in, 1-out HDMI with 4K Ultra HD pass-through and upscaling
  • Hybrid Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision
  • HDCP 2.2, high dynamic range (HDR) and BT.2020 compatibility
  • Dual HDMI output (Zone B video) and Zone 2 audio
  • Phono input to connect your favorite turntable
  • Compressed music enhancer and high-resolution audio support for sound clarity
  • YPAO multipoint sound optimization.
  • Aluminum front panel

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Dolby Atmos and DT:X Playback with Cinema DSP HD3

Enter a new world of sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. These sound technologies transport you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with captivating, multidimensional sound that fills your room with amazing richness and depth.

These sound technologies allow for music, people, and objects to come alive in breathtaking detail and flow in precise choreography all around you, making you feel you are in the middle of the action.

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Use your Alexa and Google assistant devices for voice control of your receiver, playing music, listening to the news, setting alarms and timers, asking questions, and controlling smart home devices.

4K, HDR, BT.2020, and 3D Support

Darker blacks, whiter whites, and more vivid colors are in store. This unit supports the latest HDMI standards thanks to the transmission of 4K video at 60 frames per second. (pass-through only).

Fully enjoy the HD video quality of 4K without loss along with HDCP 2.2 (fully compliant with latest copyright protection) It also supports the wider color gamut of BT.2020 pass-through.

Bluetooth Music Streaming

Play your favorite streaming service. This AC receiver is equipped with Bluetooth functionality to let you enjoy easy wireless play-back music from smartphones and other devices.

The Compressed Music Enhancer, a digital sound processing technology form Yahama, is now optimized for Bluetooth audio transmissions to ensure that your music will have vivid, lively sound quality during wireless playback.

Multi-Cast Wireless Multi-Room Audio

Start with the AC receiver in your home theater and expand to other rooms over time with multi-cast speakers, soundbars or HIFI gear. Stream your music and TV sound everywhere using your existing WI-FI network. With musiccast, the system grows with you, and there’s no need to run wires through walls.

YPAO-R.S.C. with Multipoint Measurement

Advance Sound optimization YPAO – Reflected Sound Control analyzes room acoustics and measure various speaker characteristics, then calibrates audio parameters to achieve the optimum sound in the listening area.

It employs Reflected Sound Control to correct early reflections for studio-quality sound. It provides DSP Effect Normalization which varies the CINEMA DSP parameters according to the reflected sounds. With multi-point measurement, measure up to eight locations ensuring each seat is acoustically optimized during playback.

Dolby Atmos Speaker Patterns

Multiple placement patterns are available for presence speakers that support Dolby Atmos, creating a sound field that’s ideal for your setup. Any layout can be appropriately reproduced, including the three- dimensional space of CINEMA DSP as well as Dolby Atmos.

User Feedback & Reviews: Yamaha TSR-7801

What people are saying about the Yamaha TSR-7801

You might be interested in hearing what people think about these receivers. Read on to find out both the good and bad things.


  • Yamaha MusicCast feature lets you get static-free music from radio stations from around the world.
  • No need to pay for a subscription to satellite radio
  • Yamaha has more features for the money spent than competitors
  • Yamaha makes receivers with fewer product failures than other major brands.
  • Great for music! The pre-outs on the back allows a separate power amplifier to be used to power the front speakers, as well as any other speakers.
  • TSR-7810 will be sufficiently future-proofed.
  • Mid-range with high-end audio converters for better audio performance.


  • The built-in Yamaha YPOA speaker calibration feature used with a 5.2 surround set-up makes the speakers sound bad. YPOA thinks the speakers are further away than they are.
  • Javan, Paradigm is an excellent brand of speaker. However, you must be careful trying to mate these with the TSR-7810.
  • For those with less space, you may consider the slim and compact RX-S receiver
  • If you need at least 4 HDMI inputs, the 1 spare is not always enough. Using up all ports (100%) with no spare (no overhead) is not always a wise new investment
  • It may or may not be possible to change the Bluetooth passkey from the default factory setting. If someone close enough to your device connects to one of your Bluetooth powered speakers, it could be blasted at a disruptive loud volume.
  • The Dolby ATMOS indicator does not show on the display screen if watching a movie under the Audio file.
  • The impedance load on the paradigm is around 6 ohms which is ok for the 7810. But if they dip much below that, it could put some undue strain on the amp.

Yamaha TSR-7801 Vs TSR-7850

  • The Yamaha TSR-7810 has a full set of Pre-outs. The 7850 has only stereo pre-outs.
  • The TSR-7801 has a 24-bit DAC. The TSR-7810 has a 32-bit DAC.
  • The TSR-7850 has all 5 HDCP 2.2 compatible. The TSR-7810 has 3 HDCP 2.2 compatible.
  • The TSR-7810 is based on the RX-V685 and the TSR-7850 is based on the RX-V685 or A780.
  • The TSR-1080 won’t necessarily sound twice as good for twice the price as the TSR-7850

How Much Does the Yamaha TSR 7810 Cost?

A new receiver will cost between $800 and $900. Many people buy them in used condition. The used models can cost anywhere between $300-$500 dollars.

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What Did We Learn?

The Yamaha TSR-7810 offers excellent sound quality, producing a wider soundstage and better midrange/treble detail than most of the competition. And if you can’t run wires around your room, it can output true wireless sound with the MusicCast speakers.

Deciding which receiver to buy can be overwhelming Each model sports tons of logos and proprietary technologies that aren’t always easy to understand if you’re not familiar with them. To put it simply, a great recommendation is to go with the Yamaha.

It streams audio wirelessly from just about any smartphone or tablet, with plenty of HDMI inputs. And now that nearly every living room device uses HDMI, the number of HDMI receivers is one of the most important features in an AC receiver.

Summing It Up

Consider you are likely going to hold on to your receiver for at least 5 years. Buying the receiver with 4K compatibility is important now that 4 K streaming is here and many TVs now are equipped with 4Kresolution.

The reputation of Yamaha is second to none! Also – Yamaha is the best AC value of the past twelve months.

And finally,  your AC receiver is the ultimate in instant gratification, especially if your music habits tend to revolve around your mobile device.